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January 17th 2013 4:20 pm
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Hello as you know my name is Jewel.Today I will be talking about my siblings, my siblings could be annoying ohhh boy I think I'm more of the responsible one and prettiest anyway back to my siblings my siblings as you know already annoying,goofy,fun,cuddleling,and most of all my pet pall i really got along with hotdog my best brother I miss him so much he is like the most awesomest dog but years went by and he past away I don't like to talk about it but this is a diary and my pet palls would like to know about me and my siblings this is what i've got to say for those who are out there be happy with your brothers and sister because you will never know when they will pass away or if you will pass away if you don't have a sibling then love your owner I mean like you mite say ohh i don't like you but still they are the ones who adopted you bot you and gave you a safe place to live like some dogs they are living on the streets wishing everyday they would like a home and someone loving soo for all the dogs out lets BARK!!! and love are siblings and owner!!! this is how my first diary will be thanks for reading



January 18th 2013 4:07 pm
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Today I was sitting down on my pink chair outside near the pool with Pepper when WHOOOOSH! Duke got into the pool and splashed us. "Do you mind?", I barked and he ignored me and kept swimming! The nerve to do that to the queen of the house! I'll let him know who he's messing with! I stomped down and began to bark,growl and show my teeth (which by the way are really clean and sparkly!) and said, "HEY DUKE, GET OUTTA THE POOL!! He did get out of the pool so I went back to lying down and relaxing on my chair and THEN guess what he did. He shook his fur in front of us and he pushed me off the chair and dried of with MY towel! It takes forever to make my hair look fabulous! So here I am, getting dried off while Duke and Gumball are laughing their tails off. Ha ha ha... very funny.

With lots of loves,

Jewel and Peppy


The Boys

January 19th 2013 3:04 pm
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Me, my sister Ruby and Pepper are the only girls in the house (besides Mommy) so we have to put up with the weird boys. It's torture for us and the WORST of them all is Duke. The boys are CRAZY! There's Duke who's a big,stupid LabraDORK and his brother Jake who is nicer to us but still a big jerk and then there's Ace who always randomly runs around the place! And lastly Gumball who pulls Mom and Dad on the leash just to chase a squirrel or something. And second of all I don't think the boys even have BRAINS! Duke just ignores me when I bark at him to get my attention! Third of all the boys don't even bow down to Her Royal Highness, ME! Yesterday Gumball just said "Whatever Jewel..." and walked away! I gave them a lesson or two yesterday night when they were asleep I went into Duke and Jake's room and tackled them. Then I went to Ace and Gumball's room and bit their tails!


I have a Valentine!...

January 23rd 2013 9:09 pm
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Well as you know Valentine's day is coming up soon! (Who would not want me as a Valentine) Mom is gonna dye my fur pink for that special day and we are gonna have a pawty at home! Mom has a bunch of cute little dresses for me to wear because I'm the Girly-girl of the family!! Sure Pepper,Ruby and Sugar are girly too but I am SUPER GIRLY. Sooo, My valentine is Snow!!!! We've known each other for a while and he is really nice to me and I am nice to him!!! He has a little brother named Snoopy and Pepper is his valentine! I'm looking forward to this day!!!

Love, Jewel



January 25th 2013 8:07 pm
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Okay ok well I know i've been mean to Duke but thats because he is very
RUDE!!to me so that is why i'm rude to him so pretty much that's why.People start to hate me because of that reason but still I can't believe i'm saying this but: I LOVE YOU DUKE



February 2nd 2013 10:50 am
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YIPEEEEEE!!!! Mom has a LONG WEEKEND!! Sorry I have'nt been on Dogster in a few days but the computer was being fixed. I'm trying to come up with ideas on how to spend it. Here's my list so far:

1. Pummel Duke so hard that I break his back!

2. Hang out with my sisters Ruby,Sugar,Pepper and my cat sis Priscilla.

3. Go for a walk to the lake with my fur siblings and leave Duke, Ace and Jake behind!

4. Invite Snoopy and Snow over to PLAY!!!!

5. ....... I'm running out of ideas (sigh) see you later



Survivor (Dog Style)

February 3rd 2013 8:01 pm
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Mom finally decided what we would spend the long weekend doing... camping. Usually I'm excited about going places but seriously, CAMPING???? I'd rather be slobbered by the LabraDorks than go camping? I had no choice though. I protested and growled... but of course Mom doesn't care. The caride was tough. Just imagine 6 + The Bichon Pack (Me,Ace,Sugar,Me and Ruby) which is 10 dogs in a little Honda Civic. Trust me... it's torture. First Tuckie and Ace began to fight over the window seats. Some of us had to go on Mom's lap or on the floor and they weren't too happy about that. Then followed by a lot more fights, we went to sleep. Since there was 3 puppies in the car (Pepper, Duke and Jake) they would whine like crazy except for when the window was open so Mom opened the windows and us "big dogs" went to sleep peacefully.

Mom woke us up that we were here. Mom built the tent and we ate our dog food and explored around the place for a bit. One thing about my fur siblings is that fur some reason we ALWAYS walk in a group. Humans think it's "Adorable" and stop and take pictures of 10 doggies wearing rain jackets just minding our biz. Of course I try and get ALL the attention I can by posing and licking their hands. The afternoon was terrible especially because it started to rain the EXACT second we got out of the car ): Mom says were gonna have to start survivor because she knows that we HATE this trip. Well, everydoggy but the labraDORK puppies who are swimming around and getting all muddy (ugh, I am SO NOT sleeping in the same tent as him!) Plus the food we had was NOT homemade and yummy it was some cold hotdogs in buns,instant soup, mac "n" cheese and huge bags of chips. Plus the campsite is IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!! My fur right now looks brown from the mud... and it supposed to look as white as snow!!!!
So far Ace has been eliminated from survivor (only in one day) We'll be right back to Survivor!

Your Royal Majesty (Who is covered with filth),

Jewel ♥


We are getting a dog TODAY!

March 18th 2013 6:36 pm
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Mommy saw a pretty little pooch on an adoption website. She is a five year old dog named Roxie who lives in Seattle. We go pick her up on Thursday. I can't wait! I'm sick and tired of being with the LabraDORKS ):

With Lots of licks and hugs,

Jewel ♥


I'm the super cute, EASTER BICHON!

March 29th 2013 3:20 pm
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Another fun holiday with my family! I love attention so I'm gonna try and be the EASTER BICHON! I don't know much about delivering chocolates to people and I don't really know what an easter animal has to do. All I know is that you have to be super cute and cuddly and trust me... I am VERY cute. I hope evrypup will see me Sunday and I'll make sure to give all the dogs a huge piece of meat since we can't have chocolates!

Easter Hugs,

Jewel ♥


Cousin Clark and the Race

May 5th 2013 12:39 pm
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Yipeee! My funnest cousin Clark the Pug is here! Me and Clark are practically siblings. We've known each other since we were just tiny little puppies! Auntie had attatched an EYEnimal dog camera to Clark's collar. Clark hadn't met Roxie yet so we took him to meet her.

Soon, the 5 of us left to go to the woods. We were having a race to get across the woods and I was in the lead! Then we all were'nt looking because everyone jumped into the pond with a great big splash. Now, I'm no swimming dog and I definetly DO NOT like mud so me and Roxie jumped out. The boys on the other hand were splashing all around. Clarkie could swim pretty good for a dog that small!

I don't like our pond. I remember last summer I jumped in for a relaxing mud bath like in the spas and nearly had a heart attack when a frog jumped over my head. It was the first summer with the labs and they chased the frog. Now I know to never hop in the pond and the mud bath can wait.

Anyway, all us dogs remembered the race and kept running. We were really wet but that didn't stop us! Then we all started going in different directions but we caught up. For one part Duke stopped to mark on a tree... gross! We kept running all the way to the middle of our woods.

Daddy had bought some dog tunnels and he built a dog see-saw for us and some dog jumps. I jumped over them and went throught the tunnel which was a faster was than walking around the equipment. Clark was still filming us and I love cameras so once in a while during our race I would run in front of him and look at his collar camera. We ran down the hill and I accidently lost my balance and tumbled all the way down like a poofy white bouncy ball. I didn't care if I was went and now had burrs and grass in my fur because I knew Mommy would do her best to wash it all.

Most of us were out of energy so we found a shady oak tree. All of us were panting like crazy especially Clarkie since pugs do that a lot. Jake began to drool. Duke was already snoring. I only had one eye open and Roxie kinda looked like a wet mop.

But sooner or later we got up and raaaaaaaan! The end of the wood was not far from were we rested and we ran like crazy. Some of us went in the wrong direction but kept on running.

Soon all of us were out of the woods. We were back in our yard and had ran in a circle. The first thing we did was get a huge drink of water till it dripped from our chin. Auntie came and took off Clark's EYEnimal camera and plugged it in the computer. Mommy, Daddy, Auntie and us dogs saw the movie and laughed hard it was realy fun to watch us. Soon we took a nap and Clark had to go.



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