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A Model hound!

It's raining, it's pouring, and I am snoring!

January 23rd 2014 1:24 am
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What a wet night! I'm so glad I am allowed to sleep inside these days. I have my bed by the fire downstairs - I don't care if it is in the way, although I do wish people would stop stepping on it! It poured here last night and the noise kept waking me up. If it had been cold enough there would have been about a foot of snow outside this morning!

As it was there was only really soggy ground :-( And it was still raining...I wasn't keen to go out I can tell you. I had to wear my waterproof coat too. I don't like being seen out in it but it does keep my fur drier and it doesn't seem to restrict my movements much - I was still able to run away across the field after a pheasant!

One good thing about the rain is that I get to be dried off when we return home - I really like that! I also like continuing to dry myself by rubbing against the soft furniture in the house! But don't tell the Pack Leaders that little trick, they don't seem to appreciate what it's like having fur! Did you know there are more than 6.5billion hairs on the average Border Collie? Takes some looking after I can tell you...

And after all that of course I'm tired and sleepy. The fire has been banked up a bit and I am going to sleep. I don't care if I do wake up with fur in funny patterns. I'm not going out again today so I don't care if I do have a Bad Hair Day!!

Bark later, Love and licks - Skye Blue


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