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Friend Saves Rita!

August 6th 2009 12:35 pm
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We had a terrifying episode at the park last night. Rita was off leash, enjoying some romping with Nero, a dog friend of hers, when she suddenly bolted. I think she was stung by a bee - this has been a bad year for her in that department. I chased after her, but although she paused a few times to look back, she kept going. Thank God a couple streets over she encountered our friend Courtney walking her dogs, Lucy and Fennel. Courtney called her, corralled her, and held on to her until I came puffing up. A horrible experience! No more off-leash stuff for a while, unfortunately.


More Dog Park Friends!

July 23rd 2009 1:04 pm
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Zeesha and Pi! These two are St. Bernards; Zeesha is male and about two or three, Pi is female and about one. Zeesha is quiet; Pi has been suffering from a false pregnancy and as a result can be a bit domineering. Hopefully she'll feel better as her hormones return to normal.

Caesar! Caesar is a lab mix puppy, 12 weeks old, and he is a real ball of fire even at his age, running and romping and playing with the other dogs.

Nassau! Nassau is a mixed breed rescue dog from the Bahamas, where he'd been living on the street. He's rapidly learning how to play and interact with the other dogs.

Brixie! Brixie is a golden retriever mix recently adopted from a shelter. She's a bit of an escape artist - Rita and I found her wandering in the alley several weeks ago and took her home - but she has adapted well to her new surroundings.


More Dog Park Buddies

July 16th 2009 12:43 pm
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Tornado! Tornado is an Italian greyhound, and he is indeed mostly grey. Contrary to his name, he's very timid around the other dogs, but he's an affection sponge around people he likes! He loves to lean against you while you stroke his soft fur.

Nina! Nina is a 15 month old cockapoo covered with wacky black curls. She's full of fun and vigor and is quite unafraid to play and romp with dogs much larger than herself.

Chuck! I like to refer to Chuck as an "explosion in a gene factory." He's about a 20 pound mix, probably mostly terrier, but with a wild mix of gold and grey fur. He's a cheerful dog and always fun to be around.

Katrina! Katrina is a very interesting dog that is thought to be a beagle/lab/Jack Russell mix. She is mostly black, with droopy ears, probably weighs around 15 pounds, and looks like a tiny lab. She runs manically and loves to play.

Milo! Milo is a happy rescue greyhound, white with tan spots and patches. It's absolutely glorious to see him run.


Rita's Dog Park Friends!

July 6th 2009 12:21 pm
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Rita has a great many dog pals who frequent the dog park, so this will probably be a continuing feature!

1. Kai and Lily! Kai is a rescue dog, about 35-40 pounds, white with golden brown spots, and very active. When we first met Kai he'd just been adopted from the shelter, was recovering from a bout of mange, and was covered with bald spots! Happily his coat is back in its full beauty now. Lily is a small brown and white mixed breed who's several years old and is Kai's peaceful shadow. She is a gentle and loving dog and we're always glad to see the two of them at the park.
2. Astro! Astro is a lab mix of some kind - he is mostly black with long fur. He gets shaved down for the summer, and at the moment as his coat grows back in he looks strangely like a gigantic poodle! Astro loves to carry one of his toys with him on walks. He seems to be a very happy go lucky dog.
3. Lucy and Fennel! Lucy is a black, long ooated mix of about 40-45 pounds; Fennel is brown, long coated, a tiny bit smaller, and has striking yellow-green eyes. Both of of them are happy and cheerful dogs, and love to run and play together.


More of Rita's Friends!

June 24th 2009 1:15 pm
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I was going to talk about Rita's friends at the dog park, but have to add some more of her local friends!

1. Bentley! Actually, Rita is a little intimidated by Bentley, but I love him a lot. He's a very elderly brindle mastiff who is gentle and patient.

2. Rufus, Fiona, and Flo! This is a trio of Westies who live down the street. Rufus is getting on in years and is apparently a little deaf, but he's a good dog. Fiona had surgery last year, but is doing fine. Flo is a very tiny Westie who was rescued from a puppy mill. It took her a while to get used to her new home, but she's getting along with her new brother and sister and even the cats very well.

3. Anabelle! Anabelle is a brindle pit bull mix who lives just down the street. She's still young and flighty and hasn't settled down yet. She tends to be submissive, then aggressive. Anabelle is very much a work in progress.

4. Brownie! Brownie is a chow mix who is, indeed, brown. She's very much a one-person dog to her human, Nancy, but has a good dog friend named Bean who visits from Maine now and then.


Meet Rita's Neighbors!

June 19th 2009 1:06 pm
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Rita is lucky enough to live in an extremely dog-friendly part of Columbus, and she has a number of dog pals who live around here. Let's meet some of her friends on our street!

1. Milton! Milton is a black and white mixed breed dog - I think he's part cocker spaniel - who lives in the other half of our double. He was lucky enough to be adopted last year by Jennifer, my neighbor. Rita and Milton share the yard amicably.
2. Charlie! Charlie is a black lab mix who lives across the street, and actually helped to raise Rita! He and Rita are very good friends.
3. Oliver and Ella! Oliver and Ella moved in next door just a few weeks ago. Oliver is a black and white chihauhua who is a rescue dog, and Ella is a black and white rat terrier who was saved from a flea market. While noisy and wacky like many tiny pups, they both like Rita a lot!
4. Waldo! Waldo is a puppy, about 10-12 weeks old, adopted from a shelter. He is brindle and may be a beagle/boxer mix. He's happy-go-lucky, very friendly, and already is playing with Rita! He lives on the other side of the double that Oliver and Ella live in.

Next time: Rita's pals at the dog park!


Don't Forget Tags!

April 6th 2009 10:55 am
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Rita and I indirectly helped a lost dog get home over the weekend. This was more difficult than it might have been because the dog only had on an out of date license on her collar. This was a very elderly dog that might have gotten in serious problems if she had been lost for long. Thankfully a neighbor recognized her and was able to get her home. Please remember to have a tag with your phone number on your dog's collar! The dog's name helps too.



March 23rd 2009 10:55 am
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Let me tell you a short story about a rescued dog named Emma who lives on Rita's street and is a friend of Rita. Emma was found on the coldest day of the year abandoned in a paper bag at the supermarket. She was at the time a tiny puppy - maybe 5-6 weeks, weighing less than a pound. She's losing her baby teeth now, and weighs maybe four pounds - probably close to her adult weight. She'll always be tiny. Thankfully she was found by a person who already had a dog but had room in her heart and home for this tiny foundling. Emma is the happiest dog at the park. To see her maniacally romping with dogs 4-5 times her size is a pleasure. I think somehow she knows she's had a second chance, and her joy is infectious.


Rita's Birthday!

February 25th 2009 10:40 am
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Today, Rita is 7. Hard to believe! She was one of 10 puppies of her mom, Mattie, and a travelin' man dad. I hope her siblings and mom are doing as well as she is! She is healthy and happy and always up to new adventures and meeting new friends, human and canine and even feline.


Rita's Christmas

January 20th 2009 12:28 pm
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Rita had a good Christmas. She had a new Christmas collar to wear, which she did like a good sport, got some bones, and two new toys. Overall her year was good, in spite of the attack on her during the summer. She has recovered completely and is doing very well and is happy.

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