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Completed My Training - Soon To Become a CERTIFIED Service Dog

August 26th 2006 12:23 am
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Well, after receiving my "walking" papers - aka - "pink slip - actually a three page letter" on dismissing me from the Service Dog School, I now enter my final stage of training. My dismissal from the program was because of my diary entries that were written during my training on becoming a Service Dog (My mom wrote from the heart and kept it upbeat during the good times and the bad). Another reason for my dismissal was because I couldn't fulfill their requirements on doing the take command. It was found out at my last Vet visit (a 2nd opinion) the truth about my DEFORMED jaw. With the tests it showed that I can't even chew properly because my teeth don't even line up let alone touch correctly. No wonder I hated the take command - I couldn't take because I can't grasp ANYTHING. I'm a disabled doggie because of a deformed jaw... One that mom will love unconditionaly. Even thou I was given the doggie boot, I will now become a Certified Service Dog thru another program called Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service OR S.A.R.A. (Service Animal Registry of America). Service Dogs in the USA don't require certification to be working, but after a year of training done by me (three months with a professional trainer in the beginning) and then with the Service Dog School I'm ready for the next level of being certified. I earned it and will continue to serve my mom till I retire - whenever that may be. Any Service Dog can register with S.A.R.A. and some aren't up to snuff to what they do, but I have someone to sign my papers. On the other hand, Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service offers a REAL certification status. Mom has contacted my 1st trainer and she'll sign them stating I have met my requirements of being a Service Dog. She evaluated me last month and gave me a PAWS UP on all my required tasks for helping my mom. Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service requires the Public Access Test to be given and have to submit a video of it being done. I've explained to them the circumstances about Shadow and the school. I also told them that he took the Public Access Test in April. They'll waive the taping as long as I can get the trainer to do a quick run thru of the test and then sign and notorize the test PLUS give them her business card for they can contact her to verify everything. It's the best choice for us now since we were given our walking papers.

Mom will be bringing my papers over to the trainer next week to have her sign them stating that I qualify as a Service Dog and have met all the requirements (tasks) that I need to do too work for my mom. I'm leaning toward the Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service Program. This will be a REAL CERTIFICATION VS just a Registry (S.A.R.A.).

I'll write an entry soon about my final choice for Shadow and me.

After that I'll probably just write one entry a month to tell you what's happening. I'll also take a digital photo of his certification paperwork/card and post it in my photobucket account. Then you'll be able to see what his Certification paperwork looks like.

I was BORN TO SERVE and I will ALWAYS REMAIN FAITHFUL in the tasks that I've been trained to do as a CERTIFIED SERVICE DOG.



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