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I am small....but hear me ROAR!!!!

I luv my daddy!

September 10th 2006 5:02 pm
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I luv my daddy and this strange game called football! He lays on the couch, eats snacks, and drinks some beer. I don't like beer but it is goooooo on the rest of that stuff! Mmmmm popcorn and snuggels what else could a chihuahua want? I sooooo happy!! Pinky dum dum head rather wrestle with Bailey....I better sush before he gets any ideas!!!!!


What can I say?

November 15th 2005 10:32 pm
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My Mother who supposedly loves me more than beans and rice, left me alone with Nazi schnauzer! That means the only thing Rink-a-Dink Pinky and I could do was either huddle under the bed and pretend we were in the bed or we had to lay on the chair....the chair is just not the bed. My bed has a nice big fluffy down comforter that I live for to snuggle in. I'm nice at night and let My Mum, Pinky, and Nazi boy sleep with me. I mean MY bed is really big....big enough for a queen I hear. So you know thats BIG!!!!! Bailey swears and brags that he use to own a bed big enough for a KING..... yeah right Mum gets the best for us Chihuahuas!!!!!! I think that is why Bailey is soooooo jealous of us....he is just a stinky old schnauzer while we are dainty, pretty, people stopping cute...thats how we are all going to take over the world one Chi at a time. Well, got the jammies on and time snuggle down and dream pretty little puppy dreams about bones, cats with no claws, and a house made out of cookies.


If you make fun of me I'll bite ya!!!

November 13th 2005 8:47 pm
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I don't want to hear it! Ya, just jealous anyway. A Chi needs jammies because it gets cold around here! Even if your a tough Chi like me. Just for the record I had to have a "bath" because my MUM did not like my choice of Ode Stinky Dead Something Cologne that happens to be MY favorite. She is bigger than me so what can I do? Sooooo a Chi gets cold thats why I'm hangin in "j's". Bet you wish you had a pair! Well, can't you see I'm tryin to sleep if you want entertainment then go watch Cops, Law and Order, or one of those lame shows they show 24 hours! I got more exciting things to do like dream of rotten dead things and stinky stuff to put in my mouth.
So bugger off you posers!


Spikey Dancey Pants!

August 26th 2005 10:55 pm
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Today I convinced the human known as Mum to slave hours over a hot oven and bake me COOKIES!!!!!!!! You should have seen me doing beautiful ChaCha dances all over the kitchen for a nibble here and there! Of course me being much better than any broom or vaccum cleaner I clean all crumbs. Humans are soooo easy all you have to do is look cute and dance on 2 legs and the world is yours...........


A new use for humans!

August 24th 2005 6:09 pm
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I have discovered a new use for humans. Tail holders...they can hold your tail for you so you can lick it without it getting away from you. I accidently discovered this earlier today while I was trying to chase down a phantom flea and lick off the little tips of my tail. My Mum held my tail down for me and let me tell you I cleaned that tail tip like it has never been cleaned before! I also finally caught that phantomn flea and gave him the whats what! Awww...what a wonderful day nothing like human slaves to make your life soooooooooooooooo sweet!


Big evil harrhaaarhaaar giggle!

August 23rd 2005 6:29 am
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Now all the little nerds around here will have to take me serious! I will rule the world! Just look I made diary of the day...little Chihuahua steps is what I say!Pay attention all my Chi brothern we can do this! Who could resist us? Alot of us have already convinced our humans to take us everywhere. I have even seen pictures of famous movie stars with us....have you notice one important thing? WHO is the one being carried everywhere?? Not some big stinky schnauzer or golden retriever! Us cute innocent looking chis! We first have to give thanks to the Taco Bell dog...she was the first since then there have been hundreds of us! Just think...Madonna, Britney, even tough guy Mickey Rourke!!! Well peace out!
P.S if we did rule there would be no war...people would be to busy carrying us and feeding us delectable treats!


Oh my I thought I was sooooooo tough!!!!

August 21st 2005 8:41 pm
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So here I've been thinking I was soooo tough and I truly think I will rule the world...I mean after all who could resist me? Well, something scary happened today....I big huge horrible storm! The thunder was right outside and it scared me soooo bad! I've never been so scared. Thank goodness Mum let me hide under her. I just laid there and shivered and shivered some more!
Spike of the wee?

July 12th 2005 11:16 pm
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Let me tell you Bailey would not be dog of anyting if it was not for me! I am the brains of this bunch! Well, it will be my diabolical plan to take over the doggy world by putting a innocent lookig puppy like Bailey for distracton!1 Chihuahua world domation...on person and dog at a time!



Spikey and Rinky Dinky Pinky's side...Bailey is just a Bully- sometimes

June 5th 2005 1:18 am
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Hello all! My brother may be small but whe have huge brain power. First off we have to steal bones and hide under the couch because greedy Bailey will pick up all the good bones put them in his bed, lay on top of them and growl at us. What is a Chi to do? Honestly I don't think it is a bone thing...he is just jealous that he can't fit under the couch. Today the human under our mind control known as "Mum" brought us to Grandmother's house. We love going there because she is helping Mum's sister raise her kids. Kids=crumbs. We go in do Grans a favor and vaccum any crumbs so she doesn't have to sweep as often. You would be surprise what kids leave laying around....not only do the drop lots of crumbs but they sneak in the living room and eat in front of the T.V. when Grands not around.(some said this is Grands petpeeve and people should eat at the table. Anyway them being the sneaky kids they are they hide dirty plates under the couch and chairs. Don't worry we clean up the crumbs so all Grands find is clean plates. We are good Chi's after all and have to help Grands all we can because we know she is a busy woman, cooking for large family, cleaning house, and babysitting grandbabies and grandpuppies. My opinion she would rather babysit us because we don't cry and demand to be entertain like stinky babies. The only good thing about babies is milk encrusted faces that need to be clean when humans aren't paying attention.
I saw Bailey talking about his "boy". I Spikey hate the boy. He picked on me when I was a wee pup and I have a memory of a elephant and I only forgive Mummy for injustices done to me. Plus, he is clummsy and on more than one occasion has stepped on my dainty little toes. Doesn't it ever occur to him that I weigh 4 pounds. I mean everyone looms over me...Even Pinky is bigger than me. It don't matter though because I'm the toughest, roughest, rowdiest, dog ever. I may be small but my teethies are sharp!

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