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I am another one used and abused

Valentines Month

March 1st 2007 8:08 pm
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OK *Wheezer writing furiously so his secretary can type this up*
My month was pawsome....First I gots to play in the sunnyshine a lot more than some of my friends. Grammy lives right in front of a park that mom takes us to...we goes walkin and walkin then we come up to a great big green expanse...ahhhh so fun... I run and run but it is hard to keep up wif my brother and cousin, but thats ok cause I has fun anyway.
Now along came a week before Valentines and I found myself along...:( I did not have a sweetheart...but one day I was invited to join this group and lo and behold my name was put on this lonely hearts club list and the next day the cutest, sassiest lil black furry thing jest walked right up and stole my heart...yup...she did...ahhh her name is Maddison and she is purdy....She sended me a pawsome Valentines gift bag full of cewl prezzies. I gots a cloth bone, which has been partly eaten now, a red bandana wif bonies, ( I must say I look rather handsome in it, slick down hair with toe), then I gots a WUBBBY!!! Yah I have been wanten one fer a vury vury long time and finally I gots one, but mean ol mom won't let me haves it. She says I have to wait till we goes away wif her cause my cousin jest rips everything to shreds....and she does rip everything too...I lost my beloved green rubber froggy...:( I has had that furever and she jest chewed it must wait fer my wubby....
Then we all gots to pile into grammies lil car and go fer drives wif sez it looks riduculiouz cause here is her and grammy and then three little doggys and two big doggies all crammed in this lil car. Then when her and grammy goes into a store my cousin and brother start barkin and everyhooman...I jest sits in the drivers seat till she come back...I has to protect the seat fer her.
Now it is St Patricks month and we are off to go to work wif mom...once in a while we gets to go to work wif mom...OOOOhhhh I luvs it soooo much...I don like her leavin me and Gus behind...then we gets to go see our bestest friends ever...Miss Bailey and Hercky...Mom said if we is good we gets to meet up wif some new doggies here on Dogster!!!! I can'ts wait!!!
So here in ends my month of Valentines...wif my cutey by my side and my wubby ...ahhhhh


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