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Sassy Girl

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Heaven's Gift

December 7th 2005 11:33 am
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Heaven's gift has come to man.
Mortal fate rests
Within tiny hallowed hands.
Shepherds singing, a shining star,
Angels proclaiming,
Kings bearing gifts from afar.
A scene of serene glory,
The weight of a holy hush,
The meaning of heaven's story,
'Twas God's first Christmas gift to us.

Who would recall the power of that day,
At the time when He was led away,
Bearing a crown, a robe, and fateful wounds?
Was He not the gift from heaven's womb?

Shall we turn from that holy day
And walk away unchanged?
Will we allow it to envelope our souls
Only to let it slowly slip away?

Through plastic, tinsel, parties and gifts,
Shopping, planning, and Christmas lights lit,
Can the simple gift be heard or seen,
Or does it quietly fade behind holiday sheen?

Let us not forget that He loves us so.
He loves us too much to let us go.
He sent a plan with His sacrifice
To forgive and cleanse and give us life.

Embrace the greatest gift of all;
Don't let your sense of the manger wane.
The gift of heaven is yours to receive.
It was the true reason He came.


Dallas Birthday

December 18th 2005 9:05 am
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mom and I have been busy getting ready for Dallas birthday. we took a break so we were responding to some of our doggie mail when all the lights and everything we out. I just went and laid down and let mom and Dallas take care of going and checking everything out. Dallas has to help cause he is the male of the house now so he thinks he has to go everywhere mom does, they were opening thinks up and looking around. Finally they just came and laid by me and we all snuggled up together and took a nap. We woke up and everything was working again. so today we have to finish getting ready for my big brothers birthday.
Happy Birthday Dallas I love my big brother


Surgery is such a pain

March 27th 2006 10:59 am
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The knot mom found one day turned out to be a tumor. It really scared mom she took me to the vet (who mom says I have a crush on) they did all these weird test on me and told mom I would have to do surgery but first we had to wait for the results to come back to tell us if it was cancer or not. I had to be away from home, mom and Dallas for 4 days. Mom took off work those days and stayed home with Dallas and also said something about her head would not be in work so she took the days off. Mom came and saw me everyday and was there the morning of surgery and came to see the next day then I finally got to come home. I was so happy to see Dallas but mean mom wouldn't let me play for 2 weeks she wouldn't let me run and jump and play with Dallas. Finally let me play for a couple of hours yesterday but now she checks me everyday to make sure I don't get anymore bumps. Last week she thought she found one and here I go to see the vet again, which I didn't care cause I like to see him. When I see him I ignore mom, he will tell me to sit and I sit and just look at him. Everyone laughs, mom said I had the office laughing with the way I act around the doctor. I will be so glad when she finally lets me run and play all day again.
Thanks everyone for all your concern and prayers. Also for checking on mom and Dallas cause this was hard on them too.


Cutest contest

April 5th 2006 9:31 am
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Hey everyone a friend of ours put me in the PetMeds cutest contest!

Click on the link below to vote for me - Sassy Girl. 5278.665813975

Thanks Julie for adding me to the contest!


Thank You Mom!

May 9th 2006 12:06 pm
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Thank you mom!
Thank you for your disregard
of canine craters in our yard.
for loving me even when the sofa's muddy,
For cleaning up all the poop.
For letting me be a puppy and howl.
Thank you for giving up most of the
bed when I am shaking in fear from the
Thunder and Lighting and press my cold nose in your ear.
Thanks for being my bestest friend and mom
Happy Mom's Day!

Sassy Girl


I'm embarrassed

June 4th 2006 12:08 pm
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mom said I have nothing to be embarrassed about. you see, mom, me and Dallas were at the park mom was playing catch with Dallas and I was chasing my ball playing by herself. this couple came with there little Lhasa Apso (Mandy). I was chasing my ball around. all of a sudden this little dog 50 to 60 lbs less than me, is attacked me. The minute Dallas heard me yelp here he came. mom was worried about me but I also knew if she didn't get Dallas he could eat that little dog and the man holding her. The man had grabbed Mandy and I told him he had better get her to the car and the lady was looking after me. mom got Dallas on his leash them they were checking me out. Dallas was licking me all over I thought mom and Dallas was going to have to fight to see checking on me to see happened. I have a cut about 1 inches long over my left eye and my nose is cut and under my chin. the man and lady put the Mandy in the car and came back to see how I was. The lady told mom me and Mandy were playing and Sassy had the ball the next thing she knew Mandy attacked Sassy. the man grabbed Mandy and I just laid there on my back, I was going to fight that little thing, but man she has some sharp teeth. I can fight, just ask Dallas, sometime I have to put him in his place but there is no way I was going to fight this little furry thing. Mandy's mom and dad showed mom that she had all her shots. course mom called the vet and he told her to clean the cuts and scratches and give me some baby aspirin and he will call on Monday ( mom told him she didn't think it was bad enough to take me in right then, which kinda upset me cause everyone knows I have a crush on my vet)
My eye doesn't look to bad today. The couple have called today to see how I am doing. They said they don't go to the dog park anymore cause the big dogs always pick on Mandy, I wonder now if it is not Mandy picking on them. I'm doing ok, I just won't leave mom's side I always stay right with mom but today she said it is like I am is attached to her and Dallas is like a mother hen licking on me and not leaving my side.
But I knew and so did mom if Dallas would have got to Mandy I think he would have killed her for hurting me cause the minute he heard me yelp he came at a dead run nearly ran over mom.
mom said I did the right thing by not fighting back cause I could have hurt that little one more than she hurt me.


My Tail of Devotion for Sassy Girl

June 21st 2006 9:14 am
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Sassy Girl,
I knew you were going to be sassy right from the start.
but yet you knows when to cheer me up, you are my sassy little princess.
It's your way or no way in such a funny way. With your snorting and huffing and that little tail go non stop. When I need a hug you are there
Even though you can't say anything, you just have that look and kisses (licks) I need. The way at night when you are ready for bed you have to be touching me knowing I will be right by you all night.
It's like you knows my heart What a wonderful girl you are.
So sassy, so funny, so loving. My little sassy princess. I love you.

"She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You
are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true to the
last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion."

This is a special Tail of Devotion

See All Tails of Devotion


K9 Amber Alert for USA

July 27th 2006 7:51 am
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There is a newly-established email list called K9 Amber Alert. This is
a nationwide group and is to be used for posting alerts for missing dogs
throughout the United States similar to the way Amber Alerts are used
to help find missing or abducted children.

Incidents will be typical of but not limited to: dogs escaped or
suspected taken from backyards, dog shows, caretakers.

Photos can be uploaded to the group.

Plea se consider passing this URL along to any other dog related groups
you belong to. Courtesy of NWDogActivities


Mud Bath and Mud Wrestling

September 4th 2006 11:34 am
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I had a not so luxurious mud bath but so much fun, there was no special treatment and pampering.

I started my bath in the backyard. Started by digging a hole, with the help of my brother Dallas the hole was filled with rich dark dirt, really nice rain water, clay, and some grass, the rain water was just the right tempature. I immerse myself, slipping just under the surface. Whether this warm and oozy mineralized muck actually pulls toxins from my skin is irrelevant - this is just so much FUN! Like a getting a new toy or bunch of treats, add this mud bath experience too your next backyard play time. Despite what you might think, I didn't get in as trouble as I thought. Of course Dallas and I had to have some mud wrestling along with this.

I was shocked though I didn't get in trouble, I think it was because mom and dad were laughing to hard. I shouldn't have done the shake before going out side to get hosed down. I think mom is still cleaning mud splatter off the wall and ceiling.

It's suppose to rain again this week, Dallas and I are wondering if we will get to do some more mud wrestling.


my new Chilly Coat

September 5th 2006 7:41 pm
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I got a present today from my guardian angel Tifanny in memory of Chloe who had a heat stroke, it is so pretty. mom tried to get a picture of me but she couldn't get a good one I was so excited and the only time she could get me calmed down was when I was eating.
Thank you Tifanny I am so honor to wear this for you and Chloe. I will think of both of you when I wear it

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