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Princess in Her Castle

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My First day!

May 14th 2014 3:00 pm
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On May 8th I entered my new Castle to find a sleeping hoomnan. She looked so peaceful and quiet and for me it was love at furst sight!
Although my hooman was not covered in lovely fur like mine, her furlessnes made her even more endearing to me. It turns out my hooman does something called "work" and she works when most hoomns are at home with their furbabies fast asleep. My hooman usually sleeps during the day but she took me shopping in true Princess fashion on my first day in the Castle. She got me lots of toys and foods and even my own special bed. Currently I am reigning over my hooman and soon I shall dominate the cats that seem to live my MY Castle! It is just a matter of time before everyone in this Castle will bow down to Princess Chica Chihueehuee!


Day 2

May 14th 2014 3:05 pm
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My hooman went to "work" last night and it was a little bit lonely without her. While I do have others here who watch over me when my special hooman (Slave Minion) is away, there seems to have been a special bond formed with Slave Minion. She is a good Minion that caters to my every whim and showers me with love, affection and devotions like a Princess deserves. I have slowly allowed the other hoomans in the Castle to come to admire me. As long as they continue to realize how wonderful and cute I am I think we shall all get along just fine. However, Slave Minion will always be my favorite.



June 2nd 2014 6:24 pm
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I was given an honor of Diary of the Day and I missed it! How could a Princess not realize when praise has been heaped upon her?! It is all my Slave Minions fault! She has been "working" and I have not yet figured how to to get these paws to type what I need typed! I will figure this out soon my Minions. For now I must wait on Slave Minion to stop "working" before I can get anything done. Does she not realize how important a Princesses life really is???? Thank you all for your warm wishes on my recent achievement! You are all such wonderful Minions and I am so honored to be here amongst you.

Life has been good in my Castle indeed. I have taught the cats to accept my presence and even appreciate the fact that Royalty now lives amongst them. We tend to chase each other through the house now and play because Slave Minion sleeps entirely too much! Slave Minion has a couple days off so I should be able to catch up with everything quite soon.

I have to say that I tend to miss Slave Minion when she is away. Although I try to act like Royalty at all times as a Princess should, I just get so tickled when she comes through that door! It seems like it is a lifetime before I see her again when she walks out the door at night. She is a most excellent chew toy! While the Castle Cats have something called "Cat Nip" I swear my hooman is "puppy nip". As soon as I am on her lap I have to chew her fingers, toes and anything else I can get these puppy teeth into! Hoomans just don't look good without little "puppy scratches" and "puppy nips" all over them!

The time has come to spend some quality time with my hooman. Slave Minion seems a bit tired so I may just cuddle with her this evening.

Stay tuned Minions, more to come soon!


The Perils of Slave Minion

June 8th 2014 10:23 pm
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Ok Minions let's face it. Hooman simply do not understand us. I mean we all attempt to let our hoomans know just what we are thinking, but for some reason they do not understand. Rarely, and boy do I mean rarely will you find a hooman that seems to understand us. If you do find that type of hooman you had better hold on tightly to it!

Slave Minion is a hooman that seems to understand me....mostly. I swear my hooman has a mind of her own! Some days she allows me to reign in my Castle and other days she "scolds" me for every little thing. Last night for instance. It had been a few days since I got to actually spend time with Slave Minion so I was a bit excited to have her home. In my excitement I may have developed some excess energy. As I making my rounds through the Castle, running at full speed with my lovely fur blowing in the wind, I may have unplugged something. You would have thought it was energy supplying the whole universe with as upset as Slave Minion got. All I did was turn off a lamp...and maybe the computer....also perhaps her phone while it was charging...and maybe the T.V..... but let's face it. Those are small things compared to the happiness and pure joy I felt at having Slave Minion around! *sigh* When will my hooman understand that sometimes in my excitement I forget that I am royalty and behave like a puppy?

Oh and I simply must tell you all about my two legged "sister"! While she is also furless she is simply too adorable for me to not love. I loves my Sissy almost as much as I do Slave Minion! Sissy seems to understand that when I chew her shoes it is because I loves her. Although she is a tad bit upset about the socks that seems to have come up missing.

I am learning to not nibble on my hoomans feets as they are trying to walk. I tend to forget they only walk on two legs so their balance isn't that great to begin with. While I still have my puppy moments Slave Minion is proud of how much I have grown since I came to love in my Castle. The cats and I chase each other through the house now, we are slowly becoming friends.

Well my Minions. The hour grows late and a Princess simply must get her beauty sleep. Stay tuned Minions....more to come soon.


Greetings Minions!

June 12th 2014 8:01 am
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Puppy kisses to all my adoring and adorable Minions! Slave Minion has graciously allowed me a few moments to catch up with all you wooferable guys and gals.

I have officially dominated my Castle! While I may still be called Princess I am truly Queen of this Castle!

I did have an adventure the other day that put a real scare in Slave Minion. The male minion of the house had come home from work and I slipped outside without him seeing me. Slave Minion had just gotten home from work a little bit before his arrival so she was getting ready for bed. As she was laying down she could hear my little cries for help and got scared when she couldn't find me! Finally something made her look outside and there I was! Se was so glad to see me and I got all the puppy cuddles a Princess could wish for! I think I may need to try this "sneaking out" thing again the near future!

Slave Minion says I have grown so much since I first entered the Castle eve though I am still tiny. I say great things come in small packages and I am definitely greatness!

Well my lovely Minions Slav Minion some rest now and I mustn't tire her out too muse she still makes a most excellent chew toy. Til next time my wooferable Mnions.


My Month Anniversary

June 13th 2014 8:02 am
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Sniffs and tail wags my Minions! Puppy kisses as well seeing as how I am in the mood to celebrate!

It has been almost one month since I came into this castle and fell in love with my furless hooman! The love has grown with each passing day. I cannot imagine a day without my Slave Minion with me. We are as close as can be and the love I have for her has no words and she tells me she feels exactly the same way.

Potty training has gone well but I do still have accidents. whines* Although Slave Minion tells me it is not my fault I do feel bad when I slip up. Slave Minions says that with the work and sleep schedules of the hoomans it is hard to train a pup. I do try my best though

I still have lots of lovely toys and now I have two special beds. Well three if you count the big green pillow I enjoy sleeping on. My favorite place to sleep is with my Slave Minion. I just love curling up on her chest with my head on her face! It is the most peaceful and most comfortable place in the universe!

I love going for car rides with Slave Minion, she always drives through places that just adore me. Every where we go we always get lots of "AWWWW!"'s. I get loads of cuddles and everyone always asks if they can keep me. While I enjoy, and certainly deserve, all the attention I could not imagine not living with my Slave Minion.

I have not tried the "sneaking out" trick again yet, but I am working my way up to it. So far the hoomans in the house have been extremely watchful of the door when they come home! I will figure it out soon and let you all know how it goes!

Slave Minion must get to bed now and I have time to cuddle her to sleep today. *woofs and wags* my Minions. Until next time...


Slave Minion

June 14th 2014 6:49 am
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Well my dear Minions while I wuffs you all so very much poor Slave Minion is sick today. *whines* Let us all send hers puppy loves and kisses so she feels better soon.

As for the Princess, today I shall puppy cuddle the Slave Minion so she feels wooferly fantastic as soon as possible!

*wags and woofers*


Princess Perils

June 19th 2014 6:22 pm
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Greetings Minions! *puppy kisses, sniffs and wags*

This is a sad week for the Princess! First Slave Minion has not been feeling well and I tend to worry about her when she is not at 100%. I never dweamed I could luvs a hooman as much as I luvs her! I am sad when she is not home with me and I am filled with utter joy when she walks in the castle! I hear her car before any one else and start to get excited and let every one know that Slave Minion is on her way!

What also makes me sad is that this week when Slave Minion has to go somewhere she will not take me in the car. I miss our car rides! She says it is because she loves me so much she doesn't want anything to happen to me. I guess it has been really hot here lately and she says there is not enough water to keep me cool enough in a hot car. I guess that really does prove she loves the Princess even though it might break my heart she cares enough to not let anything happen to this Princess!

I have grown enough that I can now jump up onto the Slave Minions bed and the couches! My favorite "trick" is to take a running jump and leap into the Slave Minions arms for puppy luvs! It makes Slave Minion squeal with delight and I do so luvs to see her happy. I also jump up into the car to greet Slave Minion after work! I smother her with puppy kisses to let her know how wooferly pantastic she is!

Alas my Minions, Slave Minion must prepare for work so I must spend a little time with her. Until next time my Minions...Princess sniffs and puppy kisses!


Gweat Dat to be a Princess

June 21st 2014 9:53 am
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Oh it is a wooferful day to be a Princess! Today my two-legged Sissy is home wif me all days! Hers and I haz been sitting playings! I loves hers becauz she lets me crawlz all overz herz and loves all over herz! This morning her and I were sitting on the couch with Slave Minion and I waz lovings all on her. I chewed her hair and kissied her face all up! Then I climed up on the couch like the castle cats do and sat there for a moment just gazing out over my kingdom when my two-legged Sissy looked up at me. Well, I did what any self respecting Princess would do. I used her face s a stepping stone! I waz not being meanz when I did it, its truly that I loves her so much and know she will always keep the Princess safe from harm!

Alas my Minions I spot some socks the hoomans have left unattended! I must go chewz on them! *wags and puppy kisses*


My Main Minion

June 25th 2014 7:24 am
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Wags and puppy kisses my dear Minions! I have decided to give you all a rare and wonderful treat today. My Main Minion has just arrived in the castle after a long night of working and I have decided that I would share her with you, my dear Minions! Lads and Lassies today I give you... Slave Minion!!!

*gentle pats and Slave Minions luvs* Oh dearest Princess Chichi, how kind of you to allow me the honor of meeting all the adorable fur babies here! *smiles* It is an honor to meet all you wonderful guys and gals. *curtsey*

I am Slave Minion so called with nothing but love and devotion. You see, from the moment little Miss Chichi was snuck into the castle she had me wrapped around her furry little paw. One look into her eyes and it was love at first sight. I knew her and I would form a special bond, however I never dreamed would bond as deeply as we have. In the couple of months that she has been Queen of this castle we have all come to love her as a true Princess. She truly leads her Castle with love! She brings so much joy and happiness to us all.

The Princess and I have formed a special bond. I swear there are times when we can actually read each others minds! She is so very smart! She is potty trained with the very rare accident from too much excitement when I come home from work. My ten hour shifts do get to be a bit much for her so she makes sure to use her puppy pads for those rare accidents. She has truly impressed me with how quickly she learned to let us know when she has to go outside.

The Princess is truly a very loving, gentle, and kind leader. She shares her love with us daily. We are all so very blessed to have her in our lives!

Princess here again! While I do love you all my dear Minions, Slave Minion has had a very long night at work and she is a bit tired. I promise to allow her to visit here more often.

Puppy kisses wags and sniffs to all my Minions! woof woof

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