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A Day In The Life of Snickers

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February 24th 2013 1:55 pm
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It's been a while since I barked a new entry... I'm still here. Cuter than ever and getting even bigger!

This weekend, Mommy and Daddy left me at Gramma G's over night! I was sad at first and kept going to the door to see if they'd come back but they didn't. Key was sharing his toys and we were having a grand old time. I even slept in my bed in the kitchen and only had one pee=pee accident when Gramma didn't hear me in the middle of the night. I was happy to see Mommy and Daddy this morning though!

I think I have finally figured out the bells on the door. Mommy calls me a smart puppy and gets all excited when I ring them on my own. All I know is that it means I get to go outside and I like being outside! But it makes Mommy and Daddy smile!

Well... I need a puppy-nap... I'm tired from chasing my tail!



February 20th 2013 6:59 am
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Dear Snicker - Do

As I sit here on the floor with you laying on your blanket next to me, curled up and sleeping, I decided to hijack your Diary and leave you a note to tell you that I love you.

I can't begin to tell you how much you really mean to me. When I saw your adorable picture on the kennel website, I instantly fell in love with you and the days leading up to your arrival were painstakingly long! Every dog/puppy item that I saw in the stores or online, I wanted to spend my savings on so that I could pamper you and shower you with love.

Many people take their pets for granted and I admit that I am guilty of this sometimes too. But when I wake up in the middle of the night and I can see your beautiful puppy eyes staring at me while your head is on the pillow and you stick out your tongue and lick the tip of my nose... My heart swells with love and pride for you.

I pray that you are happy here and that you feel loved. I pray that you feel safe and secure and comfortable. I pray that you find peace, joy and love in your fur-ever home because God knows you have blessed your Daddy and I.

You were the missing piece of our family and now that you're here with us... our little family feels even more complete. I am proud to be your Fur-Mommy and I am amazed and dazzled by you even more every day!

I love you, Moppet.

Furever Yours


I Had a RUFF Night...

February 17th 2013 5:31 am
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I had a ruff night last night...


First of all... I was being a bad puppy because I kept getting in the garbage (Which I never really do and my favorite Nylabone was in there!) and I kept jumping up to the coffee table...


Daddy and Mommy and I were on the floor playing and I bit Mommy. Really hard. On the hand. She cried and I felt really bad... but I didn't mean to hurt her. After she walked away... she came back and cuddled me and told me she was sorry because she kept picking me up when I had my toy in my mouth. I licked her face to tell her I loved her and I was sorry too.

Then she and Daddy took me for a night walk. Mommy was hoping that maybe it would settle me down some and help with my aggression. It did because I was TIRED. I'm kind of scared of the dark and I kept stopping every couple feet. I haven't been out that late before and it was spooky but Daddy kept reassuring me it was okay. Mommy ran with me a little bit and I felt better. It took my mind off my teeth. It tired me out and I slept great!



I'm Getting BIG!

February 15th 2013 8:14 am
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I've had a busy day!


Me and Mommy got up super early today and went to where she spends all day long. There were lots of little people. Lots of big people too! I did this really cute thing with my ears that Mommy's never seen before and she was super excited! I got lots of pets and oohs and ahhs. I liked it! I was walking tall and proud!

Then we stopped at Nana and Pop-Pop's house! My uncles aren't too excited about having me around! Uncle Ernie tried to nip at me when Pop-Pop was holding me and he deflected him (Woof... that's a big word for a little pup!) and he jumped. It was kind of funny. I'm glad Pop-Pop looked out for me though!

Mommy took me to the Vet's. I had to get some kind of shot? Mom scratched my head right behind my ears where I like it and I didn't feel too much! The Vet said I am 6lbs now! I'm getting so big. Mommy asked about my teeth because they have been bothering me... I guess next month I'll be losing some of them and getting new ones! Bigger ones? SHARPER ONES!? Woof!

When we got home I helped myself to Shy Shy and Rambo's big bones. I like them... I hope Mommy buys me some since I was a good boy today!

Well.. Off to Gramma G's for a little while until Daddy picked me up!


Ps. Thanks for all the treats and such! I love my Pup-Pals!


Morning Mile Badge

February 13th 2013 3:42 pm
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Mommy says that she and I earned the MORNING MILE BADGE... She got up early with me and took me for a mile long walk! Then when she got home... we went for another 1/2 mile walk! I am one pooped puppy!

Mommy also says that I'm going to be better for her than she will be for me... Whatever that means. I just like spending time with her. She says she's proud of me because even though I'm on a retractable leash... I don't pull or try to run away. I usually stick right by her side the whole time. Occasionally I drift off to sniff and find leaves.

Life is good!

I love my Mommy and Daddy.

Friday I have to get my shots at the vets. Mommy says she's taking me to her work... whatever that is... for a little bit and I'm going to see Nana and Pop-Pop. She even said that Nana might watch me next month while she goes to her vets! I can't wait!

I am growing so much and learning so much! Gramma G can't believe how big I am and I see her EVERY DAY (Other than the 2 days I get Mommy and Daddy time!).

Well... I'm gonna take a nap. I'm sleepy!



Happy 3 Months Woof-Day

February 9th 2013 6:58 am
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Today I am 3 months old! I am growing so BIG!

I think I have mastered the sit part and am now working on Lay Down... It's fun because I get treats and it makes Mommy happy!

Last night Daddy said there was a storm. He had to lock me in the bathroom because Mommy's car got stuck going up the hill. I wasn't happy because I was nervous and worried but both came home and I was a happy puppy again! I gave them TONS of kisses... they gave me tons of kisses too. Mommy is going to take me for a walk later in the snow... I love the snow. Daddy laughs at how I hop in the snow instead of running. Mommy giggles when I pick up my head and have snow all over my nose.

Well... It's nap time I think before the great outdoors!



Sit... Fetch... Stay...

February 7th 2013 4:54 pm
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Mommy says I'm smart...

I played Fetch for her this morning... She was surprised!

She is teaching me how to sit... but I make it hard because I'm always sitting and looking alert for her. But I like it because I get treats... Yummy... YUMMY Treats!



You Won't Believe IT!

February 3rd 2013 7:12 am
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You won't believe what happened!

There is another dog that looks, sounds and acts just like me in my house!

Mommy and Daddy got out this thing called a Mirror... and it must be a magical window to another dog. There was this little white fluff ball in a house just like mine! When I crouched... it crouched. When I hopped... It hopped. When I backed up... it backed up. I barked at it and barked at it... but honestly... it's kind of handsome. I wish he'd come play with me!

I love my puppy food. Mommy and Daddy feed me Buffalo Blue Small Breed Puppy and there's these little dark pieces that I'm not crazy about. I like to pick them out of the dish and drop them on the floor.


Today I bit Mommy's neck. She cried and I felt bad... so I kissed her hand. Over and over and over to tell her I was sorry and that I loved her. She wasn't mad but she keeps telling me no bites... just kisses. But my teeth hurt. I chew my nylabone a LOT.

Tonight I am going to Gramma G's with Mommy and Daddy. They say there will be lots of people there and Key-Puppy. I'm a little nervous but as long as I'm with my humans... I'll be happy.



I LOVE Snuggly Saturdays!

February 2nd 2013 4:00 pm
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I've had a busy day... again...


Daddy snuggled with me for a long time this morning. It was nice because I don't get as much time with Daddy. He's so warm and snuggly! Then I got some snuggle time with Mommy. It was a snuggly saturday!

Mommy and Daddy left me in the bathroom alone again today. I was sad at first but then it wasn't so bad. Mommy did a LOT better this time... I was proud of her. They came back and gave me more snuggles and lovings.

I got my first bath today! It wasn't too much fun but I got a treat after. Maybe I'll grow to like them. Daddy and Mommy say my fur is nice and soft and Mommy brushed me a little bit. And then... Aunt Em and Uncle Jeff came to visit. I've never met them but I liked snuggling up to them and biting Uncle Jeff's fur on his face! They were pretty nice people...

Then... I found another puppy in the house! It looks JUST LIKE ME... When I barked... it barked... when I moved... it moved... When I wagged my tail... it wagged it's tail... I was kinda spooked out but I had to keep checking on it. Maybe I'll see if it's still there later.

I'm ready for a puppy-nap.




January 30th 2013 4:21 pm
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I LOVE Gramma G!


I spent the WHOLE day with her today and we had so much fun! It was so warm out so she took me and Key-Puppy (Although... he's a BIG puppy...) for LOTS of walks today and I am pooped! Even Mommy and Daddy took me for a walk but Mommy was afraid I would blow away because it was super windy. I was hopping around the yard and having lots of fun! I can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Mommy says my teeth must be bothering me because I am CHEWING! I Chew, Chew, Chew... and bite. Mommy says she's not playing rough with me anymore because then I expect to bite... I just like to play. Last night I was eating Mommy's hair... I don't think she liked it.

I have found my voice and I like to bark! Not a whole lot but just to let Mommy and Daddy know I'm still around. They think it's super cute.

Well... Off to Gramma's again in the morning... Still not liking the car rides but I'm doing better. I like when Mommy scratches behind my ears while she drives... It makes me feel better.

I love Gramma G... but I love Mommy and Daddy better!


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