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Ninja Dog Rehab

Progress Thy Name is Meatball

July 23rd 2013 5:48 am
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Mom’s supervisor at work knew me when I was a foster there and I’ve always been terrified of her. Everyone thinks it’s because she looks like someone who gave me no reason to like them that I knew before. Today though, she gave me one of those tasty treats that mom’s look alike had. She was really nice to me, told me how good I was, how proud she was of me, and how sweet I was. When we were leaving for the night she had another treat. I sat nicely when she asked and she gave me all kinds of compliments and more pets. I guess she wasn’t as bad as I thought, my tail was wagging the whole time.
The day before was even bigger though. Someone kind of new came over. She’d been by before a few times, and she looks a lot like mom but I’ve never quite trusted the look alike. When she walked in the house I started barking as loud as I could to let her know I was there and I wasn’t afraid of her and she’d better not come near(but I was terrified). Oddly enough, she didn’t even look at me…she just dropped a few tasty meatball treats and went over to talk to mom. I waited a few minutes before creeping out to grab the treats and go back to my corner, then mom let Laika and Duke back in and they ran over to the look alike like she was the best thing ever. Maybe she wasn’t too bad….
While she was in the house I’d inspect her hands or her pants when she wasn’t paying attention. After a few inspections I decided she wasn’t so bad…and I let her pet me. Even more impressive, when she left I took a treat from her hand and ate it! I ate it right there in front of her. Usually, either mom has to take the treat from a stranger and give it to me or I’ll take it slowly if they hold completely still. Even then, they have to leave or look away before I’ll eat it. I’m not lowering my guard that much. Pft. I did with both of them though. Mom’s really proud and both of them seemed really happy.

I started my Prozac last Tuesday and it probably hasn’t kicked in yet, but mom likes to think so. I am making little steps, hopefully they start getting bigger or more frequent or both! I think I might be able to handle it. =)


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