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More on adding another dog

July 1st 2013 3:20 pm
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Hey Pals! Thanks for all of the comments and Advice on maybe adding another dog.

When Mom was at Petco she talked with the lady from the rescue and she also mentioned a lot of people foster to find the perfect match. Mom and Dad have thought about fostering before too. So they are possibly thinking about doing that eventually. Its a way to help out with homeless pets AND find a good match for me and the cats.

Anyway I have been going on lots of fun walks and hanging out with mom and dad a ton this week. At the end of the week I will have to fill you in on all of my activities with some Photo's.



Does Gender Really Matter??

June 29th 2013 3:09 pm
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Hey Pals! So mom and dad have been going back and forth on possibly adding another dog to the family. Not 100 percent sure yet but a lot of what we read says that if we do it should be the opposite gender as me.

What do you think pals? I know personality is probably the biggest issue. I know a lot of my pup friends have siblings they live with.

Mom went to petco today and seen a really cute Red heeler mix that was an adoption event. He was two years old and reminded mom of me but its really important that I am happy.

Lots of love,


Almost the weekend

June 27th 2013 4:59 pm
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Hello Friends! Hope everyone's night is going well. I am so happy its almost the weekend. Mom's and Dad's always spend so much more time at home with us. Next week mom and dad have off the whole week!

Well tonight Mom got home early from that thing called work. We played out in the yard which is always fun but then mom did something I hate. Mom went to the other side of the fence without me! Sometimes she lets me come with to the unfenced part of our yard but not today.

So I kept a real close eye on her. It wasn't easy either. First I looked at her like This . I couldn't see much but her feet so then I tried

This .

As you can see that wasn't much better as I couldn't see ANYTHING at all. So then I settled on This . Luckily she didn't stay over there very long. I kept yelling at her to come back. Plus seeing my sweet face stare at her in sadness was a big part of her coming back so fast. I know how to work it.

I am pretty sure she went over there to take some pictures of the creek. So when she came back to take pictures of the garden i made sure to stick my nose in her picture to remind her that I am more important

I am pretty Tired out after our playtime and walk so i think I will sleep good tonight.

Lots of love pals,


Summer fun

June 24th 2013 8:08 am
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Well pups Its true. Summer is finally here in MN. Yesterday me and mom did lots of playing outside.

First she filled up our big green tub with water so that i could keep cool. I even had to fetch my toys out of it. I felt pretty brave.

We played with my kick fetch ball too. I always have fun when mom kicks it around the yard for me.

We played with my Flying squirrel . I can even catch it in the air now! Mom gets pretty excited when i do. I like when she claps for me. Mom thinks I would be really good at agility some day.

I also got a cool new Green ball It bounces really good and is fun to chase. You can put treats in it too.

But after all of that fun I had to sit in the shade for awhile. It was hot out.

Over all it was a pretty good weekend. Mom decorated my page for fourth of july. We haven't heard too many people with fireworks yet. Usually mom starts hearing them by now. Well I am happy about that anyway because they hurt my ears. I also got to go on two walks yesterday and I met a new doggie. He was a black pug. I liked him because he was close to my size. Mom has to get me into some training classes soon. Hopefully at the end of summer. I know lots of tricks but it would be good for me to learn obedience around other dogs too.

Hope everypup is having a wonderful summer so far and don't forget to smile at your people.


One week!

June 17th 2013 12:10 pm
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Well last time I wrote I talked about how I was going to the vet to get neutered. Yeah it wasn't the funnest thing ever but I am glad its over.

When I first came home I was Real sad . Mom was hoping I wouldn't need a cone but I started licking right away.

I only had to wear it when she wasn't watching me though. So she took it off and I finally settled down and took a Nap by mom.

By the next day i was doing a lot better emotionally. Physically I didn't even act like I had anything done. Mom had a hard time keeping me relaxed and I got really bored.

The next day I got to spend a little more time outside and I was Loving it! . While I still didn't care for the cone I was getting used to it. Mom had to leave me in it while they went to work. They called me Cone head . Not funny!

Yesterday Mom decided it would be my last day in the cone because I haven't been messing around with my incision at all the last few days. I was in much better Spirits about wearing it though.

So last night I got to sleep without my cone and what happened??? I chewed my stitches out. So off to the vet we went and the vet said I the incision was looking really good and fully closed. She put some ointment on it just in case and I only need to wear the cone two more days. At least its not for the whole two weeks though.

yes this is the face of a very naughty Doggie . Well at least the whole ordeal is almost over.

Lots of love friends!


6 months old

June 8th 2013 1:42 pm
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Hey Pals! I was six months old yesterday. Mom says on Monday I am going somewhere for something called a neuter. I don't know what that is but usually going somewhere means something fun.

The Weather here has been really icky. I like when the sun shines.

I am really bummed because two of my favorite squeaky balls stopped squeaking. I like to be able to squeak toys with my nose. Mom says its really funny to watch me because I will run up to my toys and push down on them with just my nose and i get really excited when they squeak.

Here is my six month picture. Mom says I am so handsome. I don't know about that but I am pretty happy.

Happy Saturday!



May 23rd 2013 7:20 pm
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Hey Pals! Hoping everypup is getting ready to spend a long weekend with their families.

I had a boring day yesterday because mom had to work all day and then had a meeting after so she didn't get home until 8:30. Dad was home but he is really boring. When Mom got home I was all hyped up and she had to take me on a late walk. Then I woke up at 4:00AM and started barking.

So tonight Mom made sure to really tire me out.

We played with sticks and that was fun.

Then mom Threw my ball and that was fun too.

My favorite is when Mom kick my big Tennis Ballaround the yard though. I could chase it all day long.

Then we went on a walk too. I met a big Boxer on our walk today. He seemed pretty friendly but his parents kept yelling at him to come and he wasn't listening.

After all of that I had to Lay down in the shade and take a little rest. It was a good night.

Happy Memorial Day weekend Friends!


Long time no Woof

May 20th 2013 8:01 am
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Well Mom's high hopes of updating you daily has gone out the window but we will still try to come and say hi a few times a week.

What's been keeping us so busy?? Well...Spring is finally here! We have been planting flowers which i have course helped with.

We have been adding to my stick collection and I am head of inspections . Although it was a little rude of mom and dad to throw some of my good sticks into something they called a fire. I protested by trying to grab as many as possible that were in the pile they kept throwing in and dragging them off to a safe place.

I helped mom hang flowers on the front porch and yes at times the work was very tough and I had to take a minute to lay in the dirt to cool down.

Yep I am pretty sure mom and dad would be lost without me .

I also experienced a few firsts over the past weekend. On Friday night I was just relaxing when all of the sudden there were a ton of loud booms. I was so scared I was barking and hiding under the bed. Mom managed to get me out and gave me my kong toy stuffed with some goodies and then I was ok. She called the horrible noise Fireworks. Mom says 4th of july is coming and there is going to be more. Does anyone have any good advise for her to keep me comfortable during the fireworks season?

Also they had a few thunderstorms but I wasn't as scared during those. Usually just one or two barks.

Then mom got me started on Flea and tick medicines this weekend too. In MN so we don't need them all year long since its so cold. So I am all ready for the summer.

Hope everypup is doing great


Thank you! 05/08/13

May 8th 2013 5:26 pm
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Hello Friends! Thank you so much for the Dogmails, Rosettes and Comments helping me celebrate my Diary of the day. I am so Happy to have you all as friends.

Lots of love,


My life so far 05/07/13

May 7th 2013 6:37 am
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Hello Friends! I am a Daily Diary pick today. I am also 5 months old today
So I figured I would take a look back at my short life today.

When I first came home I was so scared and I didn't like being alone but then I learned that life was fun and not so scary and that I was very loved.

I played my first game of Fetch with a ball and it was so much fun. Mom knew I was born to play fetch. I also learned about snow and I thought it was pretty fun to play in.

Since I was so small I got Tired very easily. It was a big world for a little guy so I took a lot of naps.. I learned about Sticks and how amazing they are and my kitty siblings started to except me more. Its still a work in progress but its getting better every day. As I grew I found Bigger sticks and continued to learn about Snow . I went on my first big Walk and went to the dog park for the first time. It was scary seeing all of those big dogs but I was a very brave boy. Everyone said I was so cute and I looked like a teddy bear.

I went to my first Easter and played with my doggie cousin sophie. As you can see it made me very tired. I got new Toys for fetching. Learned even more about Snow and then finally about Spring . I have collected many treasures along the way even in my short few months of age but I am most grateful for my family and my dogster friends I have made here. Thank you to all of you for making Dogster so much fun.

So today I am 5 months


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