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The Bad News

December 28th 2012 10:18 am
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After receiving a wonderful grade on your first vet visit the day after Christmas we received news today that you have "Beaver Fever".


Poor little guy. You've got a stubborn little parasite in your tummy that is making you sick and is simply 'in the way'.

We'll start you on medicine today and hopefully you'll be back to normal in a couple weeks. Though, you wouldn't know if now that you're sick at all. Still playing all the time with your stuffed horse, running around in the first snowfall of the winter and cuddling with me every second I'm home.

The vet said it's very common in rescue puppies and nearly 50% get it at one point in their life.

Fortunately for you, this means that you'll be even more spoiled the next few weeks :)


Your Worried Mommy


Not so much Opera

January 2nd 2013 10:13 am
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Well, you sure did find your voice this weekend. I told myself I had to get you used to your crate sleeping again.

After I put you in it with your Kong filled with PB you downed it in 5 minutes and cried for an hour straight. I tried not to make a sound while I was in bed but an hour of crying was just too much.

I called Daddy and told him I didn't know what to do.

He came home and played with you and in the end, you won. I know it's our fault for letting you sleep with us and honestly I think that you just always will.

You still take your naps during the day in it, but you are now our bed buddy and it is okay with me :)

Your crying was definitely not opera to my ear but a piercing cry for cuddle time


Obedience Class Week Two

January 17th 2013 7:14 am
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Yesterday was week two of you obedience class. We learned "leave it" and recall. You did so well with those exercises with the exception of barking while the instructor talked because you could smell the chicken that Daddy had in his pocket.

This morning we practiced "leave it" with Lily as well as hide and seek. You did great!

We'll have to work on "down" because you only do it when I bring the treat to the floor.

The instructor rolled her eyes when you were barking in class :-/ oh well, you wanted to be heard.

Today, I am going to make you special dog food for your sick tummy. The vet suggested that we change your diet and buy a brand from them that's bland, but I think I can make it for you :)

You were so happy yesterday morning to go outside and find your love for snow again! You ran out and jumped in it. You sure do love that white stuff. I can't wait for summer and to bring you to the dog park.

You're getting so big already, and we made the mistake of letting you sleep in the bed with us. We'll have to revisist that crate training very soon as your body is getting too big to lie in between Daddy and I'd head at night time.

It's a work in progress :)

You have mastered going down the stairs after a fall this weekend where you tumbled to the bottom. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but you were fine. You back end came out from underneath you as you turned to make sure I was coming down too.

I was right behind ya buddy.

I'm jealous that Daddy gets to spend all day with you, but you sure do get excited when I come home everyday. You're a mommy's boy for sure.


Bye Bye Puppy Breath

January 21st 2013 5:57 am
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This weekend, you lost your puppy breath. No more wet cardboard smell :(

So sad. You're getting so big!

This week you have learned "leave it" and are doing so well!


See ya later alligator!

January 25th 2013 6:25 am
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We took you to the vet yesterday for your check up to see how that pesky Giardia is doing and...




We are so excited that we can bring you to day care once or twice a week now! We know you'll have so much fun! Maybe it'll curb your barking habit that you recently picked up and get your energy out :)

Obedience class didn't go so well this past Wednesday. I have no idea what you were barking at or if you were jealous that the trainer was talking and not playing with you but you wouldn't stop. We're going to have to do something about it, but I don't want to put a collar on you.

We're trying to say "Shh" but you don't get it yet. Maybe it's because we made the mistake of lettin gyou up on the couch with us when we're sitting and you don't like being on the ground when we're on a chair like we are in class.

You got another distemper shot yesterday and you again didn't even flinch. You were too busy eating the treats off the table.

The vet is making me change your food :( I didn't want to take you off of it because it's natural, no fillers and really good for you. But you poo poo shouldn't be so soft. So I made you your own food :)

Chicken, rice and yogurt. You ate the whole thing in two minutes this morning.

Daddy called me this morning and told me that every morning when I leave and you are put upstairs back in bed with him, you sit and cry at the door until he opens it. You then go downstairs and search for me. When you don't find me you go back upstairs and snuggle with him :) You're such a silly puppy.

You were 6.7 lbs the last time we took you to the vet last month. This were 10.4!!! Yaaay!!!

I'm so in love with you and your personality I'm jealous Daddy gets to stay home with you all the time but tomorrow is Saturday and we have the whole weekend together! I hope that it's warmer than 3 degrees which it is right now so we can go for a walk that I know you miss.

Soon enough, we'll be going to the dog park!

Oh! I almost forgot! You have learned "leave it" and I'm soooo happy! Now it you'll only learn stay and "bang bang"...that's our homework this week as well as learning to walk on a loose leash. You don't seem to get that very easily but we'll get there.

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