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Penny A Puppy with Lyme

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Ash, chickens and life

August 16th 2013 12:14 pm
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Hi everyone
So I think it could be Ash after all, he is beginning to look more like Ash, not like the "Zen Ash" but still like Ash.
His back still has a hump on it and he is still slow and limping, (the peeps give him stuff which makes him a bit sleepy but he seems in less pain.
He can not go out side which he is not happy about, I think he wants to go and get the animal that did this, but the peeps are saying he has to stay in. I check him every hour, and give him a lick, if he pulls a face I know he is okay, if he just sits there I know to get the peeps.
I am still on guard for the Chickens they are as you know all my babies even the big Rooster (he just won't let anyone know that). I have saved them 5 times now from the Fox, and they still won't learn to stay in the front garden, so I walk the back wall till I can get them moving. Its a lot of work some days but all my babies are safe.
Its Ash's Birthday tomorrow so I may lick him twice as much just to celebrate, but I will see how he feels to judge if that's a good plan.
The peeps are talking into the black thing and I can hear talking from the visitors who came a while ago but I can't see them anywhere so I will go look again.
Take care everyone
We all send licks woofs and purrs.



August 15th 2013 9:07 am
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Hi everyone
Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes for the "Zen master"
Mum just went and brought him home. Well she says its him and he pulls the same faces when I try to wash his ears and face, but........ I don't think he knows this, but hes naked. Some one has stolen his lovely coat.
I can see where it was fastened on, as he has these holes on his back legs and I never knew he was a hunch back. I won't say anything to him though. But I am wondering if its him. He walks different to Ash his eyes are not like Ash's same colour but different. And of course he has a hunch back and no fur. And he smells like a Vets room crossed with some slobbering wild beast, not a good combination.
But he does sound like Ash so I will be watching.
Who ever it is Mums got treats for him she said they are "pain killers" and they are in tubes, and he has sweets that are in a pack, but he can only have 2 a day........They are called something like "Anti-bionic" so I guess it stops whoever this is being to super powerful.........WOW Bionic Ash no wonder the creature did not get to take him.
I am off to sniff him again
I will let you know how hes doing, but please keep him in your thoughts, he has a way to go.
Mum said "he is not out of the woods yet" but shes wrong cause he is he is upstairs in the bedroom having a sleep............Good job when she gets back from seeing her vet too.
Woofs and thanks.


Ash needs our help

August 14th 2013 1:57 pm
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Hi everyone
I am so sorry not to have been in touch, but mum has had health issues and has had to work A LOT.
I am ok and so is Murph, however Ash needs our help.
He has been attacked by something big it has shaken him up in more ways than one and he is in the vets now so they can mend him.
He has holes in his back and is not eating or drinking, he has bad swelling on his spine and can't walk at the moment.
I know most of you know him a "Ash the Zen master" from my diary's, but he needs us to send good healing thoughts so he comes back home soon.
Thank you all
Love and woofs
Penny Murph and our peeps


Monday April 1st - She brought me nothing back

April 1st 2013 11:38 am
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Sorry we have been away from the computer for a while.
You see I blame Mum, on Friday she had to go to work to a "eating" she may have said "meeting" but I don't think so, and I will explain why. She was gone for a long time, and when she came back I was so pleased I ran down the drive and she opened the car door. Of course I did not get in that would be silly, anyway, our drive is great as it is all muddy, me and Murph love it. However the car was to heavy and got stuck, Dad told her to reverse and he pushed, but it moved a little then there was a noise that was not good, and Mum stopped, Dad kept pushing shouting don't stop the car. Mum shouted I already have, and so it happened that the car was stuck, I think embedded is a better word for it.
Well the got stuff from the small wooden house, and went to dig it out, they got wood to put under the wheels, I thought at one point they were moving into the car there was so much stuff there. Then they got out a boulder that was bigger than all of us put together that did not help (Mum said it would not!) and there was much sighing. Our friend from down the road came with "Blue" he is handsome a black Lab, he thinks I am just a kid but I will show him one of these days. Blue and I went off for a walk, and I think it made Mum a bit cross as we did not ask first. She had to come looking for us, and was up in the wood calling, but we came back the other way and she did not know, okay Blue came back and I followed him, did I say he was handsome, sigh..........oh yes the car, well Blue brought his Dad and his Dad brought his tractor, but it was no good. The car was not moving. So every one went home, I went home with Blue, did I say how handsome he is? but I was told to go back to my place, not sociable was it. When I got back Dad called in a "wrecker" but by now it was dark,as they had been out there for 4 hours, the wrecker came an hour later and that could not get the car out the mud either. Oh dear now Mum could not get to work, which was a much better plan than ours last week. In the end she rang a friend and he took her in, so that did not work, and she said she was very "fed up" which is why I think she was "eating" and not "meeting"
Hope you all had a good Easter..........I did!


Friday 29th March - Easter gifts!

March 29th 2013 1:16 pm
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So after I complained about not liking the truck the Peeps left me behind when they went out.
They were gone all day, well maybe an hour but it seemed longer. When they came back they brought in groceries and put me outside, then in came this little box. "Yes" its my Easter gift I thought and they don't want to spoil the surprise. It is hidden in that box, so I looked through the door to see what it was. Well they got out a much bigger plastic box and put a light on top of it and a wire cover. Wow I wondered what they had got me, in the end Mum saw me with my nose pressed on the glass trying to see and let me in. What a noise, it sounded like squeaky hinges, it was louder than Ash when he goes out for a walk. So at this point I did not know if I wanted to know what was in there, but I was beginning to think it was not my Easter gift.
The Peeps said for me to come and look and I did very bravely creeping and peeking over the top of the box.....................What ever are they? 2 legs, no arms, hardly any head and tiny, I mean very tiny, maybe smaller than a golf ball, with these things sticking out of the miniature head. They are covered in fur, some black, some yellow and some red. Mum picked one up for me to look at closer and it had itsey bitsey eyes, as I got closer it looked at me and said "cheep" Well how rude an introduction, I may not be a pedigree and so was not expensive but I am not cheep! Then Mum said "Penny, its a baby", and Dad said "its a Baby Chicken", oh wowie they did get me an Easter gift, a baby chicken ... or 10. So what did I do next?.......yes I licked it. It is now a baby with a hair style unlike anything else. I wanted to shake paws with it but Dad said "no" so that can wait. Ohhhh babies I stayed very close to make sure they were all safe, and when they went to bed I cried out side the closed door till Dad let me in to say good night, I would have stayed longer but for some reason Murph and Ash can not be left with babies just yet, I don't know if it was because they laid on top of the box, trying to get their arms in to shake hands.
Its all so exciting babies and Baby chickens, of course I have no idea what a chicken is, but I do like their fur and they are so colorful, I wonder when they will grow their other legs and a head?


March 28th - Whos bed is it anyway!

March 28th 2013 8:36 am
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I got to go out in the truck yesterday which was not good, I have decided I don't like it.
Yes alright it gets me to new smells and new people and shops that give me treats, and the bank gives me treats, and people stop and fuss me yeah I like all that, just not keen on the ride there, I do like coming back though. I like watching the cars etc and people as we go by.
Mum took me for a walk beforehand so I would not get all "stressed" but I ran off with the dog down the road so she got stressed instead, well it seemed only fair one of us should, and she did not want it to be me did she.
Murphy got some more brushing when we got back and he was looking so smart as he jumped in the mud and puddles. He even was thoughtful enough to jump on Mum to wipe his feet before deciding if he should go in.
I got to play outside nearly all day, playing in the snow and running around, Murph and I were quiet worn out, Murph climbed in my bed and went sleep. I tried to get in there with him but he would not move, I know how Mum and Dad feel now when they are in bed. He lay there, and when I went to lay next to him he gave me the old "Murphy stink eye" so I slept on the floor, how rude he can be. He has this look at times that says we are sib's we share everything, which means we share everything that is mine! But I do love him and he loves me too, he rubs against my legs and give me a kiss, he can walk under me and tickles my tummy with his tail, then he lays down and rolls over showing me his tummy, I can't tickle him though, I do try to lick his tum sometimes, thats funny.
Its good at this time of year to be able to dig up the ground though and make puddles and still roll in the snow, such fun!
Ahh almost time for my Ice cream oh life is so good.
I send my woof, and the secretary send her prayers and best wishes to those who have asked esp CJ, Tug and family.
OHH Murph has got back in my bed while I am busy with this.....sigh!!


Wednesday 27th March - Shocking events.

March 27th 2013 12:05 pm
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Firstly thank to all the dogster techies, who are working so very hard to keep up with and remove the fleas. You are doing a great job.
Also thank you all those who write to say you enjoy my ramblings, I could not do with out Murph and Ash, oh and my unpaid secretary.
Mum purchased a new toy, she is always doing that, nothing for us just for her.
Well its called a "furminator" it was either that or some Kevlar gloves, it is to make us all look beautiful. Well it won't take much in my case, but as she said Murph looks like an unmade bed and feels like a bag of potatoes he has so many lumps in his fur, this may take some time. When it came, she practiced on Ash who did not seem to mind, which is not normal as he normally runs away after two strokes. Taking this as a good sign I pushed my way in to see what was what, of course she wanted me to do that anyway, and I got a nice comb.
Then she crept along the hallway and laid down near Murph, he opened one eye as if to say "you are fooling no one" and she gently brushed. Well shock, horror, gasp he seemed to enjoy it, he rolled from side to side and lay on his back. I tried to muscle my way into the action but he came back and got under me and mums arm and had another go.
Mum seems to be keeping the hair from us all, I am not sure if she is planing on knitting another friend, but if she is I hope its a dog or a goose that would be fun, I love my brothers but another Murph, I am not sure the house could take that.
I think the job with Murph is still work in progress, as she has to use a different toy for the bad lumps, but I have to say he is looking much better.
I would still like to know when she will get something for us though.
Many woofs


Tuesday 26th March - I am having a sulk!

March 26th 2013 1:10 pm
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I have to tell you all here and now I am having a sulk. You see Mum and Dad took me for a good walk up the woods in front of our house, and I was running and playing in the snow A W S O M E !
I was running and dropping so I skid down the bank, its so mega I love it. I also love running and being a human snow shovel, I run lower my head with my mouth open and scoop up as much snow as I can, its great like my ice cream with out the yummy flavour, it makes my tongue go all odd and hang out my mouth, and it flaps up and down like a giant fly paper. It such fun...........oh yes so why am I in a sulk thats right, well the peeps were walking through all the snow,slush and climbing walls and jumping small brooks etc, and I got ahead my nose was leading me to some wonderful smell, and I tracked it down............. it was a bone. Wow I found it, "finders keepers" as I always say when I find something. Mum and Dad asked to see my wonderful new prize and I wanted to show it off, so I came over. They looked at it and said thats a turkey bone, and got that look they give each other. Now I don't mind who it belonged to I found it, so if Turkey was silly enough to leave it laying around, shame on him. Then Mum does no more than magically holds in her hand a treat, "oh yes lucky day, meaty treats and a bone" now I can not hold the bone and the treat, Mum has that look that tells me its only on offer for a short time then it will go back, not that I know where it came from but its to risky, so I let go the bone take the treat and run, Dad then grabs the bone and puts it in the top of a tree. "WHAT" how am I going to get that now, okay if I had my partners in crime Murph and Ash it would be easy, but they were laying in front of the fire on the couch, exclaiming that its so hard being a cat some times.
So that is why I am sulking, I will not talk to or look at or play with anyone until I have had a sleep, then I will forgive them all and let them run around the house with me. I have to try to teach them whats right after all.
I send you all my woofs


25th March - Monday Almost Easter

March 25th 2013 9:32 am
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Hello everyone,
A new week and its almost Easter!
I have gone off my food again, but I am okay just don't want to eat.
Spring is just around the corner, which means that the Stinkhorn Mushrooms will be back soon Yeaaahh!
But I am not wishing my time away, I have lots to look forward to in the mean time.
Finding the things buried in the snow will be first, seeing what all this is about "flowers" is next, Ash says they are beautiful creations of wonder, and each one is a miracle. He tells me Mum buried lots of things last year and they will all come up and be miracles. Seems odd to me, when I bury my things (and any one elses) they come up dirty. What I may do is go out and dig them up so I can see what he is talking about, no point waiting for these thing's. Murph said Flour it is something used to make bread, treats and cakes, and there is a special one called "Cauli" that is good with cheese sauce. So I don't know who is telling the truth but I will let you know what I think when it all happens. That is unless the treats are the same as last time, in which case you will have to wait till they have been buried for a few weeks before I can bite them. That's a point if I dig these things up, that Mum buried maybe they are the treats Mum made and she is softening them up, in which case I had best leave them a few more months.............I need to think this over some more.
So that is Spring, then its summer I am told it gets warm, so I am not keen on that. I have a fur coat so I think that will be a problem for me, the boys go down the basement I am told where its cool. As some of you know I don't go down there EVER and will have to find some where else to go. However I am looking forward to going for long walks in different smells, oh sorry I mean different places.
Then of course it will be Stink horn season which is where we started.
What did we do this weekend Dad worked some of it. Mum left the house again to go to work our plan did not work at all.
On Sunday Dad took me for a long walk, but he made us come back when it got exciting, "TRACKS" big footed going down into the dense trees, I was a little afraid it may be the animal with the scarf and no teeth, but thought it worth looking at a distance, but Dad said "no" we must leave it and go back. I don't think he liked the scarf either! We came back and played a while then waited for Mum but its a long wait as she is not back till its very dark. Now I am not one to complain but between us Dad dropped the ball this weekend. He did not make my ice-creams............. I am not sure if I should report this or not, but Mum got back asked and he said some thing that made her roll her eyes. Good job she had a special treat hidden in the drawer, I know she has made me some now so tonight is Ice-cream night ...... I wonder if you could make them with essence of "stink -horn"
now that would be something all the ice cream taste with that wonderful smell Ahhhhhhh perfick!
No Mum I am sticking with "Perfick" not Perfect.
Take good care everyone
I send my woofs


Saturday- We are so helpful

March 23rd 2013 3:49 am
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Happy weekend everyone
As some of you know Mum works all weekend, and between us Dad is lost with out her. He spends all day in the office, and I think its more than her bringing him drinks.
Well she decided to get all her chores done early so she could sit down ....... Yeah right !
Anyway we had a meeting and decided....... if she did not get her work done here, she could not go off to work and we would all win. Well not work of course but we can sort that out tomorrow.
So once she had finished the cleaning and started dinner, Murph went first. Looking back this was possible the least brave thing to do. He went into the laundry room and threw his food bowl across the room, all his dry food everywhere, Mum sighed said it would have to wait.
She gave me some treats, so I did no more than spat all the soggy goodness over the carpet. She looked at the mess and said "oh Pen" Wow I knew I had won when she used the "Oh" word I am really Murphys Sister now we are both "Oh's"
So after this what was Ash going to do, trust me he was good....well we thought so anyway. He went outside, and very unlike him walked in all the mud he could find, and then came in walked straight up the stairs and into the shower, of course it was wet in there and mixed with he freshly muddied feet made a great mess all over. He climbed up the walls and left big streaks it really look very artistic, I don't think Mum thought so. We all smiled at each other, well not Mum she just gave a huge sigh, followed by "Oh Ash"
Yes we had done it we were now all members of the "oh" family.
It backfired a little on us though, as by the time she had done everything again we did not have much time to play. I did try to help her by cleaning up after Murph but that got me in trouble. I tell you some days you just can't win. We all had a nice sleep though while she managed to find things to do. That way we were ready when she had finished so we were ready for her to entertain us all. She is so lucky we are so thoughtful.

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