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Penny A Puppy with Lyme

March 11th ---Another week and another adventure

March 11th 2013 6:43 am
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Hello everyone
I hope you are all well. I am not eating again, maybe I will eat something later.
We all had an interesting weekend, as you know mum works weekends so we don't really see her at all. Saturday was a chilling day me and the boys just hung out and caught up on some rest. So that was cool, Dad worked in the office.
Sunday however we decided to shake things up a little bit, Murph became "oh no Murph" again.
Ash became "Ash the dash" and was racing around the house like a freight train with no brakes.
I took on another cat toy.............and won. Dad let us all outside for a while, so that's when "oh no Murph" did it again, this time it went more "wrongerister" (that's my word for very bad) than before. You see they have attempted to block ALL his paths from the leaping platforms. But it did not work, he just could not launch himself properly, so he missed most of the roof, Dad heard the noise came out the office ran out just as "Oh no Murph" was hanging by his claws Dad tried to get over the snow and mud slipped recovered as the claws gave way and Murph fell, he did not have far to fall really he is such a LONG cat and the snow is so high and its the garage roof so it is low. But he landed in the snow bank. Of course he got up and walked around as if he had intended to do it all along. Dad scooped him up in the "Oh no" fashion that they have, and took him inside again for the rest of the day. He gave Murph a very good talking to, but as we all know it wont make any difference, he is after all MURPH and there is no more to be said.
Today he is inside again, and so far creating havoc.
Anyway to round off the weekend events, Dad took me for a long walk later in the day which was great all the smells in the snow I don't know why the peeps don't get down and enjoy them, but there you go. Also between us, they are still very slow I have to keep coming back for them, ....sigh! But I guess they are doing their best.
Today Mum is back so we may get to play the hiding game........oh yes! I love my life.
Speak later.


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