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January 30th 2013 6:31 am
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Hi! Welcome to my diary. My name is Max and I am a Westie! I am a feisty little guy who has already been on a few adventures in my 4 months on this planet. I was born September 28th, 2012 on a farm where my mom and dad live. I was adopted by an amazing lady named Michelle. She took me home and I found out I had an adopted older sister named Lucy. After less than 2 months, Michelle decided she couldn’t keep me. This wasn’t because of anything I did but due to her personal life. Now, this is when my first adventure began. On January 20th, 2013, a sweet family with a human daughter came to my house and decided that they wanted to be my new mom and dad.

After a 2 hour car ride, I arrived at my new house in Manhattan, Kansas. When I arrived, I learned that not only did I have a human sister, I have two cat brothers! One is Little Buddy. He is a mess! Mom is always yelling at him. I guess dogs can bark but a cat meowing is not allowed in our house. I love to play with him but I guess I’m a bit much because mom and dad are always telling me to stop chasing him. My other cat brother is Stormie. He is a big guy! Mom calls him “The Godfather” and he really has no use for me. I hope he doesn’t make me “sleep with the fishes” or give me “cement shoes” anytime soon.

My new house has a pretty nice backyard and I have a lot of toys to play with. Every afternoon, we walk to the bus stop and pick up my human sister. She loves to play with me and she wears me out! She’s a lot of fun. She is always trying to get me to play even when I need to rest. She keeps me on my toes!!! From what I understand and smell, there was another Westie here before me. Her name was Charlie Angel and mommy has been very sad since she took a walk over the rainbow bridge. Mommy tells me multiple times a week that I am her “mental health plan” and that her heart has melted. I’m not sure what that means but I guess it is a good thing.

I was sad to leave my other adopted mom but I think my life will be great here with my new family as well. Until later, keep wagging!

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