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Ninja Dog Rehab

And So it Began

June 23rd 2013 10:31 am
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No one really knows what happened to me when I was a puppy, just that I was surrendered "for excessive barking" with my sister.

It's speculated that we were supposed to be hunting dogs, but we just didn't make the cut so we were left alone in a yard all day without human contact before we were finally given up.

We were rescued before even a month with animal services had passed, fixed up and given all the medical care we needed and then sent to fosters. My sister went to live with a family and other dogs in a home and I was sent to a dog daycare/boarding place.

I didn't mind it so much, I liked the people. They were all very nice, fed me, gave me attention but I mostly liked the dogs. I started off with the older less playful dogs when I was more nervous, but soon I was playing with the puppies(being small for my age) in one yard when they were bigger sized or in the big dog yard. My favorite dogs to play with are Huskies and Great Danes. Dogs I can handle...people scare me, a lot.

I stayed there for a few months and even met my human there(only she didn't know it just then). She left for school and I stayed a few more months but then it was decided that I just looked so sad. That couldn't be the place for me. I was taken back to my rescue and my human adopted me from there.

I hadn't seen her since she left in August, but when she got home from work that day in November I came flying out of my crate to greet her. Her parents had picked me up, and I'd spent all day afraid to leave my crate until then.

Since then, I've made a little progress but my human is determined to help me be the happy dog I am when only she is around all of the time.

This journal is to document how the process goes. Maybe someone with a dog like me will be inspired by it, or maybe someone who had a dog like me will see it and inspire my owner.

Right now, I won't go near people except the ones at daycare(because I've known them for months), new noises and sounds scare me to the point where I can't even eat, and I rarely leave my human. When she disappears(even for a minute or two to go in another room) I just don't know what to do.

I've stopped shredding things and hopping the fence when I'm scared like I did when I first came home, but I still go into what my human calls "Ninja dog mode" when something scary is around. I duck around corners, stand completely still so no one sees me, and hide under tables and beds. I might seem like a handful to some people, but my human adores me and she's doing everything she can to make me confident. I know she'll never give up on me, and I try really hard to make her proud...sometimes it's just too scary though.


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