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Trying to Recover

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August 20, 2005

August 20th 2006 8:47 pm
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Well I have had a very rough few weeks. I jumped off mom's lap three weeks ago yesterday and broke my neck. I had to have surgery to fix it. I still don't know if I will be able to walk yet or not, but I do move my front paws and my back paws. Mom no longer has to force feed me. I am now eating off a baby spoon. It is softer than a regular spoon on my teeth. Mom does physical therapy on me every few hours to make sure I do not lose anymore of my muscle mass. I have lost quite a bit. Mom does water therapy on me also. I might even go to a new place called the Doggie Dome Swim Spa to see a new friend to help me recover. This is going to take a while but I am hoping to walk soon. If I can't mom and dad have already decided to get me a four wheeled cart to take me places so I think I am walking. HA HA HA. Right now I am staying in a basket and mom got me a stroller for when we go to work.
I have been told that I am lucky I have my mom and dad, because most mom and dad's would have put me to sleep. My stayed up with me for three days before she found out for sure that I had a broken neck. My vet told my parents that I had a liver problem that even with surgery there was no way to be sure it would keep me alive. Well mom got a second oppion and thank goodness she did. I went in Monday to be checked and the surgent told mom it was a broken neck. Mom and dad decided to give it a try and see if all went well. So wish me luck I am going to need it so is mom. She is my care giver in all of this. I will update as soon as I have a quick chance.


Story about how I became disabled

October 9th 2007 4:43 pm
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I am a 3 year old yorkie and I am disabled. I broke my neck last year on July 29 by jumping off my mom's lap. I had a congenital defect in my neck that mom nor my vets knew about. I had, had problems with my neck and the doctors kepted telling mom it was a pinched nerve in my neck and would send her home with some meds that made me feel really good. This was until that bad day I jumped off mom's lap. Mom says I jumped and let out a heck of a scream. It was so weird it scared her. She looked down on the floor and I was having a seizure then all of a sudden I was stiff as a board and my tongue was all blue. So dad started giving me mouth to mouth. Mom and dad ran to the truck and rushed me to the hospital. When we got there mom took me from dad who was still breathing in my mouth and ran into the dogtors with me crying to save me. They said one more minute and I would have never of been able to survive. The dogtors did all kinds of tests to see what was wrong with me xrays, and bloodwork. Mom had to wait outside and the dogtor came and asked her if she wanted everything done to save me. She said of course. So they kept me alive. Mom had to leave because dad was full of pee and poo. I did this to him yuck. She took dad home and then came back. The dogtors said mom could come back and see me. They showed mom I could not stand but thought this might be do to me having that bad seizure. He showed mom the xrays and said there are no breaks in the neck and everything else looked fine they did not know what had happened, but they were still waiting for the blood results to come back. He told mom to go home and come back in a couple hours so they could monitor me for a while. So mom left me again. I had vet tech Denise wif me the whole time. She never left me side. Oh did I mention this was a Saturday and there were a lot of people at the office that day. But i was getting all the attention. Mom and dad came back at 1 when the office closed so the dogtor could talk to mom and dad without any interuptions. He said the blood worked showed that I had liver shunts, because my liver levels had changed since May. What ever that is. And that they were really bad but he did not know if I was going to make it the weekend so mom and dad should take me to an ER for the weekend so if anything happened they would know what to do. Well, it sounded like the end for me and mom and dad were crying. They said they would take me home wif them and care for me there. And if I happen to pass over the weekend they wanted it to be wif the family I love not some strangers. So mom took me home.
She sat with me all weekend long she didn't sleep one wink. The dogtor said before we left if I was the same way come Monday mom and dad had to decide what they were going to do wif me. I think he was talking to give me a shot and make me sleep forever. Mom and dad talked all weekend on what they were going to do. I still could not move mom was feeding me water and stuff out of a straw. I would eat a little but not much. Mom held me and held me all weekend long. Well, I made it through the weekend with no change.
Monday morning I heard mom on the phone with my doctors office she was crying when talking to them making an appointment to get that shot for me. Daddy was really upset and he kept going outside and looking at me and telling me he loved me. Mom was so heart broken she didn't know what to do wif her self. My brother's and sister came to the house and pet me and told me they were going to miss me and they loved me alot. Then I heard mom on the phone with the dogtors office again. She said he was canceling the appointment. She was going to find another dogtor to look at me. So she took me a long ways away. To a new hospital ER it was really nice and all the people were nice. Mom talked to the new dogtor and he told mom that he didnt' think I had liver shunts. I was a 22 month old pup and I was 15 pounds liver dogs are small and have a hard time putting on weight. He told mom he thought I had Atlantoaxial Instability (AAI for short) mom asked what that was. He said it is a congenital defect in the neck. It is a condition where the first two cervical vertebrae are not firmly attached. And he thinks that I had broken my neck and asked if he could take more pictures of my neck. Mom said okay. About 5 minutes later the dogtor came back and said he was right that I had a very bad broken neck. He said I was internally decapiated he didn't know how mom kept me alive all weekend. She told him with a lot of TLC. He told mom he could do surgery on my neck and make me better and he said that there was a 85 to 90 percent chance I would walk again. Of course there are not guarentees with that. Mom told the doctor she didn't know if she could afford the surgery and what were my chances without it. He said there were no guarentees because he was shocked I was still alive as it was. Mom said she had to go home and talk to dad. She then asked if it was alright to take me with her. He said yes but keep doing what you have been doing all weekend. Mom said of course she would. We went home and mom and dad talked. They found a way to come up with the money and called the vets ER the next day to tell them it was a go. So mom got me already the next morning to go to the hospital for my surgery. She was going to drive down and put me in the back seat. She hadn't slept since Saturday I was worried. So when she put me back there. I tried to turn my head to see where she was and everything went black. Mom said I stopped breathing again and she had to give me mouth to mouth again to bring me back. She rushed me to the ER. When we got there they said the dogtor was called away on a emergancy and he would not be back until tomorrow and bring me back then. Mom said listen I just had to breath for him again please keep him here. And that she hadn't slept in 3 days and she was scared next time she would not be fast enough with me. And at this time I had really bad poop problems. When the nurse picked me up I sprayed poop all her and the walls. YUCKY.
I had my surgery the next day. The dogtor called mom and said he put wires and bone cement in my neck to keep it stable. She could come tomorrow and see me. She did and was crying again. She got to come and get me on Friday. They taught mom to give me physical therapy and gave me a bunch of pills to take. I was so weak mom had to feed me with a syringe. She took really good care of me. I slept with her in her bed. Dad wasn't crying anymore just hoping I would get all better. I went for my 8 week check up and the dogtor said I was doing great and asked if I was walking yet. Mom said nope. He said it looked good because I was standing on my back legs so I had strong muscle back there but I was losing them in the front. And mom should start water therapy wif me. So we went home and mom filled the tub and I was put in the water. Mom called someone that owns a doggie swim spa and asked a bunch of questions. So this lady must have told mom what to do. I didn't want to move my legs but the water felt good. nice and warm. Mom continued to do this three times a week and still gave me physical therapy. She still does it.
Mom was talking to a lady on line about a wheelchair for me. And her furbaby went to the rainbow bridge a few weeks later and she had a wheelchair and sent it to me so I could walk. We got the wheelchair and it didn't fit. So we sent it to the place that made it, but in the meantime mom made me a wheelchair. Because I still needed help holding my neck mom had to make a brace for my neck it was still weak. We got the new cart and it didn't fit right but I tried it I took a few steps but didn't like it at all. So I had a dogtors appointment wif my vet for some shots. Mom brought my cart wif me. They tried everything and gave mom some ideas on what to do to try and make this work for me. Then him and mom started to talk about acupuncture. My doctors said funny you should mention that he was just starting to learn and become certified. He needed a study subject and chose me. So I have been having acupuncture since March. I still get it every other week, we had to change it because I am at a stand still with it right now. I am not doing anything different, but since I started I have been able to stand on my own. I even try getting up all by my self. I do it sometimes. Mom cries when I do it I do not understand, but she says it is because she is happy. I only cry when I am hurt or sad. What is wif these humons. Well, the cart I have is not working for me. And mom was hoping to try and make a front wheeled cart. Then she came acrossed Gizmo's dogster page. Mom contacted Gizmo the Great's mom and asked a few questions. Mom was reading Gizmo the Great;s page and saw he got his wheels from Eddie's wheels. Mom sat down and wrote them a letter and now I have to go in a week and get some measurements taken to get a new set of wheels. I am so excited. I might be able to be mom's shadow again. I can't wait. My back legs work good. My front legs do not. When mom tries to walk me I cross my front legs I do not know why I tell them to go the right way and they don't. Mom does special massages to my legs and special exercises to my front legs to get them to go right and they won't. So we are hoping that wif these new set of wheels things will go easier for me.
Sorry my story was so long. But it is hard to tell and understand unless you know everything. Now mom and I try to get the word out about this thing AAI so other pups and furparents do not have to go through what I have gone through. My dogtor tells me all the time I am a very lucky boy. Most furmom's and furdads' would have given up and made me go to sleep forever. But I am lucky to have my mom and dad because they want to let me live a long long time. My mom has told me everyday since i hurt myself that she got me to be with me for a very long time and that is how she plans on keeping it.
Thank you for reading my story.


Getting ready for my Angel Wheels

October 17th 2007 5:35 pm
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Hi Everyone,
Well, I went to Eddie's wheels on Monday to get them to find out what size I was and to see how I could stand if I could walk and how strong my back legs are for me new Angel wheels. I am getting a new front wheeled cart and there will be two of my friends that went to the Rainbow bridge on each wheel. Mom is going to write their names so their wings can help me walk again. Oh did I mention they are both girl furpups?? One is Bella, because without Bella I would have never had a real cart to start with. She passed to the Rainbow bridge and her mom wanted to my mom out with a cart for me. And Bella had a cart so her mom sent it to my mom. It was a little small for me so we sent it to be fixed and the company made a new one instead. But that is why Bella's name is going to be on one wheel. She was my first angel to help me walk and she will continue to be there with me in spirit. And the other wheel is going to have my Bestest friend Trixie's name. She was alittle girl only a little over a pound. She was a special girl also. Her mom did everything for her like my mom does. And Trixie was able to live to be 2 years and 3 months old. The doctors told her mom that she wasn't going to live past 6 months. Now that is a determented mom and furpup. Well, three weeks ago my Trixie girl was tired and went to the Rainbow bridge. I know she is looking down on me and going to kick me in the butt if I do not use her wings to walk. So her name will be on the other wheel. This is how my new cart will be named Angel wheels.
I will be getting my Angel wheels on Saturday. While I am there my friend Gizmo the great is going to teach me how to use my new Angel wheels. He is a friend I met here on Dogster. He is my pal and he is a special kid like me. So I will let you all know when I get back this weekend how things went. And how I was able to use my cart. Hopefully we will have pictures and video. So watch for new video of me please.


Halloween tag

October 22nd 2007 2:31 pm
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I know I have tagged one fursome. But everytime mom goes to put all the info in her computer freezes and bam we lose ewerything. SO mom thought maybe it was more important to update my diary. Seeing she is getting upset with the computer. Sorry we messed up the tag game. Mom says she is not writing it a third time. Last time she went to copy and paste and stupid AOL said it was not responding she waited a while and went to check and it still wasn't responding so she shut down and started over again. Just want to say sorry again.
Hugs Babybear and frustrated mom.


Working with my wheels

October 22nd 2007 3:07 pm
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Hi there Everyone,
Well, I have to say the last three days has been pretty exciting. Saturday I got to see my new friends Gizmo the Great, his human brother Jacob and his Mom Donna. I wuv them already. Donna made me some nice new Belly bands and some scarfs to go wit em. They are nice and I look styling wif em on. It was so nice at Eddie's wheels. We got to meet a lot of people, but one of my favorite things was my friend Gizmo came right out to me when I first arrived and greeted me. Like he has known me foreva. It was like two lost brothers. I fink I am gonna asking him if he wants to be blood brothers. ya that would be nice. I was a little nervous when I got to Eddie's. There was a lot going on. There were a lot of nice people there and mom told them all about my story. They were in aw. And told me I was lucky. When mom , Eddie and Leslie put me in my new Wheels everyone was routing me on. Even Gizz. It was so kewl. Then Eddie had to make some adjustments to my wheels and we tried it again. At this time I was wearing a diaper because when eva mom puts a belly band on me I pee over it or under. The ones Donna made work great. So when Eddie was fixin my wheels mom and Donna put a new Belly Band on me. Oh did it feel betta then a diaper. It made me feel like a big dog. Mom don't understand I feel like a Baby in a diaper. Now I have a new set of wheels and new Belly Bands I can face the world wif a smile.
Mom, Eddie,Leslie, Donna, Gizmo, Sweet Pea, Daisy and Toby all were telling me I was a good boy. And I was doin great, fanastic, wonderful job and on and on. It was hard to get used to havin that cart on me, but it sure felt nice to stand all alone with no one watching me. They all said there was a big change in the way I was standing. They said I kept getting better and better.
Boy, I have to say Eddie, Leslie and the gang are some special people. Don't know what or where I would be right now if it wasn't for them and Donna and Gizmo. Ya I do. Laying on the floor or sitting in the chair. I was trying to stand and walk but my legs in front would cross. Mom would walking me alot but she had to hold me all the time to do it, it made me feel like I couldn't do nofin. I couldn't even do that before I started my acupuncture. Now I feel like a super star with a new cart and getting my acupunture to help me. And I have some new special friends to thank for that. I have to thank Doc Paul because wif out him I would still be laying in a chair. Wif his needles it makes me feel good. It helps me wanna go. Then I have Eddie, Leslie and the gang at Eddie's Wheels for making me the PREFECT set of wheels. And to Gizmo, Donna and Jacob for being such a super support group and such special friends.
Just wanted to say I have been working hard at my new wheels that Eddie's Wheels made me. I am getting better and better all the time. Mom says that she can not beleive the differance. I hope everyone is proud of me. I am trying so hard. I even ran for my neighbor friend today. She is one of my humangirlfriends(shhhh don't tell her hubby he might get upset) but she came out to see me in my wheels and I wanted to see her. So I kept going to her. After all that work I had to come in the house and take a nap, but we stood outside and talked for a bit. And while we were out there mom got stung by a bee. She said ouch ouch ouch. I thought I did something wrong, but she told me that a bee bit her. Glad it was her and not me. I went back out later in the day and the kids went by me on the bus. They all had their noses on the windows. I don't know what they were looking at. Mom said it was me, most kids don't see special pups like me. I wish sometime they will stop so mom can tell them that there are special pups like there are special people. We are all special in our own little ways. Maybe some day.
Well, I better get my feet moving again. Time to go and take a walk mom says. Mom will be placing new video up every day so please check back. And mom is going to check to see how we can put a link to our special friend Gizmo's page, he is a special guy and I think everyone should meet him.
Thank you for taking the time to come and visit my page.
Big Yorkie hugs and kisses


I am still working hard

October 25th 2007 4:32 pm
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Hello All you Pupsters,
I just wanted to let everyone know that yesterday mom gave me the day off from doing my Angel Wheels I was getting tired and she said she didn't want to wear me out. So we didn't do any session(hmm I don't mind.BOL) Instead she did my physical therapy and did some massage therapy. oooooowwww how that felt good. So I just chilled for the day and got pampered.
I did get outside today and did a little on in my wheels. And me brofer and him girlfriend came ova and I got in my wheels for them. Tony( my skinbrofer) was holding out my Hollywood Star's treats. Man I wanted one so bad, but i didn't wanna walk for it. I know it sounds easy to you pups that can walk but man when you haven't done it in so long it takes time to learn again. My legs get tired fast. But mom says I will get stronger and I will move them wheels better. She found me trying to hop today outside when I was walkin. Well, she wasn't to happy about that. She said we will have ta work on that in the tub. Oh great more work. Oh well. I can't wait me training wheels should be here soon. When they do mom won't have to hold on to the back of my wheels anymore wif the leash. She will find a different way to get me to walk. She is mean sometimes. But I know she just wants me to walk again. Well, I guess it is time for another session. Mom says last one today. I hope she isnt' wying.
Oh I got the most perfect presant yesterday from my pal Gizmo the Great and his humom. They sent me some great neck ties( mom calls them scarfs I am a boy they are neck ties) And a new belly band. This belly band has Angels on it to go wif my Angel Wheels. So I will have Angels all around me. That is super great. I wish I could give Donna( Gizzy's mom) a GREAT BIG YORKIE KISS. I fink she would like that. I wanted to tell bof of them thank you very much for those nice gifts they are pawtastic. I fink I am going to work wif mom tomorrow and I am gonna look hanskum for all the woman. Mom has to take her lady to get her hair done. So all the woman will be finkin I am the bomb. OH don't I wike that. Yahoo.
Please if you get a chance I wrote about my version of AAI in my Story seciton check it out when you have a chance. Thanks have a good night.


I am Walking alone No need for mom

October 28th 2007 6:17 pm
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Hi there,
Just wanna to share a little good news. I CAN WALK ALONE WIFF MY EDDIE'S WHEELS. YAHOOOO!!!!!!! Mom is just so Happy. Yup she is doin the river dance again. As you can see in my video I am cruisin wiff no help from anybody. Please excuse my big butt brofer he wansta be a video hog. So don't me sissa. So when mom gets me goin they have to come arunnin.
But look at me, look at me. I am free no more mom to have ta move me around. Mom took me outside to, but it was so cold out and she didnt put a coat on me(bad mom). And she didn't fink I would do anyfing so she left the camera in the house. Well, she has learned she betta bring it next time. I saw me neighbors and I went flyin. I was cruisin the streets and if the cops were around they would have given me a ticket. Wow mom was so amazed and so was my neighbor friends. They were all hootin an haulerin. Crazy humons. They kept saying I was a good boy. Huh wait til next time I will go fasta.
Well, I guess the couple of days rest mom gave me, because she has been sick is just what I needed. Now I can go like the wind. I betta find me doggles so I can keep the wind out of me eyes. Mom hopes she can get more video tomorrow. So she will be sharing it wiff you.
So I am off to do some restin. OH I need to say Fank you to a few. First to Donna Gizmo the Great mom for bein that special person to take in such a courageous pup like Gizmo the Great
and sharing his story so other furparents can get the help they need for their special furpups. And a big fank you Gizmo the Great for being such an inspiration to me. And a huge Fank You to Eddie and Leslie from Eddie's wheels for make me such a Pawtastic set of Wheels. My little heart is now 10 times bigga because of all of you. Fank you all again.


Happy Halloween

October 31st 2007 5:43 pm
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Hi there Every pup,
So I hope you don't eat to many treats to make you belly's crazy tonight. Me I am gonna have a few Hollwood stars and watch some tube.
I wanted to tell you all about my day yesterday. Well, I went to my appointment for my acupuncture. Mom put some pics up and some video. They are really neat and it feels so good. And usually I feel wike going crazy the next day wiff all me energy mom says. Well, I did today. I took off wiff mom for a walk. We went up the road and then mom told me lets try a hill. Oh boy this is gonna be a challenge so I thought. Naw it was a piece of bone. No problem what so eva. I went down the hill. Saw a bud across the street. He was a big dog, but boy he had a little bark. Well, the big guy I am I talked right back to him. I acted all tough and off I went in my little Angel Wheels. When I got to the bottom of my hill mom looked at me said rest a minute and we are going back up. I wooked up at her and gave her that wook wike are you crazy womon????? Well, we turned around and up I went. I had ta take a few rests but I made it all the way. My paws are so tired, because not only did she make me go back up the hill, but then she made me walk to the house. I am so used to havin a ride that I just didnt' know if I could do it. I did do it and mom is supa proud of me now.
So please if you get a chance check it out she is gonna load the video's after she gets me somethin to eat.
Well, Have a great night trick or treating.
and please check out my new slide show with Doc Paul and my needles and also my vet teck Denise she stayed wiff me the whole time while I was at the clinic last year when I hurt me neck. She didnt leave me side. Vanks awot Denise you are a sweet heart.


Today is Day 15 in my Angel Wheels

November 5th 2007 3:13 pm
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Hey there everypup,
Well, today was day 15 in my wheels. I am doing so much betta. Mom even trusted me enough to take the leash off me. I just go,go,go. I really fink I am gettin stronger. Mom wants to see me stronger in the hind legs she said. We are hoping that some day we can take off the rear wheels, but who knows. If not boy I have a long ways since last year. I just wuv being able to go on walks wiff mom even though right now it is work. I can at least do it. Yippey.
Well, today I went to me grandparents house to say goodbye to vem. Vey are going south for the winter wiff all their pupsters 6 in all wow huh?? Well, I fink I found a girlfriend she kept checkin me out and I kept checkin her out. She is a chi me uncle's little chi girl. But another long distance relationship man don't know if I can do it. It will be a wait and see. I was tired when I got home from grandma's and grandpa's. So I took a nap wiff dad and then mom got me up and out the door we went off cruisin the streets. Mom had someone stop her and ask her what happened to me. Mom told her my story. Her pup has problems wiff his hips wow poor old guy he is 17 years old. Wow that is wearly good for a big boy.
I guess I am off to get next to that nice old woodstove to stay warm it is 44 right now and it is only 6pm. Brrr it is gonna be a cold one. Keep warm me furry friends me going to get toasty.
Babybear out for now


Sorry we have been busy.

November 13th 2007 5:57 pm
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Hello Every pal,
Sorry we haven't been around for a few days. Mom has been very busy trying to rearange our house. Hopefully this will give me more room to go in my cart.
I just needed to come on tonight to let you all know. I am still doing great in my new wheels mom's computer is acting up and not wanting to let her put the pics and video's on the computer. She said she has to uninstall somefin and the reinstall it. What eva that is supposeta mean.
Mom also has her hands full wiff me. BOL Every time she lays me on the bed now I stand up and walk across the bed to where she was laying. She gets back to be and there I am. She caught me this morning. BOL she said I am getting to be a smarty pants. Well, this afternoon when mom got home dad went in the kitchen wiff mom he went to come back in the room and I was in his spot. BOL. He told mom we have to start watching him better. Well, I guess they will. Also if mom puts me on the floor in the living room. I stand right up no help at all. Like a spring I am up. Every time I do this mom runs for her camera, I see her coming and lay down. This mornin she had the camera read and I didn't do it. BOL I don't want no one to see me standing alone. So I have mom and dad watching me like a hawk now. Oh well they have to leave the room sometime don't they?? I will do my tricks then.
Oh I fink somefins up wiff mom. She said she was makin toys for Santa what is wiff this woman crazy. Santa has helpers to make the toys. HMMMMM can my mom be one of Santa's helpers??????? I will have to do some sneakin around to find out. She keeps doing things wiff what she calls a needle(or crochet hook) and some string stuff. And she keeps using me as a model for clothes. And tonight I saw her making doggie toys. I will have to write my letter to Santa and ask him if me mom is one of his helpers. Do ya fink he will tell me??
If I find out I will let you know.
Well, Tomorrow I go for me acupuncture wiff my buddy Doc Paul. Oh I can't wait. Mom says she can tell when it is time for another round of Acupuncture somefin about me engergy. Well, I guess I will sign off for now. My feet are cold mom gave me a bath tonight so I have to go cover me feet. They get cold me whole body gets cold.
Yorkie kisses to every girl and High paws to all the guys,
PS. I want to tell my good buddy Gizmo the Great I am sorry he has lost his brother the bird Zekie. I send you a yorkie hug Gizzy. I know it is hard and it will take time for you heart to heal. Just know me here for you buddy.

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