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My life as Cleopatra the Queen!!

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Its been awhile..........

May 11th 2007 11:24 am
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Yes its been awhile since Ive written anything but here is the news........and mommy & daddy got a new puppy named Princess Leia aka Leia! So at first wasnt too sure what the heck was going on that was the first day! 2nd day realized shes still HERE!!!!!! 3rd day im growing to like her and her playing skills not bad not bad. now I like her MORE NOT love her!!! Im not too fond of her when she comes and sniff sniffs MY FOOD THAT IS MINE!!!!!!!!!! I do like playing with her which is alot of fun CAUSE HELLO.......I LOVE TO PLAY!!! So Ill keep you updated on the progess of our Lil Leia!!

BWT......will get into how spoiled and how freakin cute I am again I need to stress that ;)



Mommy LEFT ME................ but shes back :-)

June 12th 2006 6:51 pm
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Well this weekend was horrible MOMMY LEFT ME well it was only for 24 hours but IT SEEMED LIKE FOREVER. It started off so fine and dandy Tia Ange came over she stayed the nite little did I know they left early in the morning. Something about "girls nite: she was gone all Saturday and part of Sunday WHY OH WHY WOULD SHE LEAVE ME! And when she did arrive WHERE DID TIA ANGE GO TO??????????? OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!! I did hear Mommy say Tia Ange will be back this weekend! I do hope this weekend will go much better AND MOMMY BETTER NOT LEAVE ME AGAIN! I dont mind being left with Daddy but I do prefer Mommy ;-)



June 6th 2006 1:37 pm
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Well this weekend Mommy has come to another conclusion that the furminator DOES NOT WORK AT ALL! On the contrary it made my shedding worse! I shed regardless but at one point Mommy thought I may have mange that is how bad it is! Poor Mommy I thought she was vacuuming a lot anyway but not it seems like its everyday! Sorry Mommy I cant help it if I could I would! POOR MOMMY! Its bad my shedding is the worse shes ever seen it so she says. Ok Ill admit Mommy and I
can over exaggerate but this time we are not!

So anyway this weekend was nice Tia Ange came over to stay the nite. I like her she reminds me A LOT of Mommy! And Monday went over to the Grandparents house she was over there too so we spent the day together too! She is always giving me scraps AGAIN WHO CAN RESIST MY BEAUTY???? THATS RIGHT NOBODY!


PS: We will have to get into my beauty again. Im due to bark about that again! Its time and I feel the need to share about my beauty just in case anybody forgot!



June 1st 2006 6:47 am
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I am such an inside dog whatever makes the inside of the house KOOL "air conditioning" IS MY FRIEND. I TRULY LOVE IT! This weekend WOW WAS IT HOT HERE 91 degrees with like a 100 % humidity! Ok so the heat started Saturday I went to the groomer when Mommy picked me up she usually runs me around in the backyard so I can do my "business". Well we were only outside for maybe 10 minutes but that was enough. I came in panting with good reason. Mommy gave me water cold water THREW UP right after that! Needless to bark didnt play outside Saturday TOO HOT. Sunday same thing HOT Mommy ran me around outside THREW UP after that! Monday unforunately we HAD TO BE OUTSIDE another hot day. The parental units had to do yard work our grass was out of control. So when Mommy got out there to help we were out there for maybe an hour she didnt run me around THANK GOODNESS, but WOW WAS IT HOT. Even Mommy was dying of heat. So anyway FINALLY went inside that seriously did me in for the day. Mommy and I took naps BOL.

So for all you pups out there HEAT IS NOT FUN especially if your an inside dog! I would much rather stay inside with that "air conditioning" thingy runnin making the house nice and KOOL!



Dog Person!

May 24th 2006 6:11 am
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Yesterday I overhead Mommy talking to Daddy and she said she came to the realization that she is definitely a dog person which she knew but it really hit her yesterday. Let me explain: Mommy had been around dogs all her life but they were outside dogs protectors of the house. So those dogs were somewhat independent, would only come in when it would rain or snow or bitterly cold. It may seem cruel but that is how it was. That is all Mommy ever really knew. UNTIL.................. I came along. I am a Valentine gift from Daddy. At the time we were living in a townhouse with not a fenced in yard. Mommy of course was super excited to get me but then realization hit her SHE WILL BE LIVING IN THE HOUSE WITH US. HAIR EVERYWHERE, POTTY TRAINING, HAIR EVERYWHERE HAIR EVERYWHERE........... AND SHE DIDNT WANT ME SLEEPING IN THE BEDROOM , NO CONTACT OR LAYING ON THE COUCHES AND HAIR EVERY WHERE, IM NOT ALLOWED IN ANY PART OF THE ROOM WITHOUT SUPERVISION AND WHEN THEY ARE GONE IM SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE KITCHEN BABYFENCED IN!!!!!!!!! Sounds cruel right? Now dont get me wrong Mommy loved me, bought me toys, taught me sit, stay, the whole potty training thing, bathed me DID EVERYTHING FOR ME, took me to the park, even dropped me off at the grandparents house so I could run around in there fenced in backyard while they were at work. Eventually I got my own bed in the living room, I now have a bed in the bedroom and got rid of the baby fence. Now Mommy will still not budge with me being in bed or on the couches but I definitely have full roam of the house. Now here is when Mommy came to the realization of her being a dog person yesterday we are headed to the grandparents house Mommy again dropping me off while she goes to that work thingy and I smelled her eating "yogurt" SMELLED GOOD! Well usually Mommy shares everything with me but picks it off. Well cant pic off yogurt so......... Mommy gave me some on HER spoon! And then she would eat some and then give me some! GROSS but as Daddy would say you do truly love her! And I know Mommy does. Shes come a long way and so have the grandparents. Im allowed in there house and I run around the WHOLE HOUSE not just outside. Ive changed this family more ways than one.


PS Mommy still CANNOT adjust to my hair everywhere! MY HAIR DRIVES HER CRAZY! She vacuum 3 times a week, but she says shes adjusting because Im worth it ;-)


Gas :-(

May 23rd 2006 11:12 am
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WOW did I have major gas issues some where loud and some were silent those were the deadly ones. BOL! Mommy had tried some new dog food Beniful and seriously I had gas pretty much every few minutes. BOL! When the parental units were just laying around Saturday morning gas, gas, gas, gas...................... At one point I thought Daddy was going to vomit! He did get upset with me till Mommy YELLED AT HIM! HEY I SMELL YOUR FARTS TOO DADDY SO DONT START! All weekend this went on fart, fart , fart, fart........ Looks like Mommy has to find another dog food again!

Cleopatra the farter! :-(


Dog Food!

May 19th 2006 10:59 am
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Well Mommy bought me new dog food shes thinking it might why Im throwing up. So she tried last nite Beniful (spelled that wrong) and wow did I eat the heck out of it! She gave me some this morning and seriously was ready to eat. I usually take my time eating my dog food. I normally do not eat breakfast I wait till we got over the grandparents house but NOT THIS MORNING! EAT EAT EAT!! I was licking my chops and everything AWESOME. And I didnt throw it up! So that is a plus.

This weekends agenda not too much really more yard and house work! BORING but then again it keeps the parental units at home so they will be all to myself.

And Mommy had seen a beautiful male GSD black which is what Mommy wants at the Humane Society. Unfortunately this poor dog was among 70 other dogs (horder Again cant spell my personal asst. needs to learn HOW TO SPELL!). Well anyway long story short Mommy seen him and WANTS TO GIVE HIM A LOVING HOME. Well Mommy went to introduce herself and he growled at her kind of scary too. Mommy is concerned wants him but concerned. The obvious wants to give him a loving home but doesnt want anything to happen to us. So will see..... Mommy is going to go after that work thingy and chat to the employees about him. Will keep you updated!



Vomiting :-(

May 15th 2006 11:09 am
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Well this weekend was kind of rough for me. I starting vomiting on Thursday nite and continued on to Saturday. Unforunately that day Mommy left till Sunday she was visiting Tia Ange. I feel fine but just cannot keep anything down. Im still acting like myself not acting sick. Mommy had heard from Tia Melissa that she should give me plain white rice and that seemed to help. Mommy seems to think it might be the dog food. I can keep down the rice but once that dog food gets in my belly FORGET IT. Mommy said she is going to go buy me some other type of dog food hopefully that will help.

Other than Mommy leaving I was very sad. Mommy left in the morning around 5:30 ish Daddy said I started looking around for Mommy (that is when she comes home from that work thingy). It was pretty pathetic :-( Daddy tried cheering me up playing tug of war (my favoritest thing to play) didnt work. When Mommy came home WOW I was all over the place. Running around, chasing my toys, running after my toys, throwing my toys in the air CRAZY CLEO! Daddy said I was acting like a different dog when she left. I LOVE MOMMY! She knows how to take care of me! I love Daddy but there is something about Mommy! Shes very special to me. When Mommy went to work today Me and Daddy went to her work to surprise her with lunch. She got in the truck and I just layed all over her. Usually I lay all over Daddy but this was different. MOMMY WAS HERE AFTER SUCH A LONG WEEKEND WITH OUT HER :-) I was laying my head on her, then I would lay on her, give her kisses, put our heads together, lay my head on her shoulder ALL OVER MY MOMMY! HEY I HAD TO MAKE UP FOR THAT TIME I MISSED HER!!!



PS I did take care of Daddy while she was gone Mommy gave me that talking to: Take care of Daddy, dont let any strangers hurt Daddy or in the house, let him know when strangers are around, PROTECT DADDY! NOTHING IS COMING BY MY DADDY ;-)



May 12th 2006 7:36 am
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Mommy's leaving me! WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL TO ME! Well I should say she is just leaving Saturday & Sunday! Sorry I have always been a tad over exaggerate sometimes :-) Tia Ange is graduating college and the grandparents and Mommy are going to celebrate. Im getting left with Daddy see he is allergic to Tia's kitties (Salma & Teek). I cannot believe I am not going to visit my b/f Moe :-( oh well! I do have to protect Daddy so I must do what I have to do. My only concern is Mommy obviously over pampers me I hope Daddy can do the same? Mommy said she is going to leave specific instructions hellooooo...... Im special ;-) QUEEN CLEOPATRA!!!!!!! So do have me in your thoughts I do hope Daddy knows what do to. Hes definitely not like Mommy nor has her "Special Touch".

I do want to say a special "Happy Mother's Day" TO ALL MOMMIES! WWWOOOHHHOOO MOMMIES ROCK!

On a much lighter note.......... I want to express my most sincere prayers to Ares Daddies. I cannot express how sorry I am to hear about your Ares. Just know he isnt in any pain anymore and most definitely will be with you forever.



Busy Cleo

May 8th 2006 11:14 am
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Well pups its been a long time since Ive last barked. Our little family has been super busy with our new house. This weekend was more chores on the outside and we put in a new screen door which is taking some getting used to (hit my head on it Saturday morning :-( ) Busy busy busy!!! Daddy had to cut the grass and Mommy was raking the grass. Now if you know my Mommy she doesnt work to hard if Im out there. Shes so goofy always playing with me! Daddy gets mad that I distract her, but who seriously can resist my BEAUTY and do not forget CHARM! We got a new mower and a new mattress it has seriously been crazy in our household.

Yesterday Mommy cleaned off the outside table and chairs. It was AWESOME we were just sitting outside enjoying our lunch NICE! Mommy said who knew that "we" would be here on our porch enjoying a lunch. After that Mommy grabbed her book, we sat outside and enjoyed the rest of the day. I am a good girl I pretty much sat by Mommy and basked in the sun. Occasionally would chase a bee make sure they dont hurt us hellooo.... Protecting Mommy! Daddy on the otherhand was playing video games (which he loves I might add).

Well hopefully Ill have more time to bark, which I doubt, we still need to plant trees and fix up the yard. SO MUCH TO DO SO LITTLE TIME :-( but its a good thing WE LOVE OUR HOUSE!


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