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The family of Luigi and Smiley Cassanova

Mats, Matster, Miss Mattie, hard head, nosy, nosy rosy

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-purebred-service dog

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June 17th 2013

December 2nd 2011

her stuffed lambchop toy, working, her chicken flavored Nylabone, her kong, treats, her bandana

thunderstorms, being alone, staying still, wearing her hat or gentle leader, ears getting cleaned

Favorite Toy:
her stuffed Lambchop (the character not the food), her Kong

Favorite Food:
Well i feed her Purina Proplan sport 20-16 as the school suggested but, i have a feeling she probably would like people food more though i'm being good i haven't given her much more than peanut butter yet and she LOVES it.

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hmm, either this big trail around the house, the mall, Haganstone park, or... Anywhere i want to go

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guiding me around obstacles and intelligent disobedience. Touch, find the elevator, find the stairs, Find the door, find a seat, stay, come

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Well, i went to Leader dogs for the Blind to get a guide dog back in June(2013). I was originally paired with a chocolate lab named Hershey whom i loved and love dearly. Mattie got paired with someone else and that person was sent home for reasons. Anyways every time Mattie would get loose of her handler she'd run to me for some reason. Anyways at the last week of our 20 day class Hershey had to be career changed. I was heart broken but, my instructors and classmates helped me through it. I got repaired with Mattie and we've been together ever since. She's been a lifesaver though we have our challenges. I still trust my life with her.

Mattie is from a litter of 9 her parents were named Shiloh and Claire Reesa. I renamed her Mattie after the character Mattie Ross in True Grit. In class she was with her brother Scotty whom was a bit of hard head at times with his handler. He lives in Minnesota now. She was raised in Michigan. Her raiser is a nice woman whom has a golden retriever. Mattie apparently used to chase the golden while the golden chased a ball since she wasn't aloud to play fetch with a ball when she was a puppy. Another golden in our class named Samson whom's handler has a pretty remarkable story as well is her adopted brother that she spent a lot of her puppy hood with. He resides in Wisconsin.They were the only three goldens in our class. I'll probably have more info in the future since we've barely been together a month i don't really have much to say yet.

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College day 2

August 20th 2013 8:18 pm
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Today Mattie and i went to the college again. We got to park in the parking garage today so we didn't have to arrive as early. Mattie liked it a lot better too. The walk was quick and easy and she's already memorized the path to the Gerald Hall which is great for the both of us. We had no problem with her parking today then when it was time for class we didn't have any problems. She was up and down a bit but, she settled down. Relaxing the entire class. The two of us made some good friends during that time and when class was out we went to the Melden building and relaxed a bit watching the craziness of it all. Mattie relaxed in there though she did eventually burp and fart in there though no one knew it but, me. It was just a bit funny for the time too. Our last class she traveled up the stairs looking down occasionally before continuing to her work. She laid down by the drafting desk and went to sleep laying all stretched out the entire class period. Afterward we went home and relaxed. She was goofy this evening grumbling at papa before going and running around.
We went to the dollar store one last time and she met a friend from church whom was happy to meet her. Mattie was hamming it up too.
Back at home, she was able to relax at one point i woke her up and she looked like she was going to fall asleep looking at me as tired as she looked.Time for bed for so the two of us can be ready for school tomorrow.


College day 1

August 20th 2013 4:33 am
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Yesterday we started college. We had to get there around 7 for a 10 o'clock class. So after we got past the Highpoint road traffic zone we were left with quite a bit of time to kill after my mom fought for a parkingspot. After that we went off and walked through the campus the day being rainy Mattie had her lovely seattle slicker underneath her harness. The hood was rolled underneath so it wouldn't obstruct her view any. Then we went to admissions and filled out a forum that would make getting to GTCC faster. Especially since the VP did away with the Heat (college bus system) stopping there. After that we went up to the campus police office climbing some uneven brick stairs from the cafeteria of the Meldin building. Mattie doesn't seem to like them too much. After we got the permit for the parking garage we went to the disabled services office to chill before class started. Mattie was interested in everything this was the busiest GTCC had been since we had started coming out there together. Mattie laid down as trained under my seat for a while though her head with that extra vertebra kept moving. About 10 minutes before class we went out to park. Low and behold after being told we wouldn't have any problems out there at the school. I take off her harness and put her on long leash then we hear a campus police woman (that we had past walking the class schedule 8 times the day before while she was on her iphone) drive up in her golf cart and put her foot in her mouth 'No dogs on campus!...unless it's a service dog'. Who would go out to a college campus that's basically in the middle of nowhere during the rain to walk their dog anyways? We went back to disabled student services and told them about it. Though Mattie handled it all well. She was in working mode again. We went upstairs next when it was time for class and sat outside the room in the narrow hallways. Mattie sat and i guarded her nice feathery tail against roller bookbags. She felt a bit uncomfortable in there though once we were in the class room she settled down. Though as i'd expected for a morning class she didn't lay down and not shift. She was up and down a bit being the restless sweetie she is.
After class we left out and walked to my next class in the graphic design building which name escapes me. Went to my class found out there was a schedule change so we relaxed for a few minutes in there then went back to disabled student services and talked to the counselors. Then we had a long break that we went to cafeteria, ran into a old friend from out at Woods of Terror that met Mattie for the first time. Relaxed and wandered around a bit. (We had a bit of a break after that second class anyways so it was a long time before class) Then finally it was time for my third and final class for the day. We went in and Mattie laid down and went to sleep. She snored a bit during class though it wasn't loud like Hershey would of been it was a soft sort of sigh but, since the room was quiet i felt like the whole class could probably hear it. Though she did good through the rest of the class you wouldn't even know she was there. After that we went to the doctor where she was fascinated by the fish and a lady in blood work. So much where we weren't quite able to leave till the lady came back out again. Though she gave the ladies at the front desk something to laugh about along with us. After that we went home and Mattie got to play with her Lambchop, eat and just plain relax for the rest of the afternoon and evening.
Today we are going back for the second day of college but, first day of these classes which I'll post about probably after school.


The Beach

August 15th 2013 5:51 pm
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The drive to the beach went smooth Mattie road off harness the entire way and slept in the floor. When we stopped at the McDonalds we got her in harness and went and ate. Then we parked and went back on our way. Arriving at the Caribbean Jamaican inn by the next park time. The staff being a lot more accommodating than expected after chatting with one of the staff online. The person having had been ignorant and rude. Though the manager apologized after we called them about it and told them that we had the person's name. (always save screencap of a chat especially one that goes bad) We got help loading everything into the room then we went out on the beach and walked a bit. Mattie was interested in the sand and people playing a dangerous version of boccie ball. So we had to put the gentle leader on her. She did pretty good and when we went down to the ocean she tried to lick some of the water up. i stopped her after she lapped up some then did it again. We walked down the beach walking right through the water for a ways then all the sudden she wouldn't go in and she would jump when a wave would come up where we'd step in it. Hark there was stingrays in the water. Mattie wouldn't let me near them and we only found out later that stingrays were in the water when people warned us.
Back up at the motel after we finished our walk we went to our room aiming to go to the bathroom and wash her. We ran the water in and Mattie was a bit claustrophobic in the tub. We had to cover her face with a towel so she wouldn't jump out. Using a cup since we found out too late that it wasn't a handicap accessible shower we washed her the best we could and let her dry off a bit she turning into my baby when i dried her off on the floor and she laid on me.
Later we went off and walked down the sidewalk, Mattie kept on wanting to go into the parking lots of the other motels at first and wouldn't slow down everytime. She behaved however and performed great walking along the cement. We walked the equivalent of several blocks and first stopped by a place that had closed early. Then we kept walking down and found a Ben and Jerry's and Jaboe's pizza. We ate some pizza and was offered some burger but, we couldn't accept.
Then after we walked down to a surf shop to browse and look for some goggles. With no luck in there though Mattie did wonderful, we left and went down the road aways and turned onto another and we went to a light. mattie having had gone from barely stopping if not stopping at flat curbs to nailing them every time. We went down to a light and crossed and headed through a area then crossed at a second light before going into the other surf shop. Mattie doing wonderful the entire time.
That night after we parked for the last time Mattie got the rest of the night off going and relaxing in her crate. She went to sleep but, as soon as i started to leave she jumped up wanting to go with. Though i was able to go to the pool coming back we played with lambchop a bit and went to bed.
The next day we went down to the Dayton house and crossed Ocean bulv. Then we went up to Jake's Dinner. There we had the most insane hot chocolate and pancakes while Mattie rested at my feet. Then we went back to the room after getting gas. Then we went and walked on the beach before returning back again. Though we went off later to the Tanger outlet and walked around it stopping at the Fudgery for a taste of fudge. She did great and drank some water out of her handidrink wearing her boots the entire time. We went to check out the tower and Mattie didn't listen getting her paws burnt on a piece of metal though we applied mushers secret and put her boots on for the rest of the day. In the game room she was a bit more of a handful trying to eat somethings on the ground at first though it got easier. Later we went to Broadway on the beach. Mattie had to put on her Gentle Leader because she liked the ducks and the big mouth bass a lot. As hot as it was i was nice and i let her lead me through this kids sprinkler system. She got spooked when these sprinklers we weren't expecting suddenly sprang out of the water and sprayed us. Though we both functioned well the rest of the day the water cooling us off and allowing us to focus more on where we were going and not every store though she was interested in a Mayan store of some sort. Out front of the Hard Rock Cafe we got her on camera scowling at her gentle leader.
We went to a mall and went into a arcade and played around a bit as well as going to a chickfila and had a good time. Mattie liked the pigeons though but, she still functioned without her gentle leader and worked. The workers at the chickfila thinking she was adorable. On tie down we were able to relax and eat and drink. That night we parked one last time before going into the room and relaxing for the rest of the night.
The next morning we embarked for home.

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