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We came back!

November 27th 2013 2:04 pm
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Mom got mad at all the ads and spams and junk going on with our Dogster pages so in a fit of anger she deleted us all!!!! Of course, she finally came to her senses and is now recreating our pages cuz of course, she waited long enough for the originals to be deleted from HQ.

Mom says she will miss our diaries the most, but will start up again after she gets all our pages up.


100,000,000 people (and us dogs)....

December 13th 2013 3:46 pm
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Yup, the news just said that is how many people are being affected by winter storms already. (Mom just realized I had left off THREE zeros of the hundred million people so we corrected it, I hope) More than HALF the nation is covered with snow. We are supposed to get between 11 and 14 inches on Saturday night so we are certainly in those numbers, too.
And, cold...yup, it is certainly cold. Today at daycare I was the only boy dog so I had to go out with ALL the girls. Since some of those girls don't like each other and can't go out together, that meant I was outside almost all day. The HIGH today was 21 degrees. Brrrrrrr.
Anyway, tonight I am in the warm house with Momsie and the others. And, tomorrow we are gonna rest up and get ready for all that snow. I am the one elected to break the paths... that is a serious job that only a BIG dog can do. Those little toys sure would get lost in 14 inches of snow since they aren't even 10 inches tall.
The good news is that I heard Mom tell someone today that dogs who spend time outdoors in this cold weather and snow need to eat more calories to keep warm. EAT MORE, Yup, I can sure do that, BOL!!!


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

December 15th 2013 12:10 pm
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And, when I awoke this morning, I discovered we had MORE snow than I have ever seen before in my whole life!!! In fact, there was so much I was nervous when we went out for our morning business and I had to let Toto lead the way and bust out the paths.
But, by the time Mom got back from work and took us down to the Lab pen for a run I was no longer nervous so I took the lead and made the biggest, bestest paths ever seen!! Even Toto could only follow me in awe of the amount of fluffy powder streaming out behind me as I raced thru the untracked field.
It was sooo fun and I was hoping it would never end. Poor Crystal, also fond of busting paths in untracked snow, had to go to the far edges of the pen to find any places with no paths already laid out by ME, the super path maker.
I am sure that those poodles were very happy I was there ahead of them because there was FOURTEEN inches of that fluffy stuff laid out over all the bushes and weeds and even over the chickie poops. HEY, I just noticed the chickies didn't even come out of their house. They must not like snow???
Right now I am resting up and warming up and pretty soon I am hoping Mom will let me go back down there to run and burst forth and plow thru the places I missed earlier.
I can't imagine a whole Winter of white, fluffy snow...I can't wait. Mom said more is coming on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. GREAT, bring it on!!!!


No coal in MY stocking!!!

December 25th 2013 4:16 pm
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I have to admit, I was a bit worried. It's really hard to be nice when you are a HUGE dog and all the rest of your family are tiny. They always assume I ran into them by intent when actually, I find it difficult to walk around with all of them under my feet all the time.
And, today we all got nice, meaty bones and they were all chewing theirs sooo slowly I was tempted over and over to jump in and grab theirs and leave them with my already chewed up one.
But, I didn't, and Mom said it was pretty nice to have me calmly lying on the rug, chewing my bone. I think she has no idea how boring life in this house is. It is MUCH more exciting to be over at daycare will all my normal sized pals. We can run and play and jump on each other with no one running, crying to Mommy.
I suspect I will be staying home tomorrow and Friday, too, since there are way too many dogs in the kennel and Mom and Tonya probably don't have enough time to deal with me over there. Oh well, I can keep chewing on my bone, I guess.


Finally, my FIRST diary of 2014

May 31st 2014 6:27 pm
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Mom has been very, very tardy helping me write my diary entries! It was LAST YEAR when I did the last one, BOL!
Anyway, life is fine, I have had a few girl friends lately and Mom is hoping I have some puppies on the way. Speaking of, today Auntie Jeanne brought sis Gemma down for a visit and since she was just going out of heat it was hard for me to concentrate on playing and not butt sniffing!!! But, play I managed to do and we had a great time.
Mom just let a few of the other tinies come down with us...Beanie and Crystal and Toto, oh yeah, and Jethro who seems to think he is special!
The weather was pretty nice... cloudy and cool, which was great for us dogs. I did notice Mom shivering a bit, but hey, she had on her summer shirt! I was thrilled that the black flies were apparently frozen to death... there were just a few of them bugging us.
Anyhow, once we ate as much of the chickie poo as we could and rolled in the raccoon poo for a while, we got down to serious play. Gemma and I did a few rounds of plain ole butt tuck running...anyone with a lab knows what that is, hehehe!
Would you believe Mom actually LEFT one of the chickies down in the lab pen??? Yup, sure enough, she did but it was a very smart chickie and when we all chased her she ran right under all the blackberry bushes. No way, no how was I following her into that puckerbrush!!! Chrissy thought she could sneak in but the prickers won the battle and the old hen is alive to lay another egg, BOL!
Mom got a million photos and put some of them on my page, check them out!


Heading out into the world!!!

July 11th 2014 6:39 pm
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Mom told me I was leaving on Sunday. WHAT, I thought I was her bestest, nicest, pretti eh, most handsomest, lab ever. Turns out, she said I AM her bestest, nicest, etc., Labrador ever and that is why she is sending me out into the world.
The world consists of my Great Uncle Gator and his Human family, Mom's nephew and his wife. They have a nice farm and are young and want another lab. Mom said they could try me out and if I get along with Gator, who is getting on in years, then I can live there with him.
They are coming to get me on Sunday for a trial. Hmmmm, pass or fail??? Guess I better think about that a bit. If I live in their house I will have someone home with me all day and I can go camping and hiking and swimming and all that neat stuff with my great uncle. If I stay here I can play in daycare all day, every day and that is pretty fun. I can also have girlfriends now that I am all tested and passed. (Did I mention that my Penn Hip profile came back and I am in the top 95%?? Mom said that is EXCELLENT!)
HEY, Mom just said I could also have girlfriends IF I live with Gator at his house. I will come home here for the girls, just like Gator used to do. Hmmm, that changes things, me thinks!
I will let you know my final decision in about a week! HEY, I just realized I could also play with my Auntie Alfie, she lives with Mom's other nephew and his wife and two kids, and they are pretty close to where Gator lives. Could be fun!

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