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I am another one used and abused

Carrot Cake and the dog door episode

August 30th 2007 8:08 pm
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Today wuz a gud day....why you say...welll let me tells you..everypuggy knows that I, Wheezer P Meister luvs, just luvs carrots.
Why every day sumpuggy mentions carrots and my "Jewel" (I went waaay over ta the othur side of the country and gots her..he he), had carrots all over her page, they talk carrots this and carrots that...I even gots a carrot vest from a gud friend of mine and carrots cake in a tin can once (No Pugsident Irving wuz not tryin to poison me), but the can stuff wuz poisonious, so never did get that stuff...hmm *where wuz I, taps lip*...
OH! yeah any mom who reads me all this stuff started to get a cravin fer carrot cake...yes, my friends....(he he) wut better way to get carrot cake than to have a mom that is cravin she takes "MY" carrots and shreds them up and makes a bootiful double tiered carrot cake wif cream cheesey frosting. She sez "I made it so you, Gus and Raven can have sum too"....
OOOh the heaven...the heaven....the smeelll, the flavor upon my lips....ahhhh heaven I tells you...
I wants to roll in it, stomp around get it tween my toes, squish my face all the way in the middle...*starts to slobber and shiver*
Huh..oh oh yeah yeah ok....oooohhhh jest fantasizin....
Now about the dog door...see mom gots this new house that has a sliding glass door and she hates gettin up to let us out...I hates gettin up period...*grunt* so she gets this dog door that fits in the sliding door. Then she spends about two hours lookin dumb tryin to get us to go through the door...
Well truth be told, Raven wuz the first one through (with the hep of mom, though). Then it began to dawn on my mind, (scary I know)that if I did not go through the door then mom wud always be on the othur I am a MANpug no doubt about it...jest ask the ladys ;) BUT I am man pug enuff to admit that I am a mommas boy thru an thru...down to the tip of my little rudder tail...I CAN NOT have her on the othur side wif out no that jest will not do...Once this had sunk in reel deep I learnt lightin fast that I must gets thru the door. NOW Haw haw..I am the only one that will go through it (mom has to be on the other side though) .
Gus is slowly learnin whut I already be a "reel" mommas boy you have to gets to the othur side where the mom is.. He will learn.
Raven well she jest too little right now...she tries but ain't strong enuff...I hopes it is her size and not cause she is a girly..can't have no girly girlys aroun here...
Well that about summmmmssss uuuuup p p aaa upppp*starts to smeel the carrot cake* wha...????
Gotta go..............................................


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