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I am another one used and abused

Trippin to Cowboy country

August 8th 2007 9:47 pm
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Why hello stranger....
Wud be nice if my secretary wud right fer me once in awhile here...

Anyhooo....not here to glare and stare and the mom, but I am here to tell you I am goin on a cowboy vacation!!!
Yeppers gots my cowboy hat on and ridin in my truck to Wyomin...that is where my unkle lives and I hear he has three big dogs...seems we needs to let it be known there is a small dawg in town......Pug Cassidy and the Sunpug kid..(Raven), shes my side kick.....
Our first stop was near the mighty Columbia River, where we did sum yardage up and down the sandy beach...I did get my paws a tad wet....I tend to like the dryer version...thank you....
Then we stopped about five times and mom took us fer walks...sez me n my pawdner is a tad on the chubby side so we needs to walk it off....yeah right.....where is that dang ol Horse!!! Hellooooo I thought there were horseys in cowboy country...
"what?" *listens to Raven in the background* "Oh, ummm well whatever!"
Sunpug kid jest said we aint in cowboy country yet, so the truck will hafta do fer now and our legs....
We jaunted down a nice piece of ten mile stretch here in Boise Idiho..... "what?", HMPH Whatever!!!!! so it was unnder a mile....whatever when you gots short legs it is ten there....
*turns to Sunpug kid and says," I am gonna look fer a new sidekick if you don stop inturuptin" "Want yer squirt gun taken away???" Yeah thats whut I though" *Smug look on his face*
OK where wuz I?? Oh yeah, so this here hostel and saloon lets us doggies stay and sleep on a bed, plus we gets treats an sez this hotel is pawsome...I say we deserves it after she drags us up n down that stretch of .....mile path....*turns and smiles at Raven, turns back*
OK well I needs to get sum shut my strength fer sum cow rasslin tomorrow.....

Night pawdnas....
~W (Pug Cassidy)


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