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Penny A Puppy with Lyme

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Tuesday 12th

February 12th 2013 6:21 am
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Hello everyone,
Firstly thank you all very much for your good wishes and your congratulations on being the Diary pick yesterday. It was a very nice surprise.
Penny has gone off her food again, she did not eat last night and left her food this morning. Yesterday she had great fun playing in the snow and seemed intent on digging 3foot down into the 5 foot snow bank out side, once she had got that done (I dread to think which item is under all that snow) she spent much time running up and down it doing figure eights. She is lively this morning and is as I write working through her toy basket for the right toy for this moment in time, chances are it will be loud. I will take her for a little play in the snow soon and see if it helps her appetite.
When I left yesterday I was off to see what she was playing with in the snow, trust me you don't want to seriously you don't.
For any one who is wondering from yesterdays entry."how did she/they get the reading glasses out the door with out being seen" if you work it out please let me know, we are still trying to fathom this.
Also while I am on this subject, if anyone sees her bright blue scarf can you let me know. Because of her color when we take her walking we put on a bright scarf as she will blend nicely into the undergrowth. Before she was taken poorly she walked off the track just 2 minutes came back it was gone. it was very well tied on, I suspect there is a Bear or Fox strutting around here now looking real smart with his blue scarf with skating Penguins on it :-)
Well our Coon cat is shredding/eating/knocking to the floor all the receipts and statement I spent yesterday sorting, and I want to get Penny to eat as she has taken her Anti-biotic so its on with the 15 layers and off into the snow for us.
Thank you again and I hope you and yours are all well.


Monday - 1 Week on

February 11th 2013 8:17 am
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This time last week we were so worried, it is not that we think we are all going to be fine because we don't know yet. However things are looking up.
Penny is playful, loving and alert. She is loving this snow and it was such fun to see here bouncing in and out of the deep drifts from the 30 inches we got here.
Its snowing again today and I think she wants to go and clear more of it.
The reason for this diary was that Lyme is a very strange condition that has (it seems) no rules. Every case it seems is different. It will be a few more weeks before we know what effect the Medication has had for the long term.
But I hoped this would give some guide and hope if you have a puppy that is this unlucky enough to get Lyme. They say it takes between 2-5 Months for symptoms to show, as Penny is 6 month this means that for a large part of her life she has been fighting this disease.
This being said I will carry this on, (in case anyone ever reads it) so many entries will be more about the life a wonderful Puppy and of course the results from the vet.
There will be no entries at weekends unless it is urgent as I work 14 hour shifts, and Penny gets to play with dad!
Oh what has she found out there in the snow now that she is throwing around. The last time she was finding things in the snow it turned out to be my reading glasses. She seems to have a pact with our Coon cat, he knocks things on the floor and she hides them. I am sure they both sit and laugh as we people spend many hours looking for items and wondering if we have early dementia.



February 8th 2013 7:37 am
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Okay so now our girl seems to be better. Of course we know that we have a way to go yet, and we are only 1 week into her medication but she is much improved. I noticed last night that she is walking much better than she used to, it was subtle and as she is a pup there is nothing you can go by in way of comparison. But her back legs seem to be squarer than they were, before she seemed to have her feet to close together. She gets up quicker than before also. As I said because she is a Puppy we thought this was just the way Penny is.
As she has just bee trying to join in with the 2 cats cat nip fest I think we can say today she is feeling good!



February 7th 2013 5:45 am
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Well the trip yesterday did the trick. She was very shaky in the truck, but when we got to the trainers she was a happy girl, she saw the trainer and ran to her, wagging her tail and doing her new trick. The trainer was expecting Pen and was thrilled to see her, and the two spent a little time together (as it is in a shop there are LOTS of people) most the people want to stop and fuss Pen and she loves it.
I think just as with us when we are sick sometimes if we feel up to it a change of scene is a good thing. It really helped Penny.
This morning she is barking at the deer in the garden, eating most of her food and playing with her toy.
She is still sensitive to being told off, but all things in time. As this is not a common thing we will handle it as it comes.



February 6th 2013 6:11 am
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Well this morning Penny is moving around just as normal, she is playing and getting up and down stairs as she always does, because her back legs are longer than her front she always looks funny going down, and sometimes it looks like gravity has the upper hand on this, but she is always upright at the bottom.
Despite this she has not eaten her breakfast, which is normally gone very fast, and the only trace is the burp she likes to give to the cats when they walk by, maybe she will eat later.
We have noticed a change in her manner, it is almost as if she thinks she is being punished, she is never in trouble normally. But she picked up the cats toy and in a mild voice I said "Hey sweets, that belongs to the boys" she put it down and went to her bed looking most forlorn. She has a floor full of toys, some squeak, some rattle, some oink, then there are the balls and all types of things. She seems very sensitive right now. Later if she is up to it we are planning to take her to see one of her favorite people, her dog trainer. Its an hours drive each way so we have phoned to see when she is in. The hope is that this will give Penny some happy moments and get her out of the house for a while.
I will let you know how it goes later, but for now we will have a walk around the garden :-)


A bit about Penny

February 5th 2013 2:06 pm
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Penny is now 6.5 months and 41 lb. Her mum is a cross breed Great Pyrenees Anatolian Shepherd mix her dad is Border Collie.
She seems to be more of the Anatolian I think, she is leggy and blond in color. She is very smart and learns things quickly, she is not at all food aggressive, and will let Murphy (the Coon cat)put his head in her food bowl while she is eating and wait. She is somewhat timid by nature and has been to Puppy club and her first class. She now is very happy to play with other dogs. If the dogs are small she lays down to play with them, if there are more than one dog and they get out of hand together, she steps back and gives out a bark to tell them off.
She has overcome her fear of travel, the vet, new places and strangers.
She is a remarkable dog in so many ways, and is loved so much not just by us but by almost every one who meets her.


Day 3 of Doxy

February 5th 2013 1:43 pm
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Penny was able to get up and down the stairs herself, and after a good night. Woke me up with a smack on the face and a very hearty tail wag, not to mention all the licking. Her eyes were much brighter and she was so full of life. It was almost like having her back with up as she was.
She did not eat all her breakfast but was lively and playful, she was almost like she had been in a cage and needed to vent all her energy.
We went in the garden for a short while, she had her coat on as it is 15 degrees here, and we don't want to risk her getting a chill in her joints.
She is very much better and can run and play, we are really trying to not let her get over tired.
About two hours later she was worn down and laying in her bed (not the pad) looking sorry for herself.
She rested and soon was back to feeling much better.
We left her for a while so she could rest up peacefully (as much as the cats will let her)
She is at this moment almost back to her old self, but we know this may not really be the case.
Time will tell, and as she is a baby we are told it could go either way for her. But for now we are so pleased to have her respond to the Doxycyclin in a positive way.


Day 2 of Doxy

February 5th 2013 1:21 pm
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Penny had a fairly good night, and this morning was able to walk again badly but she could walk. She is on 1.5 tablets each morning with her breakfast. She is eating.
Today she had her second dose and not long after it she seemed to go down hill. She laid down on a pad as she can not get out of the bed at the moment. She slept for most the morning and even when she was awake she did not show any interest in anything.
Sometime later she did get up and walked somewhat better, after a few treats she walked over looked at her favorite toy and her treat and could not get down to either of them and cried.
At this point you have felt so helpless for a while that you see this as an improvement. At least she is interested in them even if she can not play.
Later in the day she was somewhat better altogether and after a home made ice cream she was playing gently but playing all the same.


First entry

February 5th 2013 1:13 pm
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Okay so we have never done this before, but I thought in view of so much information, that says different things, I would tell a first hand account of what we are experiencing.

Penny is 6 months old and 41 lb.
On Saturday she was very quiet, on Sunday morning she was lame. She could not walk her back legs hardly moved and she cried a lot when trying to stand. A trip at 4am to the emergency vet and a blood test said she has Lyme disease, and a low grade fever 103.
We were given some Doxycycline and she came home painfully.
On Sunday she was in such bad pain that my husband gave her a baby Asprin. We did check with the vet first, of course this action meant that she could not have other pain killers for 48 hours. She was so bad he decided to risk it and hope that day 2 of the Doxy would see enough improvement.
It certainly helped she was able to walk (a little bit like an elderly lady on high stilettos) and her back had the arch but she was able to walk up to me by the time I got home from work at 9:30pm.

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