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Been interesting in the new home..

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Little Bro had his first class....

January 8th 2016 6:45 pm
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I was jealous that I wasn't allowed to go out with mom and Micah today. But when I saw it was him getting trained it was another story. He learned to stay on the mat and to lay down on it by command. He was also getting used to mom coming from any direction and in between he would get to play. He also learned a game to play with mom where she stays quiet and he doesn't take the treat until she gives it to him after he looks away from the treat. I am jealous because I didn't get to learn any of this but more than anything the treats.


Was out and about traveling Saturday with Mom...

November 15th 2015 3:50 pm
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Mom and I left for Searcy, AR from Conway, AR where we lived. We got to Searcy and she was able to get her stereo updated and installed. Then she came back to Conway and went to Verizon and they couldn't help with her Motorola Maxx cell phone and sent her back to the stereo store. When she got the the gentleman to help with her stereo. Also he did some research and found out and told mom that those who have a Motorola and the New Apple IPhone 6s have been having problems because of the new updates that company put out and didn't keep other electronics like car stereos in mind. So until they put a new update out to solve this problem or they get enough negative feedback from those who have an Android or IPhone to those companies nothing will be done about it. Mom was so happy with me because I never misbehaved, and stayed quiet and behaved myself the entire time. I was so happy to get home and be able to run and play in the backyard with Micah. He was happy to see me as well. So we ran and played in the back yard until we wore each other out and slept soundly for the night. I was so beat.


Today my Big sissy Amber Rose passed over the Rainbow Bridge

September 8th 2015 6:54 pm
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It has been a very hard day for mommy and grandma today after they put big sissy out of her missery. It was very hard for them both watching her lose weight even though she was eating like she was supposed to and them having to hand feed her ever since she came home from the vet from the inner ear infection that she had. I will miss her for I won't have my buddy to cuddle with and her example to learn from and follow anymore. I have been staying glued to mommy because she has been crying off and on all weekend long because of what was going on with Big sissy. Even Grandma has been crying as well. I try my best to cheer them both up the best I can. I just hope I am able to fill my big sissy's shoes and do my best to help mommy as her service dog like Amber Rose did. I already miss her as much as mommy and grammy does.


Been helping mom through all this....

September 6th 2015 10:27 am
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Mom has been crying because Amber isn't doing any better and still not eating unless her or Grammy hand feeds her. They both know it's time and it's been hard on mom especially since Amber is who taught me what I know. So been focusing on mom and every now and then going over to check on Amber and clean her eyes and eyes for her to let her know I love her. I hope I can help mom get through this.


Busy day

April 8th 2015 9:37 pm
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Today I went with mom all around town. We went to the clinic today as she volunteered. Then after she got home we went to the car dealer to make sure her air bag wasn't one of the recalled ones and things were okay. We came home after stopping by Petsmart for a bit. Then we went to Office Dept so she could get a new mouse. Well when a Black gentleman walked up mom had a flashback and was quiet for a moment. Well I got in between here and the gentleman and made sure she had her space for she was having a hard time holding herself together. I kept checking on her and making sure he gave her room and we got what she needed and we left. I got so much praise when I got home for what I did for I did it without her giving me a command for the first time. So I am so proud of myself.


Had a thunderstorm last night and went out with mom...

April 7th 2015 12:37 pm
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There was a thunderstorm last night and I cuddled up against mom throughout it. Later mom took me into town so that she could mail something. We went into a mail store that had a cat that was curled up in it's cat bed. Well the kitty got up and came over to the counter to check me out. I paid no attention to it and kept my eye on things around mom while she mailed something. After that mom talked to a man about her CB radio and where he could go to get it peeked and tuned. When we got home Big Sissy was so happy to see us to where she was wagging her tail and sniffed me to see where all I had been.


Winter storm coming in....

February 15th 2015 10:26 am
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Been learning what all mommy and grammy do when they get ready for a winter storm that is coming in tonight. They made sure we had plenty of food because we live out in the country and they don't plow back here. Momma and Grammy don't dare drive on it either. I hope Momma is able to go to her Parrothead meeting so we can collect the donations for the Humane Society and the Clinic she volunteers at as well. We might not be able to do Bingo Friday if we get another round of winter weather. Mom called and let the head person know about it and she told her if the schools in the town are called off then the Bingo will be called off as well for the safety of those who attend it as well as those who volunteer for it because of the roads. So we shall see how that turns out.


Been a sad and solemn week...

October 24th 2014 9:43 am
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This past Monday mom and Grandma were really sad when they came home. But I noticed someone was missing. They didn't bring Champ home. Well evidently they had him put to sleep because he had some sort of stroke to where he wasn't able to walk and get up and get around. He was 14 years old. I will miss him for he would always follow me around the yard when he was able to walk. Me and the others have been going over to the spot where he laid down at by the clock and sniffing there along with where his bed used to be in Grandma's room. It's not the same without him. Mom misses his barking. The place is a lot quieter now because of that. We will all miss him.


Went out and about for the day

October 24th 2014 9:38 am
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Well I went with mom to the doctor's office for the second time. Then we went to the Pharmacy to pick up her medicine. Then we ran to the gas station to fill up the car. After that we went home. Around four we went back into town so mom could see what the BPW was like for here and see if she was interested in joining it. I did fine until I heard the thumping of the weights from the gym upstairs and thought it was thunder. So mom and grandma are going to have to work on that with me by dropping the small weight they have on the floor now and then to desensitized me so that that doesn't scare me. Oh well my training is never done.


Went to Wal-Mart with mom...

September 26th 2014 9:13 pm
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Well I went to Wal-Mart again. I stayed at mom's side as she pushed the cart and walked along side it as she pushed it. I had on my shoes so my feet didn't get burned on the pavement outside as well as so I could walk on the tile floor inside. Alot easier to do than in my bare feet.

Mom went and found some breakfast sandwiches and got them out of the freezer and put them in the basket. Then we went and found a couple other things mom needed. Well when we walked by the center display with a TV playing the great punpkin Charlie Brown I didn't particularly care for the loud noise from the speakers underneath the display and wanted as far as possible from it. So mom needs to work on that with me. She stopped and got me to focus on her and do a sit and lay down and then gave me a treat a couple times. But I still need some work on that. Still not sure what to think of it though.

When we got home mom took me out of my vest and boots and then let me go run loose and get my energy out in the back yard. Not to sure of what to think of the displays that make loud noises though.

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