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All About Tessa!

Today is my first birthday at the Bridge.

March 5th 2011 11:40 am
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Today I spend my first birthday without my Pawrents and siblings at the Bridge. I know it will be a sad day for my Mom because she misses me. I have my big sister here, (Chelsea) so that makes it better.


Goodbye Tessa......

February 27th 2011 4:21 pm
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Its with great sadness that I must tell my friends that Tessa was helped to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, February 11th 2011. She got very ill suddenly the night before. Her body temp dropped so low that it would not register on the vets thermometer. Everything happened so fast. Tessa could not stand up with out staggering and falling over. After hours of trying to get her body temp to normal and after x-rays of her tummy (she had bloody stools and was vomiting)and countless test to see what was wrong she was not getting any better. I asked the doctor if she was suffering and he said, No, I dont even think she knows whats going on. She was unresponsive. Than I had to make that dreaded decision if I was to send her to the bridge. The doctor said I was doing the right thing. He thinks she had a tumor in her stomach. Her x-rays of her stomach were so cloudy that you could not even see her intestines. Its one of the hardest things to do. She was such a little pain in the booty but when they are gone you realize how much they are missed. ~RIP~ Tessa, you were loved and always will be missed.


I lost my "womanhood"

September 14th 2007 6:25 pm
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Today My Mom took me to be spayed. She said I wont have those nasty "periods" anymore. Thank God, the PMS was way to much to handle. My Mom is bad enough. BOL! While the doctor was "in there" she checked my problem on why I drip urine and its not what we thought! Im hooked up correctly down there.....Thank you very much! I have a weak sphincter muscle. The only problem now is we dont know why. ??????? After I heal from my surgery, My Doc (LOVE HER!) is going to try some different meds to see if they can control my problem. That would be really cool. Im five now and still wearing diapers! I never get to go out in public cuz everybody stares. (and thinks Im a chihuahua) So thats pretty much " life in the days of Tessa". Peace, my friends!



February 15th 2007 9:35 pm
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I think Im in trouble.........
My Mom says I bark way too much and she wants to hang me by my diaper. Do you think she really will? She sounded serious..........I better cool it.


Im Back.........................

October 23rd 2006 8:56 pm
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Heh Canine friends!
Just a little tidbit from the old diaper Queen. (My Mom calls me that) I have to tell all my friends, do you remember in my last diary I said how much I couldnt stand that darn Tinkerbell? Well, Guess what? We are now the best of friends! She really grew on me. We had a great, warm summer. We played lots of tug of war in the backyard and attacked my "really" BIG sister, Sarah. It was great! I Love that "Rat" now. She really is cool. Has a attitude at times but not with me. Yeah! My Mom has already started putting sweaters on me. Im so little with not much hair, I need the warmth. I hope all of my dogster friends are doing well. If your not my friend yet, please feel free to befriend me. I never can have enough friends!


Oh My!!

January 7th 2006 7:41 pm
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Well Friends, Its time to start a diary . I want to say first of all, I dont like that "Rat" my parents brought home. Yep, Im talking about Tinkerbell. She is a royal pain in the tush push. She runs around like a freak. She tries to get me to play with her and I bite her instead. Im out for blood literally but my Mom always puts a stop to that. Tink could really kick my booty if she wanted to. Im only 5 pounds but Im one tuff cookie. Life has been good so far this year except for, of course, Tink. Its been a little chilly here for me. I really prefer the summer months. I have lots of sweaters to keep me warm. My Mom is trying to get a pic of me in one of them, but I dont want to hold still. Its great now that Im the alpha of the pack. (At least I think Iam) Well, I guess I better go for now. My paws are really tired from typing.

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