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Ninja Dog Rehab


January 8th 2014 8:06 pm
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A LOT has happened since my last entry(and it was less than a week ago!).

Lately, mom's been on the fence about rehoming Duke. He stayed with her parents(because he's the family dog) while Laika and I moved with mom when she went back to school(because we've claimed her as ours). Unfortunately, mom's parents were a lot busier than they'd expected and poor Duke never got to do anything fun like walks or the dog park. They did take him to daycare, but he doesn't do much unless he has me to play with(or to bug, depending on his mood).

He spent a lot of time alone in the house, or in the yard and was starting to dig and get out of the yard more often than he used to. Mom felt bad, so she thought maybe letting him live with us in place of Laika until she finishes school for the semester would be good for him. We don't have a lot of space in mom's apartment, but we get TONS of exercise.

Mom decided that if that didn't work, she'd just have to find Duke another home because it would be what's best for him.

The first night was awful. Duke wouldn't stop pacing, or panting, or whining. The second night mom thought he'd like the living room to himself, but he made even more noise.

Yesterday, mom noticed him scratching a lot, checked him and gross: fleas! (turns out no one had given him his December flea prevention like mom thought). She jumped right into action and gave him a flea bath but he put up such a big fight about it(even tried to bite mom once, which he's never done) that she didn't think she'd be able to handle him much longer. She hates using force, but lately Duke will only respond to it. She decided yesterday, that he would be happier with someone else.

Mom thinks I had a nice long talk with Duke today, because when she got home from class, he was on his best behavior and he still is. He isn't pulling on our walks anymore, he isn't as impatient when she's getting us ready for walks, and he's listening to her again.

She thought, maybe it would still be best for him to find another home...but then she thought about how much he means to me.

With Duke around, I'm braver. I keep my tail up for our whole walk, little noises don't spook me, and for the big ones I just hide between Duke and mom. I love Laika, but she's 16 pounds and I'm 48, I know realistically she can't save me from the big scary things(even if she acts like she can). There's a play area in mom's complex, that I never play in but with Duke around it's my new favorite place.

Mom thinks she can definitely put up with Duke's more stubborn moments(and train him out of them) if it means that I'll keep doing so well.

Laika is happy with mom's parents, and they're happy with her because she's not as much of a handful as Duke. They have to almost force her outside for a walk because she'd rather sleep in, but Duke would pester them at any sign that they were going out.

So really, everyone wins.

Laika gets to be the only dog again(until Duke and I come back with mom at the end of the semester), I get my best friend/confidence buddy, and Duke gets more attention and exercise than he has in a while.

I think, with the two of us together, I'll pick up on his fearlessness, and he'll pick up on my manners. =)


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