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Reilly's Diary: The adventures of Sir Snores-a-Lot

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April 10, 2014--Taking treats!

April 10th 2014 4:39 pm
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Reilly is starting to take treats from our hands!


March 17, 2014--Happy St. Patrick's Day!! And running down- the stairs!

March 16th 2014 10:44 pm
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Reilly has taken to running down the stairs, especially if he hears my mom or Uncle Steve (our next-door neighbor) outside! And when he hears a sound that he doesn't like, he starts barking and running down the stairs at the same time! And he stands right by the front door when we open it to check on what's going on outside. 99.9% of the time it's a possum under our porch or it's one of the feral cats that we leave food out for. But he now thinks of himself as the protector!

He's such a good boy!!



February 26th 2014 8:15 pm
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I have to apologize to everyone who has sent Reilly gifts and emails since January. When Dogster announced that it was shutting down, I pretty much "abandoned ship" and only came back tonight to retrieve the pictures from my animals' profiles. I never expected that Dogster would change their minds!! Way to go, Dogster!!

First thing tomorrow I am going to go through all of your emails and comments!!

I'm so glad our profiles aren't going anywhere!!


January 12, 2014--Getting better with the stairs!

January 12th 2014 4:34 pm
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Reilly is doing much better with the stairs! So far the only person he will come down them for is Uncle Steve (and when Steve is here he will FLY down those stairs, sometimes even missing a few!) Otherwise we have a routine: We go upstairs, tell him to go downstairs, pet his chest, then tell him to go downstairs again and he will. It's progress!

He also goes downstairs in the middle of the night to drink =)


January 6, 2014- Happy one year Gotcha Day!

January 6th 2014 8:17 am
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Reilly came to live with us in his forever home on January 6, 2013. I can't believe it's been a year already! He has made so much progress and given us huge amounts of love in the past year. We can't wait to see what the next year brings! We are so period of him!!!!


December 10, 2013--DNA Test Results!

December 10th 2013 1:55 pm
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Reilly is certified lol. We just got his DNA results back from the lab. According to them he is 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 something else. That something else is most likely Akbash. But no matter what, he is totally, absolutely 100% ours! We love our Bear!

To see his certificate, copy and paste this link into your browser's bar:


November 29, 2013--Reilly's First Thanksgiving

November 29th 2013 2:59 pm
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Reilly had is first real Thanksgiving yesterday, complete with a bit of turkey (but not too much!!) He wasn't sure what all the fuss was about; all he knew was that he was at Grandma's house and something smelled really good!

Reilly says "THANK YOU WOOF BLUB BLUB" to everybody who gave him virtual Thanksgiving presents!! He hopes you all had a wonderful Turkey Day as well!


October 27, 2013--Weekend trip!

October 30th 2013 9:42 pm
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We took Reilly to a friend's house up in Vermont this past weekend. He did very very well! They have an Akbash named Zabaco and a Lab named Zoe. They all made Reilly feel very comfortable, even though Zabaco was wearing a cone due to an eye injury. Reilly wasn't too sure about the cone but he still had a lot of fun!!! He can't wait to go back up there for another visit!!


October 31, 2013--Responses to my last post

October 30th 2013 9:35 pm
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Thank you to everyone who responded to my last post (regarding the National Not So Great Pyrenees Rescue). I can view the responses in my email but I can't see them on the diary page =(


October 28, 2013--National (not so great) Pyrenees Rescue,- leave us alone!

October 28th 2013 11:04 am
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Even after everything that happened with Reilly, the National Great Pyrenees Rescue is STILL sending us emails. Here is the reply I sent them. I also forwarded it to the rescues that I know they work with:

After blatantly lying and denying how sick Reilly was when we adopted him, what makes you people think that we would EVER want to hear from you again? We will NEVER donate to you, NEVER buy a calendar from you, we want NOTHING TO DO WITH NGPR EVER AGAIN!!! YOU GIVE ALL PYR RESCUES A HORRIBLE NAME!!! Shame on you!!

I have an idea! How about you rename your pathetic excuse of a rescue the SICK DOG (BUT WE LIE ABOUT IT) RESCUE??

Must I refresh your memory? Here goes!

"We adopted Reilly, an Akbash/Great Pyrenees mix, from the National Great Pyrenees Rescue on January 6, 2013. We were told that he was perfectly healthy and our adoption contract says that he was heartworm-free. During the first six weeks that we had him, he was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection AND advanced heart worm disease. The rescue is refusing to take any responsibility for the fact that his urinary tract infection was brewing before he was adopted AND that he had the heart worms for at least a year. He was found in Vineland, NJ in a hoarding situation and was outside in a chicken coop, where mosquitoes were free to bite him (here in NJ the mosquito is practically our state bird.) Anyone who has any common sense would test a dog found in this situation for heart worms once in their care (he was tested in October 2012 by the SPCA and the test was negative, so the NGPR never bothered to test him once they had him). Four months later, his heart was enlarged, and his lungs and certain arteries were also infected with the worms. When the president of the NGPR was told, she told us to wait on the chest x-ray. Imagine if we had waited! For a while the president threatened legal action against us for slander (I guess no one told her that it's only slander if it's not true), and she was sending me emails calling me names, along with sending other people to verbally attack me (real mature, isn't she?) Maybe if she spent more time taking care of the dogs instead of displaying her immaturity, they'd be adopting out healthy ones instead of sick ones."

You people can take your emails and calendars and other bull and SHOVE IT ALL! Oh, and thank you SO MUCH for asking how Reilly has been doing!! (Yes, that is SARCASM.) No thanks to any of you at NGPR, on October 5, 2013, Reilly was deemed free and clear of all heart worm and he is FINALLY healthy.

We hope you aren't still placing sick dogs!

NOW LEAVE US ALONE. Shame, shame shame!

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