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I got wounded!!!

December 17th 2016 6:48 pm
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Last Saturday Mom and her college friend from way back went on their annual Christmas shopping trip. She says it's a shopping trip but, trust me, I went along with them last year and it looked like a trip out to dinner to me. I didn't complain, I got a pretty nice doggy bag.
Anyway, I was not invited this year as it was below zero when they headed out...too cold for me to sit in that car!! Well, I stayed home with Beanie, Buddy and Rosie. Buddy had some fun trashing the trash, Rosie, being scared to walk on the floors, parked herself on a rug and Beanie and I snuggled together in our bed under Moms desk.
Well, finally they arrived home...hmmm, just one tiny bag and that was cat food! Mom quickly discovered that little Beanie had apparently been beat up. His ears were bloodied, he was bitten on his face and his neck but he would survive. Mom had no clue who did it, she checked us out and were all fine.
We all went off to bed. In the morning Mom noticed I was licking my chest. She took a closer look and, OMD, she discovered a huge tear on my chest, right thru the muscle even. Off to work I went. Since it was Sunday Mom wouldn't pay the emergency fee at the vets so she and Tonya tried to fix me. First, she shaved my chest and tried to suture me closed. Oop, it was now an old wound, I had been licking and the stitches weren't going to hold.
So, they used those Steri-strips and put a bandage on me, held with duct tape. Next came sweater so I couldn't lick.
Sadly, Monday morning arrived and it was quite evident Mom should have paid the emergency vet fee cuz I now had a raging infection. So, off to the vets where they cut me open even further, stuck in a HUGE drain tube and gave me a Rabies shot of all things. I got two weeks of antibiotics and they said I needed to wear an E -collar. Mom, bless her soul, said no way, she found an old shirt I had that worked perfectly.
Now, except for having to have junk squirted thru the tube twice a day, along with antibiotics, I am recovering and playing this for all I can get. Poor Beanie had to heal all by himself with no sympathy from anyone, hehehe!
Mom still has no idea who did what to whom. She says Beanie's wounds look like my sized bites and mine looks like golden retriever sized bites. None of us are telling and we all still love each other. It's a mystery and we are not talking!!!


My poor stuffed squirrel...

November 28th 2016 1:13 pm
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This morning I went along over to work with Momsie cuz I always do. It is the only chance I have for peace and quiet all day and an escape from those little ones. Besides, they usually have good breakfasts and lunches over there.
Well, imagine my disgust when Bethany went over to the house and returned with BOTH Beanie and Buddy. First of all, they both had haircuts and baths so I had to listen to all that hoopla about them being so handsome and blah, blah, blah.
Well, eventually it was time for lunch so Momsie and Tonya and I, followed by Beanie baby went to the lunch room to eat our lunch. Today was pizza...I LOVE pizza! Buddy was in a crate so he was barking and barking and barking. Finally, Mom let Tonya go get him, I suppose to shut him up? By then we had pretty much eaten all the pizza so I didn't care.
I didn't care, that is, until I heard a tell tale squeak, squeak, squeak. It sure sounded like MY stuffed squirrel, but I knew I had left him lying in my bed in the grooming room. You don't supposed...OMD, I turned around and there was Buddy, playing with MY stuffed squirrel!!!
Immediately I jumped off my chair and raced over and grabbed it right out of his mouth. I heard a big RIPPPPPPPPP noise and suddenly, my stuffed squirrel had no tail left. I had to growl at bit and, would you believe, he growled BACK at me!!! I grabbed my stuffed squirrel again, another RIPPPPPPP noise and now his ear was gone and I was left with a mouthful of stuffing. GRRRRRRRRR.
He left me no choice but to put poor stuffed Squirrel out of his misery.. he is now but a pile of stuffing, sob. Momsie snapped a photo as I was surveying what is left of poor stuffed squirrel. Notice Beanie in the background, he must think he did it?


Thanksgiving already... oh no!

November 23rd 2016 4:28 pm
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Around here we are terribly excited to welcome Thanksgiving. You see, if Mom isn't trying to poison us with her turkey soup, she is driving us CRAZY with getting ready for Christmas. See, terribly was a good word choice.
The day AFTER Thanksgiving she changes all the radio stations to just play Christmas carols until Dec. 26th...a whole month this year. Sadly, none of the girls know how to change the stations on Mom's super duper internet radio so she has them AND me captive. She says with the thousands of lovely Christmas carols we should have more time to listen to them all. MOTHER, Silent Night is still Silent Night no matter what language it's in, and we would really appreciate a REAL silent night, please!
This year, as usual, she put the outside lights up a few weeks ago when it was still warm. She added the timers last weekend, and had to test them so Monday night the lights were turned on the outside tree and the tree on our porch. Well, would you believe FOUR people called/texted her to tell her how nice they looked? Yup, she left them on.
Today she had our custodian put up the tree in the store. Again, she needed to test the lights so of course that is lit now as well. Friday is, after all, Black Friday and we need to get in the holiday spirit.
It will be very black for me this year. It seems Mr. Custodian couldn't find the tree topper so he used MY new Christmas collar with the lovely red and green plaid bow on it. The nerve...he didn't even ask me if I minded! That collar and bow were made especially for me by Mom, and they match Angie's new Christmas dress. Nice, Mr. Custodian, really nice!!! Wait until you see what Santy Paws brings you this year, or perhaps I should rephrase that, wait until you see what Santy Paws DOESN'T bring you this year! I've got connections, ya know!


More chickies

October 27th 2016 6:47 pm
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Well, after Momsie said no more chickies she really missed them. They are really comforting with their clucking and little noises. So, a few months ago she started reading Craigs list and asking around. We decided to get spent hens, (those are hens that are older and have pretty much stopped regularly laying eggs.
Finally, about a month ago she found an add for 7 free hens. We called them and the next day drove right down and got them. We got 5 Buff
Orpingtons and one New Hampshire red and one black one with ear tufts, Mom has no idea what it is.
Would you believe the very next day Mom got a call about getting more. She got five more and they are two black lace Orpingtons and three comets. Pretty neat. The first ones are seven years old, the others are three. So, Mom is getting around two or three eggs every day and they are clucking and eating the fleas and bugs.
Speaking of fleas...not a single one of us has had a flea this whole Summer and Fall. Amazing, huh? Beanie got a tick and Chrissy found two of them. I didn't get nuthin' We didn't even get no Advantage cuz there ain't no fleas on us!
Well, gotta go to bed now. Momsie is feeling much better now but said it has been a very, very, every long Summer and she is glad it is over!


Sad Chickie news

May 21st 2016 9:53 pm
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Well, it's kinda ironic to have to write this...just a few weeks ago me and Momsie were bragging about ALL the chickies doing so well and now we have to give the very sad news that they are all gone.
First, I have to say, I am personally not responsible for the demise of any one of those chickies!!! T'weren't my fault at all!! Now Angie, on the other hand, was in serious trouble. There was a puppy in the boarding kennel and he was very shy. Mom had just come home from the hospital again so the girls at work brought him home to play with Angie.
He was very shy and Angie was very bored cuz he wouldn't play with her so she dug her way into the Chickie pen to play with the chickies.
Chickies are funny when they play...they get all limp and pretend they are dead so Angie kept squeezing them to make sure they were still alive, I guess. Mom was checking on them out the window and she didn't see any chickies or Angie either so she assumed they were fine.
Finally, Tonya came along to get the puppy and discovered ALL of the chickies were dead except three. They had no bites or anything...they were just dead! Poor Tonya had to tell Mom!
A few days later, Mom had to go back to the hospital and she was there for TWO weeks this time. Well, the girls at work forgot to close those chickies in every night with their new magic door and sadly, the raccoons noticed that they forgot. One by one they ate ALL three of them and when Mom got home there were none left at all.
Mom said that is the end!!! As much as we all love those fresh eggs it is too hard to take care of them, especially with Mom being sick. Maybe next year??


Still about those chickies...

April 29th 2016 6:25 pm
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Well, it's been a couple of weeks and we still have ALL the chickies. And, Mom actually sent me out in the pen to catch some for her!!! I swear, I never thought I would see the day that happened.
It was almost dark enough for them to go to bed, but not quite. But, it was dark enough for Mom to go to bed and she wanted to very badly. But, about three of those chickies were running around in the pen and wouldn't let Mom catch them. Plus, since she is still sick she couldn't walk good, much less chase a Chickie.
Next thing I heard were those three words all Chickie chasing retrievers longs to hear, " Fetch 'em up, Toto!" Hello, REALLY.? I'm on it Mom, right now!!!
I have to admit, I was a bit nervous chasing those chickies with Mom watching so I just sort of herded them around to the door of their hutch. Once they saw that door they rushed up the ramp and went off to bed. I guarded against them coming back out whilst Momsie quickly shut the door!
Amazing! I am now a hero, and I even got a special treat!
Then, Mom discovered a big tick on my head so now I have to take some antibiotics...I shall have to think about whether or not chasing chickies is worth getting stuck taking antibiotics. It's only for a few days so maybe it is???


I still have my magic!!!

April 14th 2016 6:08 pm
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Yup, in case anyone was worried, today I was tested and I am still the most superb Chickie catcher of all time. Way back in February Mom decided to get some baby chickies again. She came up with a neat idea to make a door to shut them in away from the raccoons without leaving the comforts of the house and since we missed them and the ticks were multiplying, she got a dozen.
Well time passes. Suddenly Mom was really sick and the chickies were getting so big that they were flying out of the pen at work all the time. Fearing some dog eating them Mom had Tonya and the new girl bring them home yesterday. They put them in the Chickie house and last night Mom used her magic door and shut them in.
This morning she let us out as normal and a bit later she glanced out the window in time to see me shaking a Chickie. Feathers were flying hither and yon. Mom screamed at me to drop it. I am lots of things but neither deaf nor stupid are on that list...I dropped that Chickie and raced into the house.
Poor Mom couldn't even go get the Chickie...she had to call Tonya to come over and rescue it. Fortunately, for me, the little Chickie was not harmed by my shaking her, she peeped, peeped, peeped right over to eat her breakfast. They don't know how she got out and I'm not telling.
Bet Mom will have her eagle eyes on me tomorrow morning!!


Absence makes the heart grow fonder???

March 6th 2016 1:44 pm
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Wow, after about forever Mom was able to get Dogster to open today!! It is pretty darn buggy (and ADDY), but at least it opened unlike the last three months or so.
She tried to do some photos... in spite of us having no snow Mom has been taking us down to play in the field and has lots and lots of new photos. AND, she got us a GoPro for Christmas... cool!!!
But, alas, MY photos wouldn't load at all. Not to be deterred, Momsie just moved them around and figured some of the others with less photos might load. NOPE, not to be, so only old photos it is.
Not much going on here... I got some new heart drugs so I can still run fast and play hard. Trouble is, Mom can't run hard and play hard anymore so we haven't been to the beach ALL WINTER, yet! Booo.
Surprisingly, we didn't get any new family members for a while...oops, I lied, we DID get a new cat but he is a mean cat so he came here instead of got stuck in a cage at work. Actually, Mom said he is NOT mean but two different people returned him so she took him to see what the problem was. There isn't a problem here so I guess he is going to stay here??? I don't care as long as he doesn't sleep on MY part of the bed!!
My girlfriend Skye moved to California...can you imagine that??? She is going to school out there and I miss her but I guess she misses me, too. Hopefully she's gonna come visit me pretty soon.
Right now my girlfriend Julia is gone to visit someone so her dog Maggie is staying here with me. Maggie is one of Mom's labs, and you have seen her photo on my page before, I think.
She's not bad but she did eat ALL the cat food when Mom took me outside for a short walk.
Well, I gotta go now, it's time to eat!!!


Our new labrador retriever.

December 7th 2015 4:39 pm
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This morning while Mom and Tonya were grooming dogs a lady came in and she was crying! Mom asked her what was wrong and she said she found a dog and the vets told her to bring it here. Mom said yes, so she borrowed a leash and came in with an old, old, old yellow Labrador retriever. The poor girl was skinny and covered in fleas and bad she could only take one step before she had to stop and scratch herself. She wasn't spayed and had HUGE mammary tumors on most of her belly. And, her ears were sooo swollen from chronic ear infections that they don't lay flat against her head.
Now Mom was gonna cry, too. She and Tonya decided that IF her owner tried to claim her they were gonna have to run thru a whole lot of hoops to get her back!!!
Mom said they can't lie, but oops, they forgot to put her photo in the lost and found ads, and oh, my, the PD doesn't know she is here, either. Tonya immediately gave her a nice, anti itch bath and picked off all the ticks. Mom cleaned her ears and put some nice soothing ointment in them, then gave her some Benadryl to help the itching.
Then, Mom took her home...out of sight, out of mind, if you get my drift. Mom was very happy that she didn't care one bit about any of us dogs OR the cats in here. She just came in, looked around and picked a bed.
Mom said she will name her after a few days, and if she doesn't get claimed or if she does and Mom can convince her previous owners to give her up she will get her right up to the vets and get the tumors removed so she can be more comfortable.
I can tell you, she is the sweetest lab I ever met!!! Mom put a photo of her and me on my page, it is after all my Christmas ones so you have to look to find it. She and I were sitting side by side waiting for cookies!!!


Another success story.

December 2nd 2015 5:20 pm
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Mom got a phone call at work today, not abnormal, but the caller ID was from Nebraska, of all places. She grabbed a pen cuz she said that was the microchip place.
Sure enough, it was a found black lab female with one of Moms numbers in it. Mom asked where it was, would you believe it was at the vets NEXT DOOR??? Hmmm.
So, Mom went off to the office to look up numbers. Her system is really not a system...there is a big loose leafed notebook with all kinds of dog stuff in it. Most are on sales contracts, but there are also little scraps of paper here and there where she would chip someone else's dog instead of one she was selling and just jot the number and name down.
Well pretty quickly she found a number with only the last digit different. It was Clyde, and Clyde was here at daycare like he is everyday. Then, Mom remembered she also tattooed Clydes new owners other dogs around that same time.
By now the dog was at our kennel and, frankly, both Mom and I realized it wasn't a dog she bred, just didn't look right for one of hers. But, she really went crazy happy when Mom put her right beside Clyde in daycare.
So, now Mom was checking the scraps of paper and, sure enough, it was Parker who used to be one of Clydes new owners dogs, but they had sold her years ago. So, a text off to Julie, a text back with Parkers owners number, and a phone call to Parker's owner, and she was headed home before they even had known she was lost. Chips work!!
But...Mom uses Avid chips because they are the only chip company that automatically registers each chip to the person who buys it. This is really important to Mom because, sadly, less than half of the new puppy buyers will bother to register the chip in their own name. What good is the chip if it is untraceable???
Mom didn't think she kept very good records but so far, she has reunited at least ten, probably more, owners with their lost dogs due to her having kept a record of the chips she implanted.

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