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Old Dallas is back

November 6th 2005 10:21 am
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mom (so have I) been so worried about Dallas. For about a week he didn't want to do anything. He would just lay around, I would try to get him to play with me but he just laid there, he wouldn't even eat. I would jump around him with a toy, usually he takes it away from me and runs off so I can chase him. But he would just lay there. Mom talked to the vet and they said Dallas was going through Separation anexity. Nanna called and told dad so he came over to see Dallas and the minute Dallas heard his voice he jumped up. we were both so excited to see him, we hadn't seen him in a long time. Dad and Dallas left and went to the park so me and mom went for a walk. When they got back dad played with me a little. Dallas was a little better that night but after about an hour after dad left Dallas went back to bed. mom even gave Dallas an old shirt of dads. Then papa called and told mom what to do and this has really worked good for Dallas. Papa said for mom to make Dallas do things not just let him lay around. The first day it was a fight, after mom got home Dallas went to get in bed but mom had the door closed she made him come outside while she picked up our comforter that we had destroyed, it was all over the back yard and in our little house. Took mom 2 hours to pick it all up cause some of it was stuck to the grass. She made Dallas stay out side with us to whole time and he didn't like that at all. Then she played with us. When we finally went in mom wouldn't let him go to bed and he keep whining and even growled at me. Mom did this for 2 days, and today i think we have our old Dallas back. He is following mom everywhere again, played ball with us this morning which he wouldn't do at all last week unless dad threw the ball. I think papa is so smart.
Mom said our good friend on here helped her through this too. Zoey and her mom and Pock and his mom, Pock has been through the same thing as Dallas. Thanks pals for being good friends
Well time to go play I hear Dallas outside, yeppy!!


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