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A Day in the life of a King

An average day as King

January 5th 2013 10:54 pm
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Early morning again, I just wanna sleep in but noooo, Mommy has this fabulous idea that "we" should go out in the cold and go running. I never mind it once we get started, but its just the warm up routine she does that
has me out in the cold for no reason. Me and Cocoa can't stretch like her, so why can't we stay in the house? Just cuz I had a few regression issues, now she acts like she can't trust me. WOL (Woofs Out Loud) Oh well.
So after the run, we get to eat. Then we can go outside again. This time only to do our "business". But at least I didn't go in the house again. I think its funny cuz when I do go in the house, I hide under her bed. She still can't figure out how to get me from under there. But thats another story for another time. So where was I??...oh yeah. Cocoa and I run around from room to room and "blitz" like Mommy likes to call it. We play hide and seek, tug of war, and just pounce each other until one of us gets tired. Normally, Cocoa tires first and goes running to Mommy's lap. She better be glad I can't jump as high as her yet, cuz there'd be a fight over who gets to stay in Mommy's lap, so for now we have to share. I let her have the first 10 minutes, and I take first watch of all the passers by out in the park. When my time is near, I go to Mommy and beg her to pick me up. That's the only time you'll catch me begging. I'm a king. Shoot...I am King. She better realize that!
Oh how I love being rubbed, it relaxes me so much. And when she puts on that spa music, I just...I just.....I.......(snoring).

Wow, talk about feeling refreshed. Mommy's massages are the best. I don't even remember dozing off. But talk about perfect timing. Its lunchtime which means treat time for me! I work on my "human listening skills" and Mommy feeds me treats if I listen good. Cocoa is the show off. But she's been with Mommy longest so she knows what to do already. But how can I listen if she's over there just doing different tricks to steal all my treats? I wish she'd just sit down already. I've tried everything to get the spotlight back on me. I've run circles around her, I've pounced her when she's doing "lay", I've even knocked her over when she's doing her "Twirls", but nothing works. She just keeps coming back for more. I guess this calls for drastic measures. "Hey Mommy...look at me! I can "Shake". Take my paw, take my paw come on!" Now that deserves a treat!
Well, later on me and Cocoa just pass the time away playing all thru the afternoon. Mommy is doing something called homework. Silly human stuff. Or so I thought! She sabotaged our playdate and gave us both a bath. I hate being wet. I cry like a baby! I guess she didn't like our smell. Its not like I stepped in poop outside! She just ruined my whole day. Cold outside, wet inside...who does she think she is. I'll show her! Come on Cocoa, lets make a run for it when she goes for the towels! Aaaah! Here she comes. I'm going under the bed! Cocoa you better run girl! She's gonna...oh wait...she got you! You're gonna get it now! I bet you wish you could still fit under the bed like me! WOL!!!

It finally got too cold for me so I came out seeking forgiveness and a good drying off. Mommy didn't mind. She laughed at me a lil and then got the dryer out and gave me the best Spa Day ever. I guess you can say that I like it here. I never run out of things to do to occupy my kingdom. I love the sound of that! My Kingdom, fit for a King. And I'm King!



January 6th 2013 8:27 am
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Mom woke up super early today! I just rolled back over and went back to sleep. She must be crazy...'specially if she thought I was getting out of the bed too. Her blankets are always so comfy and warm in the morning. Oh what's that noise? Sounds like breakfast! Nevermind, I think I'll get up and eat. (only cuz it was my choice) She told me that its too icy outside today to go walking and my boots aren't in yet, and she doesn't want me getting sick. I may be the King, but Kings get sick too you know. Now I don't know what to do with myself. I'm stuck in the house with just her and Cocoa and I don't wanna go to sleep again. I've inspected the house four times now. I've played with all my toys. Mom said I made a mess by pulling all my toys out. She'll get over it. I don't wanna chew my rawhide, and there's no one outside for me to watch. This is driving me crazy. Time to find some trouble to get into. TTYL guys. I'm about to make my own fun!



January 6th 2013 6:13 pm
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So I last told you guys that it was too icy today so we couldn't go for our walk today. My paws were grateful. Instead of finding trouble, I got in trouble. You can never tell if Mom is mad or not because she always talks in the same tone. I awoke from a nap and I couldn't find her so I panicked. And by panic, I mean I left a reminder for her not to leave me again. My reminder cost me a time out.
Then she got this genius idea to play dress up. And guess who got to wear a dress? Really Mom? Cocoa obviously needs to donate all her dresses to another home before this happens again. I'm just glad she didn't decide to take me out in public. But hey, Christmas just passed so I'm still in the spirit of giving. Enjoy. But don't tell your friends.


Mom is acting weird

January 14th 2013 8:21 pm
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She's ignoring me now. She'll only play with Cocoa. I'm not sure what is is about her. She's not so special. I want to be treated special too but I'm still wary of Mom. When she tries to pet me, I always run away. When she grabs the leash i bolt for another room. But when she leaves i wanna go too. I dont know what i want. I dont know why Im like this eithere. I'm not sure what she really wants from me. But she always gives me a treat when I come near her. What more can she ask for? I sit, I stay, I lay down, I shake. All this human affection I'm not used to it yet. I don't know how long before I will be ready. I guess I'll just stay to myself for now. But I know I don't like this ignoring part. Crazy thing tho. She's tied me to her leg when I'm in the room with her. Bol! Lady I'm not going nowhere. I'm not gonna have an accident. I promise. (Oh wait, my legs were crossed). I want the Cocoa treatment but I don't want to do the work that comes with it. I'm lazy. I'm the King. Why can't u just let me be?


Hmmm. She tricked me!!

January 18th 2013 3:11 pm
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The added pressure of not being picked up by Mama has really gotten to me. Maybe she really knows a thing or two about this raising a puppy thing. I don't like to be ignored so I finally come around and I love her to pick me up now. Guess ill add this to those tricks I do to get treats.


Its too hot!!!

January 21st 2013 1:01 pm
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Just last week it was so cold mommy had to break out our jackets! Imagine the looks everyone gave me when I walked out the house looking like a big green snowman! Then as we continued to walk and warm up, mommy took our jackets and I was able to salvage what was left of my dignity. Cocoa didn't seem to mind. I always said she was a circus dog in her former life. She shoulda been named Trixie! Cus she does tricks and looks like a pixie! I have come around a lil bit. I don't like being ignored, so now I ask mom to pet me more and I'll jump at the opportunity to take a bath. Funny story...Mom was in the shower the other day and didn't close the door. Being the nosey guy I am, I poled my head in and rushed and jumped in the shower with her. I think I scared the youknowwhat out of her! She jumped and screamed like Nicole Kidman did in the 1st Batman or maybe it was the lady in Psycho! Either way, I let out a howl too! So there we were, both screaming/howling in the shower! But she didn't get mad when she saw it was me. She cleaned up real quick and then came back and gave me a bath too! She ecen sang to me while she was doing it. I'm gonna do better and try to be the perfect pooch. I could get used to this life!

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