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Two Sisters Who are Loved

We're home!

January 23rd 2013 1:41 pm
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Behati: I am taken into the arms of the most cuddly big weird looking god that walks on two paws, they call him Chino, he also talks in weird noises, not in whimpers or barks. He is the cuddliest person I have felt such far. He is warm, and loving, I can feel his energy. I am scared though. Where is my mommy and siblings? He puts me in this giant moving thing, and that is even scarier. Soon we arrive to a new place, different smells, but the energy is calming. I am put infront of another weird looking Dog with no fur. He is asleep. I lick him to see what he is like. He taste sweet. He opens his eyes and, our eyes met. I love him! I am still scared though, no siblings in sight. I am so tiny, i am only 6 weeks, where is my mommy, where are my siblings. I spend the day sleeping, and a bit confused with all the changes. I only know the measure of the day, based on the 6 weeks of life, I had had, today seems like a long long day. The big weird dog with no hair, is being called Alex, I sense the leader, but the other big dog who brought me here also seems like a leader, so I am confused, i think they are going to dual it out to see whom I will follow, otherwise, maybe I can be the leader. They pick me up again, and I am taking into this moving device, they keep saying "Car" "Going in car". Alex steps out and leaves me in the lap of this other weird dog he calls Grizzy. I am in her lap, cuddling myself, then a familiar sent. Alex hands over one of my sisters to grizy, I instantly feel happy, and just lay my head upon her as the car moves forward. Once we get "home" as they keep calling it, I jump around in excitement, my sister is here, my sister is here, another normal looking dog that is tall and talks on two legs. My sister goes into shy mode, I go to her and lick her and jump on her, telling her, we are ok, we are ok. She seems confused with all the new smells, we find a spot and we snuggle back to sleep. I sleep with the biggest smile to date. I am home, with some good people and my lovely sister.

Kalilah: I was sleeping and my grama picks me up and my sisters up and tells us,lets go see who is leaving. I am sad, the last time she did that, 3 of my littermates disappered. What will happen this time, I am the tiniest of them at only 2lbs. I see someone who introduces himself as Alex, his eyes meet mine, I feel safe in his arm, he says, "She is the one." He takes me into what they call "Car" and lays me on the lap of the girl they call Griz. She smells like "green" stuff. My sister is there!! She lays her head on me, and we fall asleep. We arrive to "Home" a new place, it smells differnt, but it is warm, and I can smell that my sister has been there. She is happy, jumping around, exciting me to play, but I am not sure what is going on. She seems to happy, but where is Mommy and the rest? I fall asleep in a safe warm corner, with my sister. When I wake up, I realize, this is a good place. I try to wake up my sister to tell her, I am ready to play. Lets have some fun! But she is sleepy. I realize, there is nothing to worry. Chilen (Chino and Alex) come over to pay us a visit, I can tell, they are going to take good care of us.


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