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Welcome Fall!

October 5th 2013 1:00 pm
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Well its finally here. Mom's favorite time of the year. I like the temperature much better but man has it been raining alot.

So I went to my second Obedience class and I did MUCH better. I wasn't barking at everyone and I didn't try to bite anyone. The trainer even said that My markings and colorings are phenomenal! I felt pretty special. So I will just keep on going and hopefully continue to do better each week.

This morning we went out for a walk and I realized that all of the pretty leaves are starting to fall off of the trees on to the ground . Pretty soon Mom and dad will have to rake them into big piles for me to play in.

Then we went up to the park and noticed another sign of fall. The Geese are on the move. Boy did they have a lot to say about me being there. I really don't think they like me much.

Then we went to my beach where I like to swim but guess who has taken over the beach as well... the Geese . I think its pretty rude since the sign on the beach says we are not supposed to poop in the sand but they sure didn't care.

Then we stopped at the most beautiful Tree in the neightborhood to take a picture before it looses all of its leaves. Fall sure is a beautiful time of the year.

Yesterday it rained most of the day so I just stayed in and Cuddle with my best friend. I love my orange Monster.

Well I hope everyone else is doing well too.



Long time not Bark

September 28th 2013 8:55 am
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Hey Pals! Sorry its been so long since I barked. We have been busy around here doing this and that.

Boy do I have some news. I started Puppy class (Obedience school) on thursday and that did NOT start off well.

I barked at every single dog and person there. Some lady tried to fit me with a collar (Mom told her she would put it on me) and I almost bit her because I was so nervous. Well it didn't help that she first stuck it in my mouth and continued to try and push it on me not knowing I had it in my mouth.

Then I lunged and barked at all of the dogs coming through the door. Mom finally got me to stop barking and in the ring with the other dogs.

The good news is by the end I was Wagging my tail and much happier. The instructor could tell a difference. Hopefully next week I will remember that I didn't get hurt and I did end up having fun. I wasn't the worst dog trained there but I definitely had some behavior issues.

I am just fine meeting dogs and people on the streets but this was so different for me. Anyone have any advice?

Lots of love,


This and That

September 14th 2013 8:07 pm
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Hey there pals!

Well its been a lot cooler here. It was in the 60s today. Its been really nice for our walks.

Yesterday we went up to the beach because I have been enjoying a good swim and now that its cooler out the people don't want to go to the beach. So when we got there there were two other dogs playing so I waited patiently for my turn. One was white shepherd and the other was a Golden retriever.

Then I got my chance to do some swimming . It was really beautiful out. Mom threw a stick out for me and I was a good boy and brought it back.

Then today It rained a lot so I got a chance to use my Raincoat . There were ducks in the water that I was watching but then they got scared and flew away.

You will never guess what I found on my way home. Baby Turtles . Lots of baby turtles! Luckily they were on a dead end street that doesn't get used a lot.

Well that is about it.

Lots of love,


Happy Tuesday

September 10th 2013 8:37 am
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Hey Pals! This week has been great because Mom took off a extra few days.

Yesterday Was pretty boring. It was 96 degrees again so we had to stay inside. Plus Mom has to get out in our yard to find out where I am picking up all of those awful stickers on my coat from. I had to have my beautiful tail and ears trimmed because I got stickers in them.

So yesterday I helped mom cook spaghetti and garlic toast.

Then I helped mom (more like Peeped) with making sure she didn't drown in her bath. I don't think I have told you how much of a fascination I have with Bubbles . Don't worry that is just Mom's hand in the picture.

Then we curled up and went to bed early.

Today we got to go to the beach and I did some sniffin around . There were lots of smells on that beach this morning.

I even got sand on my nose! It made me sneeze a few times.

well its cooler out today so we are going to try and spend more time outside.

Lots of love,



September 8th 2013 12:14 pm
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Hey Pals! Just stopping in to say Hi. Nothing too cool has been happening around here. Its been pretty hot all week again until today. Its gloomy and cooler out.

I pretty much just played around the yard with Mom. We played fetch with some of my favorite Chuck-it balls . I have the big one and the little one.

I like the big on because I feel like it makes me look real strong .

I like to run and Run around the yard like crazy with it. I like the little ball because it bounces real high and I can jump and catch it in the air. The little ball makes me look real fast

I also found a few pretty cool sticks in the backyard when we were playing too. This one is one of my favorites and so mom makes sure not to throw it in the fire pit. Its really Big so it makes me look real strong too.

I did some sniffing around the yard too. As you can see our fence is bordered by the woods so there are lots of creatures that try to come into my yard. So there is always lots and lots of sniffing that needs to be done when I am out there. Its not all fun in games you know?

Then once I was sure that the yard was secure I rested for awhile in the cool grass by my ball. Its starting to feel like fall around here. The leaves and acorns are starting to fall from the trees and everything is starting to look drab. I Hear it get really pretty again before the trees loose all of their leaves though.

Oh and I have been getting to sleep with Mom and Dad lately! No more Kennel for bedtime!! Mom said that the other night she woke up and I was on my back with my front two feet strait up in the air BOL. I guess I was pretty comfortable.

So thats about it pals.

Happy Sunday



Pups and people

September 3rd 2013 5:54 pm
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Hey Pals! Not too much new. Things are back to normal around here. Mom is back to work and so is dad. The holiday is over and now I guess the next big one is something called Thanksgiving. I hear there is a lot of good food so I am pretty excited.

Anyway my day yesterday was pretty much like the rest of my weekend which was good. The day started pretty dark and gloomy but then the clouds started breaking up and it ended up being absolutely beautiful . It was only like 72 degrees outside so it was nice weather for walking. Lots of birds were out flying around too. Perfect for my Bird dog instincts.

We ended up stopping and rest a few times and I kept my eyes and ears open for bunnies but didn't see any. I think news has spread that my bunny hunting skills are nothing to mess with.

Now that my people have gone back to work I have realized that nothing is better...not treats, not toys, no bones or foods (cheese is pretty close) then spending quality time with your People and if we are lucky (all dog should be) we are loved back just as much as we love them.

Have a great week pals,


Happy Labor day and other things

September 1st 2013 7:09 pm
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Hey Pals! Hope everypup is having a great long weekend with their peoples. I have been doing lots of fun things.

I went for a fun morning walk with mom and grandma yesterday morning. I did lots of sniffing around. There were lots of fresh animal scents around.

I also did lots of Frolicking and Leaping around in the long grass. I was having so much fun and I reminded Mom and Grandma of a dear. I just couldn't stop Smiling . Then mom made me get out of the long grass because somehow I ended up in a pond and I was all wet. We walked a little further and I was on high alert because there were tons of birds in the brush. I wanted to chase them so bad but mom said I had to stay out of the woods and on the main path. It was a fun day and I really enjoyed going for such a long walk. I met a few pups along the way too but I didn't go into the dog park. I am not quite ready for that because I had a few bad experiences there with bigger dogs that wouldn't leave me alone.

Tonight mom came home and me and her had a fire outside because Dad was so tired from his long day of work and decided to take a nap. Its nice and cool here today. In the 70s and tonight will be in the 50s.

I had lots of fun sitting around the fire with mom. I just couldn't stop smiling because I love being with my people.

We stayed out there and played fetch for awhile and I checked to make sure the yard was secure but then mom noticed I was starting to get tired . So she put out the fire and we went for our night walk. It was a very eventful walk too. We turned our corner to go towards to the park and my little yorkie friend was outside but so was his sibling that usually isn't allowed out off of the leash. There was also an orange and white kitty hanging out with them. It was so cute because the kitty wouldn't leave their side and kept following them around. The bad part was that they followed us the whole walk around the block and the owner knew it but didn't do anything. It went Me and Mom, Yorkie, Yorkies sibling and little orange cat in a row. Mom had to make sure they didn't get hit several times. Mom finally got them to stay at their house but it was stressful. The orange kitty slapped me in the nose too.

Well now I am about ready for tired . Good night friends and Happy Labor day.


P.S. Mom decorated my page for fall. Its not quite fall yet but its her favorite time of the year!


Hot Hot Hot!

August 26th 2013 8:01 am
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Hey Pals! It has been so hot around here lately. Yesterday was 102 degrees and today is supposed to be 108! So Mom has to get up early and take me for my walk before it gets too hot and then we have to go for my evening walk later in the day too.

So we have had to spend a lot of time inside which makes me very antsy. I like to play outside and run and chase bunnies. Instead I have to sit at the window and daydream.

So guess what?? Yesterday Mom and dad went out to the store and came back with a surprise for me.

A swimmy pool!!

The pictures didn't turn out very well because it was so humid the lenz fogged right up. It was so much fun! I did lots of jumping in and walking around in Circles and splashing. Mom also threw some of my balls in and I got to fetch them out.

Then I would get out Shake and Rub .

It was a lot of fun except after all of the splashing, shaking and Rubbing I got pretty dirty so Mom made me take a bath before bed. Its not my favorite but guess what??? I was so fluffy, soft and Cute after my bath AND I gave mom the Pretty please face so she let me sleep in bed with them last night! A big step in the right direction.

Hope you are keeping cool too friends.


Daily Diary pick!

August 12th 2013 7:26 am
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Wow Got an email today saying I was a daily Diary pick. I am having a lucky week. Thanks Dogster!

Well yesterday we went back for a walk to our favorite walking trail by grandma and grandpa's house. Dad brought his little pet car with him too. It even has a name. I don't care for it at all so I do my version of Chasing cars . It really tired me out. I would chase it down one one and then it would turn around and Chase me the other way . Then when it would get close to mom I would make sure to look real tough and bark .

It didn't dare hurt her. It even flipped over once because it was so scared of me. I made sure to tell it to Stay down or else.

After that I was real tired. I just stood there for a while watching stuff and the car had to be carried by dad it was so tired BOL.

The best part of my walk was that I found a new ball for my collection. I carried it around with me.

I guess that's about it. I don't know what adventures today will bring but I am looking forward to them



Happy Day!

August 10th 2013 1:21 pm
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Well I feel like such a lucky pup to have so many friends who stopped by and helped me Celebrate Dog of the day on Thursday. I even made some new pals.

Thank you so much again for making me feel like such a special pup.

What did I do to celebrate?

I did some trotting around my yard so all the other neighbor dogs could see how special I was.

I did some Running To remind all of the bunnies how fast I am and that they should stay out of my yard.

I did some Thinking about all of my good friends here and how happy I am to have made them.

I chewed on some little sticks

and some big sticks too.

I spent some time inspecting my stick Pile to make sure no one has been taking any.

I did some rolling around in the Day lillies too. Apparently Mom didn't think that was as cool as I did though.

and of course I did some cuddling and Resting .

There were treats and walks in there too. Overall it was a great day spent with Mom. I also visited Grandma and Grandpa's house this weekend and got to attack all of their kitty toys. We have kitty toys here too but mom keeps them away from me. Grandma always forgets to put them away when I come over. Kitty toys are so much fun to rip apart.

Well that's about it pals

Have a great weekend!

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