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Penny A Puppy with Lyme

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Ohh err!

April 15th 2015 12:59 am
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Well Mum said first to say sorry for not being in touch for EVER.
We are all doing just fine, but we had a big adventure, you see Mums family in the UK took ill and Mum and Dad needed to be there.
They sold all their stuff (Not mine, Ash and Murphs) but theirs and the got us tickets on a big metal bird and we now live in England, and they brought our stuff with us.
It was odd at first but I will explain more later when we have time, for now though I live in a flat/apartment and go to the beach 3 times a day.
They are going to sell the flat and move to a house with a garden for us all. The beach is so weird, sometimes there is lots of sand and sometimes someone fills everywhere with water, and the water is not always happy and it throws itself at me. One day I did the same and threw myself at it, but I won't do that was cold and wet and there was no floor.
So now when I am down there I try to keep all the birds off it, just in case the water gets angry with them too.
I have to go now but Mum said if anyone is thinking of doing this with their furs, feel free to send her a note and she will answer ASAP.
Much love and many hugs


Hello again

September 20th 2013 10:03 am
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Hi there
Things have been busy up here on the mountain.
Mum is making up for lost time, after her trip to the vet, dad is working hard. Murph is doing his Murphing and Ash is much better and more relaxed.
Charlie Rooster and the girls are chickens so they do what they like really. We have had two more fox attacks on the chickens, Charlie and I saw the fox with sixpence in its mouth and they went over the wall, I tell you that bird can make a noise. Anyway dad let me off Charlie was in pursuit already and between us we caught up. Poor Charlie was out of breath but swung his claws into the fox's rear. I caught up and I grabbed hold of its tail. Dad heard it call out. Dad was coming through the wood by this time, and we were all gone. He looked for Sixpence but there were just feathers. Charlie came back and let Dad pick him up and check him over and he was okay, he lost a few feathers but nothing to harm him. Dad was just wondering how he would tell mum this news as she was at work, when I came over the wall. He was so pleased to see me, and checked me over, I was good breathless but good. Then over the wall came sixpence.....yes when I got the fox to call out he opened his mouth and sixpence got free, and made her way home. The fox could not stop for her as I was hot on his tail "literally" Oh you should have seen dad's face when she came back, these peeps are so funny at times.
Anyway sixpence did not lay an egg for a day but she is all right now and back to her old self.
I am now keeper of the flock, and it is a very serious job I have.
Mum say's we are all remarkable and Dad agrees, which means Ice cream for me, treats for Murph and Ash and corn for the Birds.
Got to go and see whats going on outside.
Be back soon
Woofs and licks and thanks to you all.
Penny ......."keeper of the flock"


Ha Ha they don't know

September 5th 2013 3:56 pm
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Hi there
Well we have not been on because of Mum being so poorly, but she is much better now and will be back at work at the weekend.
Now today Murph and Ash got out......Oh OH. No worries they just laid in the garden and played with crickets. However Ash caught a mouse and gave it to Murph he is such a love that cat. Well Murph and I were laying amazing at the mouse and the fact Ash just gave it to us, when Murph got bored so I was left with it, I tried to get it to play but it would not move so I body slammed it, and again, and again and then I rolled on it. I thought it will play if I do that, then Mum saw me and came to see what as she puts it "disgusting thing are you rolling in" (I guess disgusting is another word for wonderful) anyway she did not look happy and Dad told me to come play soccer with him. So I did as the mouse did not want to do anything but lay there. When I came back the mouse was gone so we never got to play.
After that Murph and Ash were taken inside and I found something really "DISGUSTING" to roll in, and they don't know what it is, but all one side of me is covered and now baked dry and crusty...........oh I love my life. I don't like showers though and I have a bad feeling the way they are looking at me.
I am off to hide.
Speak soon
Licks all round, and if anyone wants to see how crusty I am just ask Mum.
Bye for now
Your friend


Hi everyone

August 29th 2013 10:28 am
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Sorry but mum has been poorly for two days and has been in bed, but today she is up so that's good.
Yesterday she was in bed and Ash and Murph got out, Dad was so distracted with everything, he felt bad, but there is nothing you can do when those two get together. Anyway Dad was upstairs telling mum about this when Charlie Rooster started calling me, Dad ran to the window and saw Charlie hanging from the foxes mouth. You see the fox had Lana hen, but Charlie ran at that fox and the fox let go of Lana as Charlie stood between the fox and Lana the fox caught Charlie, Dad ran down stairs with me and the stick that goes "BANG" the fox lost concentration for a second, charlie swung his legs up got that fox and escaped.......Hes one tough Bird that.
Charlie then ran between the fox again and the hens made himself very big and ran the girls to the house, where he knew they would be safe. The fox decided with the peeps around to go off and ran at the hens who had been split in the first attack, and were furthest away from the house, he almost got them but Dad let me out and I ran that fox, we ran a long way, I did some digging, but he did get away from me...this time. I came home later all covered in mud but the peeps said I did well, Mum is worried that one day I will catch him, and get myself hurt, but he may not come back now as Charlie did well, and we are a great team.
Mum was very worried about Ash and Murph of course as they were still out, but Murph came back soon and Ash went to the front porch and came in that way, they have not even wanted to go out today........I wonder why. I am on look out for if it comes back. Charlie Roo has been trying to tidy Hen Lana's tail feathers as they are looking how shall I say "Chewed"
Anyway I send my licks and woofs
Take care all of you
Your friend


Oh OH it wasn't me

August 26th 2013 8:58 am
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Hi everyone
I am in trouble, and it was not my fault, .........okay it wasn't all my fault.......well okay maybe I should not have done what happened, you can decide who's fault it was....I mean is.
Dad was trying to get some work done to a dead line, and Mum asked if he had time to take 10 minutes for a cup of tea and home made scone. He said great and came down stairs, mum filled her pocket with my treats so I was not left out, we all sat down and just started when I heard the noise and ran off. They watched me go in a different direction to my normal route, and called and whistled and clapped and called, but I was busy. In the end they had to leave everything, Dad went in the car to drive around and could not find I said I was busy, he came home 10 minutes later and I guess they were worried, so they both had to go out into the wood. They were calling and whistling and calling, but as I pointed out I was busy. After a few minutes Mum heard our neighbor (who I may not forgive) call her and the two of them had to walk down the wooded bank slope, Dad kept calling Mum had to stop as she is still sore, and I was what was I doing.......making friends with the cutest boy dog in the street. Yes we were playing catch and hit and chase and I heard Dad but this was more important so I carried on, the neighbor asked Dad if "I was deaf"
I don't think this helped the mood,it took only 35 minutes from when I took off to when they found me, but I am still in trouble, so I got no bed time ice cream that they make for me, no treats and now I am on my zip line.
As I said it was not my fault, it was............I will let you know when I give it some thought, but Jake is cute.
Maybe next time I write I will be forgiven, I am working on it.
Take care, and if you see Jake tell him I will be round ASAP.
Your friend
Oh and if anyone is wondering yes the tea went cold and dad had to go back to work.



August 24th 2013 10:02 am
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Hello all
Yes Mums home and its weekend, her vet say's she has to be home and can not go to work, so does Dad, the family and aunty Pam! She dare not argue with them.
So yesterday as I said we found an egg, later in the day Charlie Roo was making a bad noise it was his call to arms it goes "Cluurk cluck cluck cluck Cluuurk" Which means "Penny I need you NOOOWW"!So mum got up let me out and off I went all around over the wall and into the wood I chased that fox till I could not follow it anymore. When I got back Mum and Dad were sad, another brown hen "Sixpence" had gone. We looked everywhere, Dad called her, Charlie called her, I ran around nothing. Dad and I went over the wood and checked again I showed dad the trail, but he wont get down and sniff, he will never get the scent from up there. Anyway we went off, I got so far ahead I got bored and came home to mum, who rang the bell to tell dad I was back (But hes a bit deaf and did not hear so spent the next 10 mins calling me, that was awkward) anyway he came home and they were trying to work out what to do about the hens when mum said, "look they are all here" like magic they were all back, oh we were all so pleased Mum wanted to know where she was hiding so she knew for if it happened again, and what do you think.......yes sixpence had managed to squeezed herself (Sorry sixpence but your bigger than you think) in a tiny space and had laid an egg. Oh wow what a great ending eh!
I don't know if the fox will be back today now as I am that much closer to where he lives and he knows it. I am being very careful though, but I have to do what I have to do, its in my blood you see, Dad is a border Collie, Mum is half Great Pyrenees and half Anatolian Shepherd I have to protect my family.
Thank you all before I go for your comments and congratulations on DOTD yesterday, Ash and I were both so pleased.
Ash seems to be much better today again, and was even laying on the bed, he has not been able to get up there before! He still has to have his tablets which he hates, and he is still leaking from his tubes, but he is talking and walking and he gave Mum a kiss, he is such a flirt.
Ohh I have talked to long but you won't believe what Murph did last night...............Ohhhhh Murph you really pushed your luck.
Tell you another day.
I send big licks and thanks
Your friend


Big News day

August 23rd 2013 6:54 am
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Hi everyone
Well its big news day today, Ash and I both made Diary pick of the day, whooo how cool is that.
We are so pleased, Ash is very laid back about it all and is having a moment to get his thoughts together now. I of course am so excited I had to get here first.
Ash is doing well, he is still leaking and it is making a lot of washing but Mum says its all good, on Monday he goes back to the vet and they may take his tubes out, which we all hope will put Murph in a better mood, as at the moment he is still shouting each time Ash is in sight. It has become such a habit now he is doing it to me as well. He even did it to Mum but she just say's "Oh get over it Murph" I don't think he was impressed, but then she was not at 3 am when he started again.
There were no fox attacks yesterday so that was good news. Maybe they have moved off. The other good news today is...........are your ready.........sitting down..........okay.........the chickens laid an egg!! yessssssssss at last they have laid an egg. This seems to be big excitement,or should that be "eggcitement" but to be honest and don't tell Mum and Dad, it looks like every other egg I have ever seen only smaller. Still they seem very pleased with it.
I need to go and see how things are all over the house now, thank you all again for the comments picture frame, good wishes and pick of the day, if you want to come round I am sure Mum and Dad will share "the egg" with you all..........just don't come hungry.
Speak soon
Big Licks


They are all home

August 22nd 2013 7:37 am
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Hi Everyone
The family is back together, mum is doing well, it seems the people vet did a good job on her.......she has taken none of her pain killers.......Dads said she is amazing.....she said "Phah" not sure what it means but I think I spelt it right. She said "all she needed was a cup of tea and Ash to come home"
Ash is home now, he is sleeping on the sofa next to mum. Murph is not happy as Ash still has the tube thing (Looks like horns) out his back, and it smells. So Muph is trying to give Ash a hard time, but I don't think he means it. He spent most the night looking for him and calling out, in the end Mum said "Oh Murphy shut up and come here" so he did and slept at her side.
I am looking after everyone of course I have to. I check on Mum and see she is resting, then lick Ash (A LOT) I like to clean his wounds, and make sure they are good........I keep being told off for this, but they don't understand how important it is. Then I try to wash Murph he yells at me. So I go out side and clean up after the chickens, dad said this is just one of the reasons no one wants me licking them.......I don't understand why.
Dad is okay he is very smiley now they are all home. He has gone from looking like a Shar pei to looking like a Lab.
Well I am going to go watch out the window for the intruders and may even chew a bone I have here. Every one else is very sleepy.
I thought now they are all back we could go walking but it seems I may have to wait..............sigh!
Thank you to everyone for your kindness and good wishes prayers and healing thoughts.
Your friend


Ash update

August 20th 2013 2:41 pm
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Dad went to the vets, they are going to keep Ash in again tonight as mum had to take him back this morning as his temp went up to 105.9. They are managing to get his tempt to 103.5 now after giving him lots of "stuff"
Mum has been very worried about him, but he is in the best place to make him better so I hope when mum comes back from the people vet tomorrow, we will have better news.
On the other note, Murp has decided it is not Ash as he smells bad, due to the tube in his back it looks like they tried to fit horns on him and had him backwards.
Anyway Murph is Hissing and slapping at him which is a real sadness to mum.
I just want to wash him all over so he smells of Ash....okay well he will smell of me, but that is better, well I think so anyway.
I chased off the fox again yesterday and today but I will tell you all about that another time.
Lots woofs

Ash has his own diary on catster


Ash update

August 19th 2013 7:53 am
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Hi everyone, well it was a quiet weekend.......sorry mum but you do make a noise.
Anyway Murph was grumpy as he can't go out just yet. Ash hardly moved at all, he kept finding dark places to hide and stayed there. Dad worked in the office and Mum as we know went of somewhere and did not take me.
Well when she got back last night in the dark dad said they had to check Ash over, and they put him in the box and drove into the night.........THEY DID NOT TAKE ME!
They came back at 2 in the dark time and put Ash on a bed, where he stayed until they got him this morning and put him back in the box and Mum took him off, and did not take me. Mum came back but Ash has not. I think she will get him later, but he has to have something done to make him more "Zen" maybe they have found his Zen and are putting it back, because he lost it when he was attacked, that's for sure.
Mum said they won't know whats what till the Dr looks at him later, so what ever that means I think he is still in need of your help.
The good part was Dad took Murph and I for a walk up the trail, yes Murph likes to walk with us and I look after them both. It was really good!
Hold to go somethings is coming for my babies.........catch you later!!

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