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Ninja Dog Rehab

An Update

October 6th 2013 5:02 pm
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It’s been over two months since mom made the magical meatball discovery, and I’ve just kept impressing her.

The rest of our summer was pretty simple, and then came the move. Mom was terrified that I wouldn’t handle it well and came up with all kinds of plans to help me adjust. She thought I’d miss having Duke around since Laika was never very interested in me. I really shocked her here. It took me a few days to get used to the new place, but once I knew my way around the apartment everything was fair game. It was the same with the walks. I used to be a little cautious, but now I could care less. I just want to find those pesky squirrels. Mom says they’re probably the meanest squirrels she’s ever met, they climb just out of my reach and hiss at me until mom leads me away. One day…

Beyond that, I’m doing really well at my new daycare. I love the staff, they’re all extremely nice to me and were super patient while I was still getting used to the new people/dogs/building.

We’ve gone to the dog beach a couple of times(mom, Laika, and I). I’ve met some of mom’s friends and their dogs, and here’s the big thing: I approached strangers on my own.

I love the beach. Swimming, chasing friends, chasing balls, following mom when she has to go get Laika(who loves to wander off when she thinks mom isn’t looking). Mom was worried I’d be her shadow and never have any fun. I got her there, because I did both!

After daycare, and the beach and all of the new things I’ve been around I really surprised mom when I started approaching strangers in places I normally wouldn’t. One week it was a man walking his dog while mom was walking Laika and I, and just last week it was an older man at daycare on his way out from dropping his dog off. At the beach, I stick to women, but
every once in a while I challenge myself.

Even better, I have a new best friend(other than mom, Laika and Duke). Mom’s boyfriend visits every once in a while. I didn’t want anything to do with him when I first met him, and he was okay with that. He gave me my space and let me figure him out. Well, after a few visits watching him play with Laika I figured out that he wasn’t so bad, so I started hopping in the games too. Next thing you know, I was whining when he left, asking mom when he’d be back to visit again.

And Laika…Laika didn’t really pay me any attention when I arrived, but now we’re the sisters mom always wanted us to be. We go everywhere together, we play together all of the time at home, we explore together at daycare. Mom is very impressed with me for getting Laika out of her lazy old dog moods and getting her playing, even Duke couldn’t do that.

The best thing though: I’m finally okay with training. I used to look away from mom when she’d try to teach me things, hoping maybe I’d disappear and I wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of figuring out what she wanted me to do. Now, we use my tennis ball and I get things fast. Mom taught me sit and down in just a week and I still get them right every time. We’re working on roll over now, I’ve almost got it.

Good things are going to keep coming, and I’m ready for it. I just hope mom can keep up with me.


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