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My Journey

20 May 2007

May 20th 2007 8:37 pm
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My first step up the stairs!!

Woohoo...... finally I've learnt how to climb up the stairs today!!! Yeah.... I know... only when I am turning 4 years old then have I learnt how to do so.... oh boy... but I was just so afraid of the flight of stairs back then... the steps looked horribly high to me man....

Mummy was cleaning the corridoor area and I took the chance to perform the act which I have just mastered. One step at a time, and I found myself 2 levels up. I was climbing up more steps when I heard mummy calling for me. I had wanted to come back down, but dude, I also realized at the same time that I don't know how to come back down the steps!!!!! Mummy's calling was getting frantic, she must have thought she had lost me.... I bet she didn't expect me to climb so high up.

Well, I had no choice but to call out to mummy then. She rushed up the stairs when she heard me, and I was hugged like she has not hugged me for ages! But after the loving cuddly hug, I was whacked on my bum-bum. Mummy said I was too naughty to climb up so high when she only expected me to play around the corridoor area. And worst still, I didn't know how to come back down....

Lesson learnt - the next time I'd climb up the stairs again, I must learn how to come back down again.


24 Oct 2004

October 24th 2004 6:46 am
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Mummy brought me to grooming today. She said I looked very uncomfortable in my long coat... and wanted to make me feel cooler in this ever so hot and humid Singapore.

This was the first time where I have spent almost 4hours at the grooming salon... I was so tired that I had even fell asleep when the groomer was cutting my fur!

Finally after the looooong hours of cutting hair, mummy came and picked me up. She was happy to see me in a shorter coat and I heard her telling my groomer that I looked so much more better now. And before mummy can make her payment to the groomer, I have climbed my way onto her warm arms again... did I mention that the air con at the groomer's place is very cold?

When we reached home, mummy quickly took out 2 toys which look new to me... and I realized that these are the toys mummy said she had buy for me from overseas!! WOW... these toys are so coool! They squeak!!

But I still miss mummy's shoes, and the Sasha bear which mummy keep taking away from me when I "steal" it from her wardrobe....


30 Sept 2004

September 30th 2004 10:15 am
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Rainy - whole day

Overheard mummy telling daddy she had ordered some new toys for me.. and should be coming in by next month as this is an overseas order! Boy am I excited to hear this!! New toys! Yeah! No more chewing on my bed, on mummy's shoes, and on the Sasha bear which mummy keep taking away from me when I "steal" it from her wardrobe.

*waiting for my new toys.... waiting for my new toys... waiting for my new toys..."


19 Sept 2004

September 19th 2004 7:02 am
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Rainy day, with thunder and lightning too.

Mummy and daddy are both at home today, though I cant count which day is this, but I know its definitely a day where both of them are at home with me! Daddy was catching a nap after playing tug-of-war with me, and mummy was busy doing her laundry. I was indulging myself in the new chew bone mummy bought for me yesterday when thunder and lighting strucked. We were supposed to go walkie today, but because it was raining very heavily, mummy said we have to do it next week then....

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