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A Model hound!

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Oh the shame!...

January 24th 2014 7:19 am
[ Leave A Comment ]'s not easy being a model sometimes.

Sometimes you have to wear things you'd never been seen dead in!

Pack Leaders have made me wear something today I am ashamed to admit to. I am only telling you as I know you will understand...

I even tried hiding behind Big Pack Leader but it was no good - I was seen and hauled out and made to pose :-(

I think they have put it on ebay ( 039851) hope it sells soon....but it is well made and I can see that some lucky dudette will enjoy wearing it. Just not me!

The frost has gone too so it is all muddy again here

Love and licks - Skye Blue xx



January 24th 2014 3:44 am
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Well that didn't last long at all! I went out, caught loads in my mouth (I love that!), had a few skids around and played about as it was falling. Pack leader didn't seem as keen as me though - needs more fur on him....

Went out again later and it was all gone! I don't know how or where but it wasn't there any more :-(

This morning it was white again, but only a heavy frost. Still, I made the best of it. At least it was cold and I skipped and ran around like a loony when I was off the lead. Slippery under my paws too - I fell over a few times. I don't care - it was FUN!

Stuck my head down a few rabbit holes but came up with nothing more than mud, again!

Pack Leader put me in the beck again before returning home. Don't see him washing his feet off in there so don't always see why I should, still it's fun chasing after sticks. Made my fur freeze a bit though - I welcomed the drying when we reached home that's for sure!

Home and they are still making and selling bandanas. Told me to let you know to have a look at their website / ebay / etsy. Say that you just need to search for dudiedog bandanas. I see one of them is making a really fancy bandana this morning - think ballroom dance style! - great for all the Dudettes out there who want to look fancy / going to a party. Not so sure about me though....!

Love and licks, Skye Blue xx



January 23rd 2014 7:30 am
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It's raining, it's pouring, and I am snoring!

January 23rd 2014 1:24 am
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What a wet night! I'm so glad I am allowed to sleep inside these days. I have my bed by the fire downstairs - I don't care if it is in the way, although I do wish people would stop stepping on it! It poured here last night and the noise kept waking me up. If it had been cold enough there would have been about a foot of snow outside this morning!

As it was there was only really soggy ground :-( And it was still raining...I wasn't keen to go out I can tell you. I had to wear my waterproof coat too. I don't like being seen out in it but it does keep my fur drier and it doesn't seem to restrict my movements much - I was still able to run away across the field after a pheasant!

One good thing about the rain is that I get to be dried off when we return home - I really like that! I also like continuing to dry myself by rubbing against the soft furniture in the house! But don't tell the Pack Leaders that little trick, they don't seem to appreciate what it's like having fur! Did you know there are more than 6.5billion hairs on the average Border Collie? Takes some looking after I can tell you...

And after all that of course I'm tired and sleepy. The fire has been banked up a bit and I am going to sleep. I don't care if I do wake up with fur in funny patterns. I'm not going out again today so I don't care if I do have a Bad Hair Day!!

Bark later, Love and licks - Skye Blue



January 22nd 2014 3:30 am
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I think I may have been spending too much time on Dogster! My pack leaders have decided to try and use another model for their bandanas!!

I think there are a couple of pictures of this interloper.... :-(

I know I do move around a bit, judging by some of the barking made by the pack leaders, but surely I am cuter than this new guy 'Badger'?!

What else have I been doing? I've been feeling sad of course about the impending loss of Dogster.... :-(

I've been on a couple of great walks. We went down to the river yesterday - I loved fetching the sticks in from the water, but was afraid to go in further than my tummy. I don't like it when my feet leave the 'floor'! I can swim, really well, but only if there's a duck to be reached, then my courage knows no bounds. But I'm not swimming for just a stick!!

Lots of mud around here at the moment too. I know how bad it is by the amount of squawking / barking pack leaders do after a walk. Well, what do they expect? It's winter and there's STILL NO SNOW! I have noticed that they do tend to get me to jump in / out of the beck just before we reach home though. This makes me soggy but clean, and I do like being dried with one of my towels :-)

I know we have been making loads of bandanas - it's Valentine's Day soon and there are some brilliant designs available at good prices, apparently. Not that I understand this 'money' stuff. Just go and help yourself is my motto...

Better go, love and licks - Skye Blue x


Oooh, Diary of the Day again!

January 16th 2014 7:44 am
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Well, what's a dog to do?! Another nomination - it's like the Academy Awards at Dogster, I feel very honoured indeed!

Well, to celebrate we all went out for a lovely walk! I took the lead and led the way to my favourite place, the local waterfall. There I retrieved some vital sticks from the water while the pack leaders kept their feet dry! Hardly fair...

Still, I didn't care - their loss and I had all the fun :D

I also managed to find some voles hiding in the grass. Made my nose all dirty anyway, made me sneeze! Judging by the barks by the pack leaders, I think I had my funny pre-sneeze face on again! Still at least it made them happy.

Do you know when your pack leader is happy? We have tails and expressive ears of course so we always know how each of us are feeling, but how do we tell how they are feeling? They don't have tails as far as I can tell, and their ears never move!! Weird creatures. Still, they have clever paws which can access food and carry things better then mouths.

Although I must admit I am quite proud of how soft my mouth is - I can carry balloons really easily and hardly ever pop them! Do you have any special tricks?

I think pack leader may put some balloon photos up one day, when they have finished taking photos of dog bandanas that is! More today. They had to really clean my nose before these were taken. I think todays pattern was a smart stars and stripes design - it had the drool-buster towel panel in it too. Smart AND practical! I think he's been putting them on ebay - I have been trying to sleep. The fireplace is just sooo warm!

Still no snow here - what is going on? It'll be spring here soon and I won't have got my paws on any snow or eaten any snowballs at this rate :-(

Love and licks - Skye Blue x


The Drool-Buster is coming on-stream...I am becoming bored!!

January 15th 2014 10:53 am
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Well, what more can I say than the title? 49564

Pack Leaders keep waking me up, putting another new bandana round my neck, taking my photo and then letting me drift back to sleep, only to wake me up again! Grrr!!

Still, I muddied my nose big time at every opportunity today - and I deliberately didn't pose very well. I'll show them! They can wave as many dog treats as they like under my nose - doesn't mean I'll make it any easier for them to take my photo ;-)

I'll put a couple of the images pack leader took on this page, but I'm sure there are a few where I managed to move and ruin the photo. Big pack leader was certainly barking quite a lot at me so I think I may have managed that objective :D

I woke up at one point to find a blanket on me! The cheek of it - might explain why I dreamt I was on fire!

Love and licks - Skye Blue x



January 14th 2014 10:14 am
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Well, I've been told I can bark the news all over town now!

The new product has been officially launched and I can finally let you know what we've been doing all these days and nights (yawn!)

The four of us have become aware that some other dogs drool and dribble - I of course DO NOT do this, but I have noticed that some of my doggy pals do. We don't care of course, but I have noticed that human pack leaders seem to worry about this perfectly normal spit, often flying about when we shake our heads.

Pack leaders had a look round for a product on sale anywhere but failed to find any, so we have come up with a solution - the....


A unique TRULY DROOLY DRIBBLE SOLUTION! You can still be stylish, but the bandana also has a practical towelling panel for those essential mopping up duties!

I think pack leader has done an advert - I think it may be here... 261374957474 - also on my Facebook page (dudiedogbandanas)

Phew - with all that going on is it any wonder a dog feels tired? Actually it is about time for my tea-time walk so I'm going to nudge big pack leader and get him to stir himself off the couch and do something more useful - namely, taking me for a walk!

Still no snow here yet :-(

Love and licks, Skye Blue x


Thank you to all my Pup Pals

January 14th 2014 7:53 am
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The fire got too hot, my fur became a bit smelly, luckily I woke up in time! What was my pack leader thinking? Stupid human....

While I'm awake, and he's upstairs, I just want to say how much I appreciate all the little gifts my new Pup Pals are leaving me. I am touched at your generosity :-)

I had to do a bit more modelling this afternoon - including a stars and stripes item! Seems we also do a British bandana. I think I understood pack leader say they are now on ebay (UK) under the Dudiedog bandana. I'd be happy to deliver some bandanas to my new friends in the USA by the way! They might end up being a bit soggy after a few hours in my mouth but I'm sure you won't mind! But pack leader said it was much cheaper to just put them in the post. Where's the fun in that?!

Oooh goody, there is a delivery man at the door - must go and see if he has any treats like last time!

Love and licks - SB



January 14th 2014 1:00 am
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Oh, I am so tired this morning!

One of my pack leaders was up all night making a new thing to hang round my neck! Why doesn't she sleep?? It must have been at least 3am by the time she put the lights out!!

And then they are all up again at 6.30 to get ready for morning walkies - littlest pack leader leaves us then too, maybe the two are related? I love walkies but I was just too tired to do much more than investigate a few dozen rabbit holes...

At least I was able to help a bit by 'product testing' a beautiful bandana. It is a Stars and Stripes pattern, and has a secret bit to make it even more useful. I'm not allowed to say more here, but the new bandana will be on sale soon once pack leader has worked out to make it in any quantity! We are definitely running a real cottage industry here in the Yorkshire Dales - all four members of the pack are helping in the various ways they can. My jobs are the most important though of course.

Anyway, I can hardly keep my eyes open, and the hearth is looking nice and warm so I am going to take advantage of it right now!

Happy trails, Skye Blue x

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