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I am another one used and abused

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Fun fer a whole bunch of days now...

October 26th 2006 2:13 pm
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I am bushed....
I tells you why...
Sunday mommy took me n Gus to Petco...yah that Petco...wheres us doggies can go in. I have never been in there before and let me tell you what...there were jes too many smellys there..I was goin nuts!!! We had our leashes wrapped around mommy so many times she almost gave up and let us go...
Then every where we went we gots bonies from was pawsome.I am a big boy, but whats a few more pounds? Huh? Nuthin if yer a Puggy...
Then we went to our home and we played wif our new toys..course the frisbee was fer Gus, cause I can't ever catch it, but the goose was mine!! It is dead now...mommy hardly ever buys us stuffed toys, which are our favorites cause they squish and make noise, but within an hour or so between the bof of us...the squishy stuff and the sqeaker more....rather it is all over the floor and mommy does not like that.
Yesty day was mommys birfday and we gots to celebrate it at a really cewl doggy park. We gots to go wif Bailey, Monster, Bella,Mo, Filo and was pawsome. I gots to chase around my brudder and then mommy took piccys of all of us Puggies and I was the youngest and the biggest!! Mommy calls me Hercules Man!! He,he *Puffs out chest*
Then all of us doggies gots goody baggies that mommy made. Puppycakes, frosted doggy bones and my fav, chocolate-P-butter cookies ( not real chocolate). Mommy even gots real hooman cuppycakes fer her birfday!
I was sausted when I gots home. I lay down and snores and snores away...mommy was laughin, thought it was funny.
Well my pug and doggy pals I am goin to go fer a drive now so I am over n out,

Wheeze Meister


Today at my pugmeet up

October 7th 2006 7:25 pm
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Today mommy took us in the car and brought that costume, so I knew we was going somewhere important.
We gets to the park, but mommys dissappointment they had a large dog area and a small dog area.
I gots to go in both but my poor brother had to stay in the large area.
I must make a confeshun to my fellow pug peeps...pause...I am jest not that social. My mommy thinks if she takes me to these meet ups, I will join in all the runnin around and stuff. I jest prefer to be a piece of velcro on mom. I will sniff at a few and the girlys welll the girlys I kinda sometimes follow them around if you know what I mean. I found a particullary purdy brindle miss today...she jest kept lookin at me like I was crazy.
I gots lots of attention though, cause I had my vice pugsidental tux on. Those humans jest kept takin piccys of me and then one time they put me next to a girly pug that was dressed up like a princess and took our pictures together...
What can I say, I am a ladys man*sniff*
I much preferred it when mommy took me in the big dog place. There my brother would play wif other big dogs and then I would start barkin and join in. I likes big doggys better. Hmmm maybe cause they could save me in case of danger, where as pug peeps are much smaller and their mouths are not that big.
Anyway I gots some treaties from a nice lady,but mommy made me share them wif other puggies and big dogs, including my big brother. Hmph!
I like it when I could spend time on moms lap. She kept saying to "socialize" and I kept letttrying to tell her that my social circle is her, grammy and my big brother, well duh!
Then lo and behold, we (mommy and me) spotted Darth Vader..he had his helmet on earlier and tried to blend in by taking it off later, but we zeroed in on it...He is now in capugtivity, being held in connection of pugnapping Miss Bailey. Justice will prevail!!
It was a pugexhausting day...

Time fer a snooze,
Vice in a Tux,


My Tail of Devotion for Wheezer

October 1st 2006 10:44 am
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Wheezer, Wheezer, Wheezer…ahh what can I say.. Every time I think of you, I laugh. I never really wanted a small dog; I have always preferred big dogs. Your brother needed a friend desperately, he was so lonely went I had to work all those stupid long hours. I found other big dogs, but I kept going back to a picture of a Pug I had found…and wouldn’t you know it in Dec of 04 you was born! Talk about coincidences.
From the first day you came home, just 6 weeks old, you made me laugh. You were so funny and so little…me getting a small dog…no way! Well, to make up for things you are not a small dog rather a medium dog. Talk about devotion!! You got all fat and big for me… Your brother was not happy about this little weird chubby thing taking over, but true to his being, he took you in and protected you no matter what. “Two Peas in a Pod”.
I believe that laughter is a great part of what makes people, well human. I never realized until you came along that I needed a funny bone. You, my Wheez are my funny bone through and through. When I am down emotionally you..ha! you come up and make me laugh. You are never down, never scared. I think I need you more than you need me!
I tell people you are my Robin Williams, funny, weird, obnoxious, hysterical at times. He,he..I know why God blessed me with you my little chubs.
I only hope that I can show you my gratitude, through my fierce love, protection and undying devotion to you.
Thank you, for gracing me with your presence my little funny bone.

Love Always,

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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September 18th 2006 1:55 pm
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I have thought long and hard on this ever since last night and decidedthat I better write my thoughts down.
Yesty day was Sunday...mommy always makes Sunday everpuggies special brekkie day. She makes wonderful panycakes, or waffleys (grammies favorite). Well yesty day she decided that for a change she would prepare a Sunday dinner for everyhooman. Complete wif a yummy (slobber, slobber) pork roast, mashy potatoes, grrraaavy (mmm ylum, ylum), veggies (carrots are my favs), and homemade rolls. Me n Gus n my cousin Chin Chin, sat very patiently watchin her slave away in the kitchen, jest waitin. Bein very patient and very good, jest to make my point here...
Well everyhooman pitcheded in and set the table, my grammy make that delishus gravy. Then they all sat down. Well!! Here we were all ready for our dinner and MY mommy looked at us lookin up at her wif our sad little eyes, jest sittin waitin patiently and started singin!! Loud!! "IT SUCKS TO BE YOUUUUU" YES, IT SUCKS TO BE A DOGGY, AHH WUUUU" IT SUCKS TO BE AAAYOOOUUUU". Then she starts laughin, ha, ha out loud and looks right us three and puts a big piece of juicy pork in her mouth bends downs and jest starts chewin away!!!!! Then she breathes into our faceys...US!! Her poor starving children and cousin!!! This jest added insult to injury in my book...then she starts singin again"POOR LITTLE DOGGIES,LOOK AT YOUR FACES ..HA,HA ITTTT SUUUUCCKSS TO BE YOU, DOESN'T IT' HA,HA
Yep, we gots together and decided there must be a law inacted...An anitdiscriminpugtory law!! My good fellow doggies...we can not abid by letting these hoomans treat us wif such disrepect!!! The blatant discrimination and disregard for our feelings. We must have rights!!!
As a side note my grammie says to tell everydoggy she is backin us and not the other hoomans. She put her plate on the ground while that horrid pork chewin person we have to call a mom was not looking..ha,ha who's laughin now!!!
Anyway I have writin to our future prez. Ivering and told him that is one of the laws we must enact.
I must close for now as I am weary and sick at heart...I wonder if she can be sued for mental anguish...Hmmm...


Campin, we gots to go campin, nah,nah

August 30th 2006 10:05 pm
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We gots to go out in the big wide wilderness!!! Arooooo, arooooo!
Boy was I so pugcited. Mommy said we was gonna roast marshy mellows, and eates hotdoggies, and tell scary mary stories.
We was on the road a looonnng time, but when we finally got there, the first thing I did was jump out and start barkin at all and everybody. Someone has to make sure every one knows who's the bossy man around here, an mommy says I sure think I am a bossy man. (looks around, who me!?)
My favorite part on the campin trip was bein able to lay on momma lap at night while she was sittin by the fire. She sez it was not her favorite part. I don' know what the big deal was, so I tried to act like Mr. Trapize man and balance on the rocks that surrounded the fire all the while actin very nonchalant about my real motive, which....was to get on that lap that I have proclained is mine. Mommy would start makin these little uh, uh oohh ooh noises cause she thought I was gonna fall into the fire at any moment. Ha,ha..see that was my motive all along, get momma all freaked out so she would grab me and put me on her lap...see... it works!!!!! She sez I am a big piggy and I put her legs to sleep from all my weight. *grabs chest,looks surprised...who me!?* Hrmph!
Then the last night we was there, I was tryin to get in the tent thingy to sleep, but my head kept bouncin off it, then somfin out there in the scary mary woods made a noise an I squealed and jumped backward and fell on my bum and I ran as fast as I could an gots real close to my big brother on his bed. Mommy laughed and laughed, (Hey! grabs keyboard from mommy)"well I never!" so embaressin, I just tripped over somfin...really....*glares at mommy*..then! I decided to go sleep next to Gus and I hurried cause I thought he was gonna leave...really...*hands back key board, glarin*
In the morning when all the scary mary shadows went away..mommy started pickin these little bluethingys she called hucklyberries. They were delishus!! Thlum, thlum, slirps. For every three she picked me n Gus would look at her wif our big brown eyes till she gave us each one. They are her favorites...mine and Gusys too. I would squeeze in reallll tight through the bushys just to get close to mommy so she would give me them. At one time mommy thought I was lost or stuck cause I wriggled under all these bushys just so I could get a dropped hucklyberry.
We then had to get back home, buts we had lots a fun. My big brother learnt to not be scared of the water too!!!
Ok well now I must get all my King stuff packed up so's I can give my throne to the next King.
I luvs bein King for August and justs wants to thank all the puggies in Pugapalooza out there for lettin me n Gus have soo much fun
Waves goodbye,


King not for a day,but a whole month!!!!!

August 1st 2006 5:48 pm
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I gots to be announced King today wif my sweetie Savannah. Wow!! I am sooo pucited, I did the pugtona run all around grammies house and up and down the steep stairs.
I even had to stop hepin grammy sort out her dog sweater yarn, so I could go to my corninatizion....I decided that since Gus looks mean, but he is really gallant, I would knight him so he can keep the puparotizee off me.
I sit upon my throne wif the queeny Savannah and watch the pug peeps in my kingdom come and go....I also have a snack septom, so when one of the peeps comes and bows before me, I will touch them righ and left and bonies and treaties will rain upon them in abundance in the Pugdom.
I am sooo happy....I think I need to go pee...

King Whiz..oh! errr umm Wheez, it's Wheez ha, about me peein....*goes outside and looks for a kingly tree*


Super Model for Grammy

July 8th 2006 7:15 pm
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Well last night mommy finally came home and me nGus were so happy to see her. She says I was her velcro, what ever that means.
Then after we gots lots a luvin from mommy, grammy had mommy take pictures of me in the new line of sweaters she is knittin for doggys. I do not like posin, specially girly clothes...eeewwww, but grammy gave me her puppydog eyes an I can not resist those blue eyes, so I posed with a boy sweater and a girly nobody better make fun of me or my brother will beat you up! Hmph!!
After I did all that posin, mommy wanted to make it up to me so she took me n Gus n Chin Chin for a walk in a new park that grammy lives by. It was so much fun I pooped on the golf course and mommy didn't have any plastic baggies, he,he. She had to rip off a piece of the garbage can plastic was sooooo funny, he he.
Mommy is sooo glad we are now home and I am sooo glad grammy hasn't got any more sweaters made.
The end


Woo Hoo Featured Puggy!!!

June 28th 2006 10:51 am
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I am sooo pugcited. I was the featured puggy in FLOP today and the 1st of this month I was featured in Pugalooza. Now how lucky can any puggy get!!! I gets lots a bonies and treaties an mommy gots both me and my brother Gus all dressed up for the Pugafourth. This has been such a pawsome good month. Plus.....I was featured as FLOP pug a day after my grammies birday!!!! Two special days in a row...woo hoo. I am so pugcited I have to go pee...
Little ol' me, he, he *dancing around with his Pugafourth hat on, really needin to pee cause he is so pugcited*

Thank you everypuggy and bigun for such a wonderful month of June.

Wheez Meister


Dr. Appt

May 17th 2006 10:49 pm
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My mommy took me to the vet today to get my rabies and Parvo shot..ugh! It was the first time I was scared. I am always the tough one and bark at everyone and make sure they know who I am, but today I was actually scared and made mom put me on her lap.
Good News!!! I lost 5 pounds!! My mommy is very proud of me. In January I weighed 32 pounds and I was just a year old. Mommy said that it was too heavy so off to the park and around the little lake, rain or shine. Of course me and my brother love, I mean loooovvve going for walks so it doesn't matter what the weather is. I love when my mommy walks behind us and says "woo woo sexy men" and sings her weird little song, "We're walkin, we're walkin", we pick up the pace and wag our tails so our butts wiggle more, cause we know it makes mommy laugh and she walks faster. (me and my brother would just prefer that she takes the leash off us and let us run), but nooooo no FOL for us at that park.
My mommy is taking us to our first dog get together. It is called the Pug crawl and I am excited cause she says that I think I am the same breed as my brother, so she wants to show me that there our others out there that look like me and I really am not a pound puppy and big like my brother. Hmph! I think we are just alike, she just doesn't get it!
Woof woof for now,


I am here!

November 17th 2005 5:32 pm
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Finally on the DogsterPlus...I always knew I was special and its about time mommy did as well.
My brother says I am fat...well I just say my legs are too short...hmph! Yeeesss, I love when Granmie gives me a treaty and one more and one more....he,he.
My mommy loves me anyway!
Wheeze Miester

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