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I am another one used and abused

This is the way I go to work wif mom

December 8th 2006 10:03 am
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My turn,
Mom was on her ways to work and I was lookin at her wif my big woeful eyeballs lets be honest my fellow Pugs we gots the eyes for I think she felt guilty about leaving us home all the time when she went off to work, so I jest looks at her wif the eyeballs and sure nuf, she sez, well hurry up get in the truck. Ha!! I knew it would work one day!!
We had to drive fer a loooonnngg time so I slept most the way and tried to do it on her lap as she drove. She sez this is dangerous and one of these days I is gonna gets squished..Hmpf..doesn't she realize that I am there to keep her legs warm...that is my sworn duty. I tries to sleep on her as much as possible so she won't get cold..(see my piccy)
We stopped one time and there was this really cold stuff on the ground and I was slippin and was by this long cliff so mom sez or kinda yelled "Wheez get away from there, you are gonna fall" I am not...
We went to this huge old forest place wif lots of trees and a doggy and sum furry animals mom called cats...yeah well whatever, I tried to play wif those cats an they didn like me or they jest did not want to play. I tried.. I mean I am so lovable can't any cat or doggy see this...but mom would say in a vury stern voice "gets away from them...grrrr" (One time I snuck in an ates their food,ha,ha...well two times) Mom was not happy wif me at this time.
I was on vacation!! When you is on vacation you has to eats lots and one day I did...I ate so much mom thought I was gonna popped so from then on out she wouldn't give me jest one cookie and not two and wouldn't put the other animals food down when I was around.
Actually I was on a workin vacation. See I would play and run and run or try to run to catch up wif Gus and Ju Ju but my short stature impaired me at times, then I would go find mom and she would be workin away and I hads to hep. One time I snuck in to a room she was cleanin and she hads this huge noisy thing make a vroom vroom thing, well my fellow doggies it looks like it was attackin mom so I had to try and gets it. Mom was following right behinds this thing which was CHASIN me! She sorta thought this was funny that I was just tryin to protect her so I would turn around and trys to get it. Whew that was hard work but it gots scared of me and stopped makin noise. Then I tried heppin her mop the floor, she said Wheez the floor can do wif out yer paws shining the floor now go play. "see if I ever try and hep her again" Hmfp! I would occasionally make sure she was ok and everything.
One time she had to hep these people called guests and this lady started laughin at me n Gus n Ju Ju. We was just doin our duty and tryin to protect her. I was tryin really hard to look into the window and look this way and that. They was all laughin so I guess mom was OK...jest makin sure.
Mom sez we did a real good job of protectin, cause we hardly left her side...we was stuck to her like "galuewww". I really hates when she goes in that place she calls a bathroom..we all do...we tried to follow her in and she jest yells "git outa here, there is no secret door I am going through", well how do we know...there could be...*looks around and nods to Gus* Huh, Gus ..see he agrees to.
I tells yah we had lots of fun...I hopes that we can go wif her again and again...I specially like the big dog Ju Ju...*gleam in eye* yeppers she real purdy...he,he.. Mom sez I was liken her just a little too much...whatever she jest smelled reallll good and I hopes I can gets back and see sum time.
So here ends my tail of "This is the way I goes to work wif mom"


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