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The Daily Meek

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Hello! 05/05/13

May 5th 2013 7:24 pm
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Hey Pals! Its been a few days since I have been on so I thought I would stop in to say Hi.

I have been spending some time outside again. Mom says This is what its all about . We have been waiting for nice weather for so long.

I have been spending time with mom and this week Dad has the whole week off.

I even dug a hole while I have been outside. Its real cool to lay down in when the sun is beating down on me.

I don't have too much to talk about today other then I pooped inside today. Mom blames herself because I had just eaten and she was busy taking care of the cats when she smelled something nasty. I pooped all over the place. That will teach mom to pay attention to the cats and not me. I am pretty good with potty training but my schedule was off today because mom and dad were gone for a few hours in the evening today.

Well hope everypup is doing good and spending lots of time with their parents.


My day 05/02/13

May 2nd 2013 5:15 pm
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Oh man! When Mom got home today she was not a Happy Camper. First she walked in to a house that had Mud stains on the carpet, Then she realized I had ripped up a little more of the Berber Carpet in the bedroom.

Me and Dad were no where in sight so she made her way downstairs and went into our backyard. Yep... I was down there rolling around in the mud. Dad was out in his shop working on something. Between me and dad we made a huge mess in the house.

So mom brought me in and gave me a bath...No fun! But then Me and her went to the living room and laid down on the couch. First I was all hyped up from my fun day with dad. Then I started to Chill out a little.

Then mom's robe was looking real cozy so I decided to Cuddle upto her for awhile. Before I knew it I was Out . At least I had fun out in the yard today. Mom couldn't be too mad.

Happy Day to you my friends


Daily Meeko Check in 05/01/13

May 1st 2013 6:51 pm
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Hello Friends! Well not much to say today. I didn''t get to go outside and play with my Squirrel or Kick ball at all today because it rained...Boo hoo .

I stayed home and took a nap with Dad. Played inside a little bit but otherwise it was pretty chill.

I am also driving mom nuts with my squeaky ball. I won't stop squeaking it tonight.

Hope everypup is safe and happy tonight.




April 30th 2013 6:48 pm
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Happy Tuesday!

Well...I was home alone for a very long time today which didn't make me a very happy pup.

Mom had to go to work and Dad went to help his grandpa open the cabin up. So mom asked her Nephew to come let me out so I could at least go potty. Mom tells me that He told her I peed on his shoe. I don't recall doing this but sometimes I get really excited and loose control. I was pretty happy to see him.

Before mom went to work this morning I was out in the yard and guess what I found? Thats Right I guess one of my sticks made it past mom and all the other yard helpers that came and removed them over the weekend. I was pretty happy.

Then I found A leaf that tasted pretty good. even saved some for later on my Tongue .

Then mom put me inside and off to work she went. When she finally did get home she took me outside to play a A little Ball and go on a walk. I got to see a lot of my doggie neighbors on my walk today too. There is a labradoodle down the road and a Siberian Husky next to him. Then a little Yotkshire Terrier lives on the same road. Next to me are two Sheba Inus and a Black Lab and Across the street are two doggies that always bark at me but they have a very high wooden fence that I can't see into.

So our neighborhood is full of pups.

I guess that's about it.



The daily Meek 04/29/13

April 29th 2013 12:42 pm
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Hello Friends! Hope everypup is doing well today.

So today I decided it was time to share with you all a very serious part of my life...My arch Enemy.

He is fast, Sneaky and as Vicious as they come...This is the Face of the creature that is constantly taunting and teasing me.

He is always hanging out down by the feeders in front of the door but by the time I get out he is already watching me from the Tree . Mom calls him a squirrel. Not to be confused by my beloved Flying squirrel of course.

In other news I met the neighbor dog today. I was a very good boy and didn't even bark. Her name is Stella and she is a 13 year old standard poodle. The only thing was that she decided to poop right next to our fence on our pole barn driveway. I was like Who does that? but I kept my mouth shut. I figure mom will pick it up anyway or Dad will step on it. Not very lady like if you ask me.

I also made some interesting discoveries in my yard today. I found a Large ball I can't quite fit into my mouth and a very Tiny ball . My collection keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Anyway I will keep you updated on my situation with the squirrel. I just know he is up to no good. He is always out there yelling about something. I gotta keep this place safe you know?

Lots of love,


My day 04/28/13- More Yard work

April 28th 2013 5:48 pm
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Hello Friends! Another Beautiful Day here In MN. We did MORE yard work. My two Grandma's came over and helped with it today.

I started with a little more Hauling to help out.

Everyone gathered sticks and put them in a Pile which i thought was pretty cool. I figured we were trying to make my collection a little bigger until they started throwing them over the fence. At that point I figured I better grab at least one to Chew on before all of them were gone

Then I got out my orange ball and Sat by it thinking someone would come play with me but everyone was too busy hauling leaves and sticks out of the yard. So I ended up just walking back and forth with everyone while they made their trips.

Now I am just hanging out with mom and dad at home. I was pretty tired by the end of the afternoon. Its hard work being a puppy you know?? I think I will sleep good tonight.



The daily Meeks 04/27/13

April 27th 2013 5:56 pm
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Good Evening Friends! The birds are chirping, The Frogs are singing and it was in the 70s again today.

I knew it was going to be a good day when I went outside this morning and the sun was shining bright on me . I even had to squint my eyes.

So we did our normal morning things like playing in the backyard and a walk but then all of the sudden our house was full of people. I guess moms brother is moving and he is storing some things at our house. So We walked back and forth from the house to our big garage through the yard hauling stuff. I hauled a few Things too of course because like like to be helpful but then I got bored and decided to Stop drop and Roll for a while. I mean you can only work hard for so long you know?

I also helped mom do a little Gardening too but otherwise it was a pretty chill day. Oooh AND I have a new Profile Picture. Mom says she thinks I am growing into such a handsome boy which only means more kisses...oh boy. It also might mean more treats though!

Happy Saturday!



My day 04/26/13

April 26th 2013 6:58 pm
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Today I am so tired so I am going to keep my story short. I have on picture that I feel can capture my day best.

Happy Spring

first 70 degree weather here and it was a great day. Hope everypup is having lots of fun this weekend with their family.


Daily Meeks 04/25/13

April 25th 2013 6:04 pm
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Ahh today was a good day. I hope everypup is having some Spring like weather now. Mom got home from work and we got to go strait outside. Mom decided it was time for us to get some of the leaves out of the garden.

So I Helped with that. I also made sure to Inspect the piles so that we didn't loose anything cool that Mom might have raked up. I actually pulled out a Snail yard ornament that she raked up in one of the piles.

I also found it quite refreshing to Lay in the cold leaves. If you haven't you should try it.

Then I started getting bored with the whole leave thing and I went off on my own and I started Digging a hole . That's when Mom got out my favorite ball and we played a little game of Kick and Fetch. I was so happy I had to Smile at her.

I Hate to admit it but after a few good hours of exercise plus a walk I am Pretty tired out
So I think I am going to sleep good tonight. Happy Spring Everypup!



A day in the life of Meeks 03/24/13

April 24th 2013 6:25 pm
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Since I am making so many awesome new friends here on Dogster I figured I would share one of my favorite things to do.

Mom and dad call it balding...
For instance I balded my Duckies Head

Pretty cool right? He is my favorite. He quakes every time i squeeze him and gets me real excited.

I also enjoyed Balding moms New Rug

Yeah I don't know why but they didn't seem as excited about that one as I was. I thought it was pretty creative how its just a spot in the middle.

Then today while dad was eating lunch and not paying as much attention to me as he should have been I balded a nice section of their Bedroom carpet . Yeah...again they didn't seem impressed with my creativity.

but with a face Like this you can get away with just about anything.

On another Note today when I was out playing in the back yard a doggie showed up along our fence that borders our woods. Mom put me away which I protested loudly about and tried to get a hold of it but it ran. Mom seen it chase some deer in the meadow near our house but it never came back. I sure hope its owners found it. Mom is going to keep her eyes out for it tonight still.

Lots of love to my pals and thank you for reading my diary


P.S. Mom added a new video of me today. Please check it out if you have time.

Thanks again!

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