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It's a dogs life

Attack by the Little Dog

March 17th 2013 5:07 pm
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Ok, so we were walking down by the river. I love walking there but skin mom gets upset since so many people don't leash their dogs.

But it was fun until. This little tiny dog came running up and barking at me. It started biting my ankles. Ouch. Skin mom told me sit and stay and I did, because I listen when she tells me to do that. She gives me petting and treats when I mind. The little dog kept darting in and trying to bite my ankles. What's up with that? If I wanted to I could shut him up with one little snap. Skin mom told the other dog to scat.

I could see the owner of the little dog running up. Why was she so far away from her little dog. I could tell she wanted to catch the little dog so I put my big paw out and held the tiny dog down. Well for pete's sake. The dog started to make noise like I was killing it or something and the other woman started to scream!

Your dog is killing my dog, she screamed. I wasn't. I was barely putting any pressure on this little dog. Not even as much as the cat.

The lady started to scream at my skin mom about me. Skin mom calmly said, this is the difference between a well trained dog under control and a dog who has had no training like your dog. You are lucky my dog is trained and didn't kill your dog and why were you letting your dog run loose. And she said, your dog has better have had it's shots because she drew blood on my dog.

The woman refused to give her name and mom brought me home and cleaned out my bite. It isn't bad. I hardly felt it. And skin mom gave me treats and told me what a good big boy I was. And I am.

I am glad that little dog met me instead of some of the other dogs it could have met. I hope it gets training like I got so it doesn't take on more then it can chew in the future. Could have been a tragedy.


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