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I am another one used and abused

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Camping trip!!!

June 1st 2005 6:33 pm
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I went on my very first camping trip. It was so much fun. I got to run around because my mommy knew that I would not leave my brothers side. We got to eat hot dogs, steak and even chicken. Of course I tried to eat the bushes, twigs, coals in the fire, etc. I like to try a little of everything.
I really was popular too, everyone wanted to pick me up ans sqeeze me...I like it when only mommy does this.
The last night there I was really pooped so mommy let me sit in her lap by the fire. Not sure if it was the fresh air or the fire but I kept falling asleeping sitting up. Mommy said it was funny cuz I kept leaning to one side the another trying to keep my eyes open. One time I was so tired she would lift my leg or tail and I just had no energy to protest. Mommy and all her friends thought that was so funny. I finally laid my head in her hand and went to sleep. Mommy put another picture of me on my website cause she thinks I look like a little Ewok from starwars.
Ok I am tired so bye for now..woof woof.


Sunday with my big brother

May 23rd 2005 12:55 am
[ Leave A Comment ] left and she left us!!! We had to fend for ourselves today. Decided to just make the best of it. Ran around playing with my big brother...I love to bite his butt..he,he. I especially love to run in and out of the dog door while biting his butt. We played, I tried to fit everything into my mouth while outside. Managed to bring a part of a tree limb in through the door and onto my moms living room floor. Brought in a soggy toy while I was at it. I being a Pug am not supposed to like the rain but I do. Love to get wet and muddy then leave those cute little feet prints around the house. Mom loves this. Mom came home and brought us pig ears. They are my favorite even if they take me all day to eat. ( My brother just makes two or three chews and his is gone). I am going to go to sleep now...I like snuggling up to my big brother...he is warm. Hard day today!!

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