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Gus moves to the mountains.

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So much snow!

January 13th 2014 1:02 pm
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It has been snowing every single day this past week and the piles of snow are getting so deep that Hank almost vanishes when he walks out in the field. Of course we have been running around in the yard so much that things are a bit flattened out close to the house. When the folks go out to shovel we get to play as wild as we like. The girl took a big kong and strung an orange rope through it so we can toss and tug and still find it in the snow.
Today we are happy because the sun is out for about the first time in a week. Because we are in this valley we are getting weather from all the directions and the clouds do stick here. We might go on a longer walk if it warms up a bit -- it has been so cold and icey that the girl has not been liking long walks. Not many neighborhood furs have been out this week either. This winter business sure is something.


We had a quiet holiday.

December 28th 2013 2:11 pm
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Christmas was a day for the sun to shine here at our house and we had a good walk around the lake and met a bunch of furiends we have not seen for a while. I was so happy because I got a new green squeaky ball and it is all mine. We also got some doglicious salmon snacks -- yum! And a new brush that is getting the shedding done. The folks played with me and Hank all day and that was just fine. Once we boys had finished our dinner and snacks the folks went to a restaurant and got themselves some dinner. We did snoozing in the car. It was a good day for certain.


We have been so busy in all the snow!

December 23rd 2013 1:48 pm
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The guy is doing so well from his surgery and even though he has to wear that leg brace and hook his ice machine to his leg he has not been skipping any walks. Even when it is less than zero he takes us on the morning walk because they do such a good job of getting the paths cleared off here where we live. The lake is all frozen and ducks are walking around on the ice so swimming is out of the question. Hank has been teaching me to make snow angels and I also discovered that walking under trees makes all the snow fall right down on top of you. Then you go racing off like something is trying to get you -- good clean fun! We also get to help with the shoveling which means bouncing in big piles of snow the girl scoops up -- yesterday we jumped so much we scattered all the snow back on the path -- not sure if that is helping but she did not seem to mind.
All this bouncing and bounding makes me very tired and when I sleep I do some sleep talking and running and stuff -- I wake up and Hank and the folks are just looking at me like -- what is Gus doing? Maybe he got to tired. I am doing good though -- my weight is pretty stable at 95 pounds and the dogter thinks that is fine cause I am getting nice muscles and some contours back. Hank does keep me moving.
One of my favorite things is still riding in the car and I especially like it when we turn the corner and there we are at that big meadow dog park. We have been going there a lot! Oh, another good ride was last week when we got to go up to the guys office and his workshop. I got a little shy because there are a bunch of girls there who want to give out pets and treats and it was my first time. Hank loves it there and those girls let him jump all over the place. My favorite part is out back by the workshop because there is a big yard and a hill and lots to sniff -- even mr. fox plays up there! The guy's office is way up in the mountains so there is no shortage of good snow.
Tomorrow we are going down to the big town to get the guy's leg checked out again and make sure things are fine. Then we will maybe do some special walking around and looking at Christmas lights -- I like them but Hank thinks the ones that are deer and stuff are kin of scary -- I take care of him though. He is kind of a pest sometimes but he is my very own little pest and we are buddies.


Heaps and Piles and more on the way!

December 7th 2013 12:12 pm
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Well, this snowing business is huge this time around. The water dish in the yard and most of the toys out there are just plain vanished. Who knows if we will ever see them again. We keep getting more inches every day. I am getting used to the shoveling. Hank loves it when the folks toss a shovel full of snow on him but I don't know -- the first time the guy did that I ran away only to bump up against a big tree and dump a load of tree snow on top of me. We do like jumping over the big piles of snow -- I learned fast not to jump on top cause you will probably fall right in. The piles are all powdery just now cause it has been so cold. Sometimes the numbers are minus or just one number all alone. We don't go out for long unless we get at least two numbers and no minus because we don't want any furs with frozen feets.
The guy is doing so much better. The doctor is letting him go to therapy as of Friday so this morning when it got to 14* he took me and Hank for a bigger walk around the lake and it is all frozen. It took a really long time cause he is not to bend his leg and has a brace and all so us boys did some scurry, slide and slither in lots of good snow. We were real lucky cause the trails had all been cleared off for walking and bike riding. We did not see any of our pals out maybe cause so many around here are small furs and the snow is deep and cold. Sure am glad I am a big boy and that I got a good house with a warm fire.


Mighty cold in these parts.

November 30th 2013 2:10 pm
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The guy is feeling so much better so he has been taking us for our morning walks -- the soccer field and the little trail by the stream are a good choice -- not too far, lots of running around space for us boys and sometimes we meet some furiends to chase around with. Let me tell you though that this is the place where I am thinking they make cold! Most mornings it is just 17* or else maybe 19* and then it goes up to the 30's later in the afternoon. For one week it was all rain and cold and we do not like that so much. This past week has been better with blue sky and sun but even more of that cold. Not much snow this winter but we got a little piece of snow left in the front for rolling around on -- I like to eat it too.
I am doing real good in the weight department -- people we pass say what a handsome big boy I am. Boy, when I first got here I could not even jump over the creek in a small place -- now the guy says I am riiippping almost as good as Hank. We wrote a letter and sent a picture of me to the company that makes the tablets I have been taking to make me feel better. Hank has been taking them too because he is a wild boy. Anyway, these folks were so pleased they sent us a gift card to get some more when we run out. Pretty cool.
We have not been visiting here real regular because the girl has a cold and her computer has fleas or something. It was real fine to look at my page and see all these gifts from dogster pawls. Hope everypup did have a good thanks day -- we had some very tasty little hens the girl cooked up and shared with us on our dinners. Bark, bark.


Things are looking better.

November 12th 2013 1:31 pm
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Our guy made it back from his surgery and has been pretty much sitting in his recliner for the week with an ice machine and a big brace on his leg. I have made it my job to sit as close as possible to his chair in case he feels like doing some pets or something. He can only walk a little bit -- maybe around the house and he wacks the ball on the ground so I can do a little chasing. We have to be careful when we follow him around because we do not want to knock him over. It has been one week and he is feeling better some of the time.
The girl has been taking us on all of our walks -- sometimes we do two dog walks and sometimes one dog at a time. Today which is Tuesday and really warm outside --56* -- we went for walks one at a time and had some good times. I went swimming and did do 15 swims out for the ball and back again. Then the girl and I walked all around the lake and the sniffing was absolutely pawsome. When we got home the guy did dry and brush me and Hank went for his turn. He went swimming and he did fetching and the girl was real happy cause Hank does good fetching when he is on an alone walk. When we go together he lets me do all the fetches. That is just how he is. Hank got all dried and brushed and now we are just laying on the deck in the sun and getting some rest in. We are so lucky it got all warm again. It won't last so we have to enjoy it twice as much while we can. Bark


Not the Best Week

November 5th 2013 5:30 pm
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Well, we are not having the best of times here at our place. Last weekend the guy had to go away for one of his slidin down the hills on sticks camps and for certain we do not go along for those. Well, early in the morning when they were out working on the hill he did fall down on his knee with a big old bundle in his arms and tore his leg muscle right off of his knee. I would bet he won't be wanting any one touching that but no, that is not how it is working. He finally got home and then we had to go two towns over to see the doctor and now today they are fixing that leg for him down in a big hospital. Someone from work will be giving him a ride home later tonight and we are all just watching by the window and hoping he gets home soon.
This also means no walks with the fun guy at the crack of dawn for a long time. He will not be able to bend his leg for weeks and weeks and we have to be real careful around him -- no jumping up or bumping around. I am worried.


We got to gooooo tooooo!

October 22nd 2013 10:48 am
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Well last week I was just being a regular dog doing regular stuff like swimming and running and playing ball and sleeping and getting used to the idea that sometimes the guy goes away and then he comes back -- hmmmm.
Then, the weekend came around and those bags came out and packing started and I got kinda worried. This time the girl did get out the dog travel bag that me and Hank share now and she did put in chow and snacks and some canned fishy and toys and stuff we need and then our bowls. What? The folks started stuffing bags in the toaster and sure enough our bag went in there too. I jumped right in and Hank was jumping into his crate and slamming the door behind him. Sure enough -- we got to go on the trip too!
We were heading for the Big Town that is about 2 hours over. Hank is in his crate where he just flattens out and sleeps until the toaster stops and we get out. Me, I like to sit up and watch out the windows -- help with the driving by watching real good. The guy tells me good boy Gus cause he is happy to have another pair of eyes.
We were heading over there to look at some cars and to have the deamons in the girls back looked at. We were also looking for some fun and we sure did find it. We got to stay in a hotel and I had to get used to that elevator thing again -- if I spread out my toes and scrunch down some it is not so bad -- the sniffing up and down the halls is awesome. We were real good boys and folks said how pretty we were cause we are so smooth and black. We got some free pets from folks too. Hank was happy cause there was a good window for watching folks come in the big door down below.
We went and got some sausages and cheese and crackers and went for a good picnic in a really big park and me and Hank and the folks all sat in the grass and had chow and rolling around and cuddles. It is still very warm there in the Big Town. We got to go hiking in the desert and to another nice park and walking in a really big old field out behind the hotel. A million rabbits do live in that field and me and Hank did let them know we were visiting. We ran around sniffing and it was something to see me run so fast.
We stayed gone for three whole days and I was not sure where we were going and then we did drive up and here we were at this house again. Me and Hank were running through the gate and saying howdy to the dog across the street and drinking big bowls of water then just coming in the door and flopping down in our best spots. We rested all day and I did have some good dreams. Maybe I will tell some next time.


The Guy came back this morning!

October 15th 2013 2:08 pm
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I was so worried -- the guy did leave and me and Hank and the girl all stayed here by ourselves and yeah we did have some good fun at the field with some furs who have a house right on the field -- but I sure did miss him. I did sleep right by the watching window for two nights waiting for him.
This morning, just after breakfast he did open the gate and me and Hank just wiggled and thumped and roowooed our selves wild we were so glad to see him. The sun came out and we did head down to the lake for a real fun walk with both people. Yeah!!!!


Racing Like the Wind!

October 9th 2013 10:50 am
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Last evening we went to the soccer field by us cause folks are kinda done with soccer now and the folks took the green floaty toy with the rope coming out and me and Hank did run all over the field -- racing with the wind. We both did hang on to the ends of that toy and did run and run -- it felt so good -- mostly like being a puppy again. Then we jumped in the creek and rolled in the grass and headed home for a good dinner with some chickie added and those doggie vites the girl ordered for me. No grrrs from Gus, just smiles and prancing with Hank and the green toy.
Yeah and also me and Hank are getting to be better buddies. He is not so jealous now cause mostly he just wants to lay up real close by me and so I been letting him do that. Plus, he gets real friendly and likes to lick my ears -- heeheehee, I let him.

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