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Ninja Dog Rehab


February 15th 2014 4:07 pm
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Mom's been keeping my diary on her computer since the news that the community sections would be leaving, but here are some of my updates:

Last weekend mom took Duke and I to her(she works at a ropes course with a really big property and we're allowed to go on staff only days). It was awesome! I made it there and back again without getting sick and without taking any Dramamine. I did get a little nervous and drooly once on the way there, but I remembered that nothing bad happens in the car so I relaxed enough to sit up and stare out of the window for a little.

We ran around out there and I saw the BIGGEST squirrel ever. Mom says it's a fox squirrel. Naturally, I had to chase it. I would have climbed right up that tree after it if mom hadn't called me back. Duke wasn't as interested.

This week mom's boyfriend visited again. I love him, mom's sister jokes that I'm trying to steal him from her. He and mom took Duke and I to the dog park yesterday. This is the first time I've been there in a while, but I was excited to show Duke around.

Mom got several compliments on how friendly I was. She just nodded. No one believed that I used to never go up to strangers because everyone(and I mean everyone) was my friend yesterday. I love the dog park! Duke likes it too...but mom's gotten so used to me staying out of puddles that she forgot that he likes to roll in them. We both got baths yesterday thanks to him. >.<

The visit to mom's parents's house a couple of weeks ago went really well. I've never really had a problem with mom's dad as long as he doesn't move too suddenly around me(he's a tall man, so it scares me before I can remember that he's a good person). I've always been kind of wary of mom's mom though, but this time while mom was away on her trip, she got a call from her mom telling her that I'd actually taken some fish directly from her hand. Before, mom's mom would have to give Laika and Duke their fish, then toss mine under my table and keep the other two away until I'd eaten it, but this time I decided to give taking it a shot. The other two do it, so it couldn't be so bad, right? It wasn't. I'll go to mom's mom every other time she calls me now. Mom prefers that over how I used to be...which was getting up and running to another room whenever I so much as suspected her mom was home.

Progress is always happening, and mom's really proud.


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