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All about me

May 3rd 2008 5:52 pm
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How I came to my home!
Pops wanted to get mom a Boxer for Christmas. He looked and looked. He was looking on the internet, reading the newspaper and asking around. His sister told him that she had heard about some Boxer puppies in Oklahoma City. He drove to the city to look at us. Apparently I didn’t live in the best situation. He said there was trash everywhere, empty beer cans, dirty newspapers where we had been pooping with half the time missing the newspaper. The place I came from didn’t smell very good either. Guess they just let our mom and us poop and pee wherever we wanted in the house. He said I was the most active and had the sweetest face. He was kinda leery but couldn’t just leave me there. Plus I wasn’t about to let him leave without me, I just pushed and wiggled my way to the front, went right to him. He knew he couldn’t leave us there but he could only take one of us. Pops knew mom would give me the best life. He took me home where I met mom and Dallas. They were living in a house where they couldn’t have pets. Mom and Dallas had been looking for a house, so of course when I came along. Mom and Dallas had just found the house they wanted. The next day mom took me over to see where my new house and let me run around and play in the yard.
I was only 8 weeks old, had an ear infection, fleas, and didn’t smell very good. First thing mom did was get rid of the fleas, get my ear infection taken care of, started getting all my shots. I got to go to Petco and get all new toys, girlie toys just for me (Dallas got new toys). My papa bought me my very own crate. Even though most of the time I wanted to shares Dallas’ with him. Dallas helped mom house train me. Dallas taught me how to carry big sticks around and dig. My first Easter egg hunt, Dallas taught me how to open the plastic eggs to get the treats out.
Of course I sleep in mom’s bed with her and Dallas. Mom gets a small part of the bed, with me and Dallas on each side of her. Not only do I have the best mom and pops. Dallas has watched over me from day one. Sometimes it does get annoying but all I have to do is tell mom or pops, they take care of it. At home if someone walks by our yard or comes up to the house, Dallas will not let me near the fence or the door.
Once a month, mom and I have a girl’s day out. We go to different stores, stop at the park, walk around, sometimes I go to work with her. I have even got to go fly in a private plane a few times. When I go to work with mom I run up and down the long hall outside her office and the guys will throw the ball. When I started having seizures, mom would sit up with me at night and hold me. Dallas always lets her know right before I have one. If mom is asleep Dallas will wake her up. I have the best home now.


Thank you! Willie and Auntie Joni

June 15th 2008 9:58 pm
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Mom and I went shopping for Kiki today! Kiki is my foster sister. Kiki is 5 yrs old and didn’t have a very good life for those 5 yrs. She was born at place; mom says it is something called a puppy mill. All she ever did was have puppies, over and over. She never had any toys, lived outside the whole time, in the heat and cold. Never had anyone love on her. Until she was rescued by the Tulsa Boxer Rescue. She was rescued from that bad place along with 14 other Boxers.
Our friend Willie wanted to help with Kiki’s rescue so him and Aunt Joni sent money to get Kiki some toys and stuff all her own. Toys that are just hers and when she finds her furever home she can take them with her, toys we can’t play with only Kiki can.
Kiki is doesn’t know how to walk with a leash yet, she never has before, and she hasn’t been around lots of people. So I got to go pick out her toys and stuff. I got picked out toys that I knew she would love and she does, she has been playing with them all day. She got a yellow loofa surf girl in a red bikini, a round rope with a pink cow in it, a green flip flop toy and a green bow toy and small soccer ball. Some soft food and soft treat, cause Kiki doesn’t have many teeth so she can’t chew very good. Can you imagine never having any toys or treats, never having a mom or dad loving you? She didn’t even have a name, she was called #11.
She is such a sweet girl; I hope she finds her furever home so she can get all the love she deserves.
We are having an adoption date in Tulsa, at Petco on July 19th, just for the 14 that were rescued from that terrible place. There were originally 15, but one of the males was adopted this week.
Kiki was spayed last week so she doesn’t have to worry about having puppies anymore, she can just play and give love.



July 2nd 2008 9:59 pm
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cross post from Daisy Mae I don't mean to sound bitter- that is not my intent- this is a reminder to "THINK BEFORE YOU ACT'

Because of some pups/people who belong to Dogster who didn't bother to check out a request to corral
Angel Mica-the wonderpup & Mirra and the purple girls of Oregon-**it didn't cost anything but 2 seconds of your time**
and instead contacted HQ and reported it as spam- the whole thing was shut here is what you missed:
1) another Dogster (an anon. GSD) was sending money for each corral to a research group to find a cure for IMHA.
2) IMHA has claimed countless numbers of dogs and cats including some from Dogster and Catster. The rest of us who have the disease have no hope at this time because it just keeps coming back again and again until it gets you. In a years time- probably 1000 animals will die of this disease- many not even diagnosed properly. We really need a cure but even an effective treatment would be a miracle.

Sorry- I realized that this really is kinda bitter but look at it from my perspective. All I can do is hope against hope that neither you - your furblings or friends contract this disease because it truly is a death sentence.

Please take just a few minutes to read and understand what you're flagging or reporting because sometimes -it really is a matter of life or death!


on going weight problem

July 16th 2008 7:52 am
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well the weight problem continues. mom has cut my food back, I am not a couch potatoe and I still can't loose weight so they ran more test and have now put me on Thyroid meds. guess the goal is to loose 20 lbs, then we will see how much after that. at least they aren't cutting back anymore food, they are already starving me. mom is thinking maybe my thyroid also was causing my seizures even though I haven't had one since I started taking the Nupro maybe once they get my thyroid regulated it will straighten out the seizure problem too, even though I will continue to take the Nupro cause I have not limped any and it has helped my allergies.
will update about the Thyroid in one month, dr's office said it would take a month to get me regulated


Kiki got adopted!

August 3rd 2008 8:30 pm
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Mom and our foster sister Kiki left this morning in the truck. Mom loaded the truck with Kiki’s toys from Willie & the blanket Kiki got from Sassy, took some of our food and some water, then they left! They were gone a long time!! Mom’s comes home; Dallas let us know when he heard mom’s truck (he can usually hear it from a couple blocks away) so we all run to the back door and wait. Mom comes in but no Kiki !! We were all sniffing around, Dallas even stood up on the door and looked out but no Kiki. The mom came in and hugged on all of us and went outside with us. When we came in mom took down my old crate that Kiki had been using and picked up Kiki’s bowls moved all our crates around like that were before Kiki. Then she told us, Kiki got her furever home. She said the family is really nice, 2 teenage boys (15 yrs old) and a 13 yr old girl. They also adopted another girl (Karen) that came from the same terrible place Kiki came from.
I am happy for Kiki that she now has a family but we are going to miss her.
Kiki’s new family exchanged email addresses with mom so they can keep us updated on how she is doing.


Another Girl !!

August 13th 2008 10:16 am
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well you know our foster sister Kiki went to her new furever home. well, just heard mom say we have another foster girl coming this week. Her name is Dutchess, guess she was a breeder girl too, kinda like Kiki was, but Dutchess was only able to have 1 litter and no more, they even left her locked up with a male for nearly a year and still no more pups. So they gave her away, the family she went to said she is way to stubborn and have chained her up outside, we have been having 108 temps. Mom said oh no no no, we have to bring her our home and find her a good home, where she can stay inside where she is suppose to be.
We will keep you updated and add pictures of her really soon!


It’s not fair!!

August 16th 2008 11:02 am
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I have been on my new thyroid meds now for a month, me and mom both were so sure I had lost some pounds. I only lost 1 lb, I have more energy, I will actually chase a ball now, I was even chasing Dallas this week. Let me tell you Dallas was loving that, finally one of us that will chase him, even though I can’t catch, it was fun.
Dr Greg was even shocked that I had only lost 1 pound, he was like mom, I look like I have lost more.
I still have not had any more seizures; my allergies were not as bad this year, I have not had as many ear infections as I usually do; I am not limping all the time. Most of it has to do with the Nutro Supplement I am on. Thanks to Eddie Essig’s Family
So they ran more test on me yesterday to see how they can change my thyroid meds, I am already on the highest dosage


New Foster Brother!

September 29th 2008 9:26 am
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We have a new foster brother! his name is Lou, please visit his page, he is a handsome guy! he love to run and jump. yesterday we ran and played ball, he is fast! he was helping me chase Dallas, Dallas is fast, so I can never catch him, but I think Lou is going nearly be able to catch. He is a handsome guy too!
Mom says I have to learn or remember my manners, cause when Lou is getting loving from mom, I like to get in between them and kinda push him away. I would never be mean, bite or growl at him, mom said I am pushy and Bossy! well duh! I am a princess!! BOL!!
Please visit Lou's page and show him some Dogster love!!


Tag your It!

November 7th 2008 7:28 am
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My friend the adorable Maggie tagged me in this round of Tag. I was also tagged by Cracker & Emma: Cleft Palate Orphan Chi
I get to tell you all 7 things about myself and then I get to choose 7 pals who will tell you 7 things about themselves. I'll send them a rosette so they know they are It. When they each tag their 7 friends they can send them a pmail or a rosette to let them know the game is on! It's a fun way to learn more about your pals. So here goes!

1. I am a Princess, I get really huffy if I don't get my way!
2. I LOVE cheeseburgers! I really love all food but cheeseburgers are the best!
3. I don't much care for sharing my mom with the fosters, but I'm getting better.
4. I don't like Dallas and my little brothers bothering me when I am trying to sleep!
5. I am NOT a morning girl!!! I like my beauty rest.
6. I have a certain corner of the sofa and don't like anyone (not mom or pops either) sitting in my place.
7. I hate thunder and lighting

So now I'll tag some friends and I hope you all have fun!



A Boxers version of the Night Before Christmas:

December 9th 2008 3:20 pm
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'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, except a wild-eyed Boxer named Mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, Not knowing the fawn and furry Boxer would soon be there; The Shih Tzu and Minature Schnauzer were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of secret treasures danced in the Boxers’ head; And mamma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap, Had no idea the Boxer was getting ready to pull all of this crap, When downstairs I heard such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Down the stairs I flew like a flash, But the Boxer had already tore open the presents and was having a bash. He lay their proud of himself as he chewed the fake snow I looked back down at the damage below, When, what to my tired eyes should appear, But the Boxer had decided to get up and eat our plastic reindeer,

With a hint of innocence, he was so lively and quick, I thought it was a dream and gave myself a prick. More rapid than a bear, his terror had already came,

And I shouted and called him a few choice names; "Now, Mouse! I asked him to listen, but off he went! Around the house I chased him until I was totally bent! To the top of the stairs! Around the wall! He dashed away! dashed away like he was laughing at us all! His eyes full of joy-- how they twinkled! how merry! His cheeks puffed out from the mouth full of paper, me so mad I turned red like a cherry! The drool from his mouth dropped down in a steady flow, And his chin white with toy stuffing looked like snow; The ornament he held tight in his teeth, Was just a preview of the damage as he tore down the wreath; Glancing up into the kitchen I seen the eaten Santa doll with the little round belly, He even ate our Christmas grape jelly. It was just so much to take in, a right jolly night itself, And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself; With a wink of his eye and a twist of his head, Soon let me to know I had a lot more to dread; He barked not a sound, but went straight to his work, Ripped down all the stockings; with one jerk, And laying his paw aside his nose, And giving a nod, up the Tree he rose; He tore down the tree, making a sound almost like a whistle, And down it came, breaking our crystal. But I heard him exclaim, ere he ran out of sight,


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