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Being the only girl sucks

Going to school with mom

February 28th 2014 3:51 pm
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Not very long ago I had to take a trip with mom to her college or her school. She had missed a speech because dad fell and needed her to come home to take care of him. Well when she made up the speech she took me with her. I did really well at school. I dont know if I made a good grade or not but I did go to sleep under the table during mom's last class and except for snoring a little I did really well. Mom's teacher didnt even notice I was there, even though she saw us come in together. She said I was very good and mom was very proud.


Working with Mom at an antique car show

September 16th 2013 10:17 pm
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Mom and dad and Tank and I went to a car show over the weekend here in our little town. Mom was taking pictures with her new camera and managing me at the same time. Well we stopped at one point so mom could take a picture of a car and someone got too close to her before she could sense them I did. I pushed lightly against mom's leg then sat down and put my paw on her leg like she has been trying to teach me to do. See mom has a problem with people getting behind her after a boy tried to choke her to death at school. Its been getting worse for her and so I just took it upon myself not too long ago to start letting mom know when people get too close behind her. I know it scares her and I want to do my job to keep her safe. Tank says I have to protect her and let her know that someone is behind her or too close to her. I try to act as a buffer between her and others but they dont often take me serious because I look like a black lab and I look so friendly and sweet. I may be the smallest of my litter but I am big on heart. I am 20 months old and weigh 60 pounds. Mom was proud of me for being so good yesterday that I got to play ball in the house before bedtime.


I cant figure out what the deal is with moving

August 30th 2013 8:38 am
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So my family both human and critter are packing up the house to move to a new house. We are having a good time in our new house. We have a bigger yard to play in so the other dogs have more room to play in. The humans are going to put up a fence in a few months so that Tank and I can run and play without leaving the yard.


Been a while.

July 17th 2013 4:29 pm
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Although I doubt that anyone reads my words I have to tell what happened with me and Tank the day of the fourth of July. We went to the park to watch the fireworks and there was this little girl named Cassie there. She played with us and loved on us and we were very gentle with her. Just to be on the safe side mom put my Thundershirt on me and I laid down and slept during the BOOMS. Anyway Cassie put her crown on my head and let mom take pictures of me like that, she even posed with us for pictures. It was cool and Mom was so proud of us, she did get angry however when a guy drove by and started barking at us. Mom snapped some nasty words at him then told him not to bark at us ever again.


I'm lonely

June 19th 2013 10:55 pm
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I know I shouldnt say that but the rest of my family have friends and such but no one wants to play with me. I do have a good life with my humans though. We heard about a little boy here in our town who drowned at our favorite place to go walkies and where I like to swim. He was four years old and had autism, the newspaper says that he was after a turtle and got stuck in the mud and the mud just sucked him under. His Mommy thought he was with his daddy and his daddy thought he was with his mommy but no one knew where he was.Its sad really that this poor little boy lost his life like that so we havent been out to swim or at the park since then. That was on Sunday. On a happier note Tank had to work today and he did good and we got a BONE each YUMMY.


Its Good To Be Me!

June 10th 2013 9:32 pm
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Yeah I know I borrowed that saying from Gene Simmons from KISS but it is good to be me right now. I have been going to the park with mom dad and Tank for walks and we have been working on some behaviors too. The other day mom put a life jacket called a fido float on me then attached a coupler to it then attached my long leash to that so I could play in the water. I LOVED it. Tank didnt want to play with me so I had to swim all by my self. I think mom thinks 20 foot of line isnt long enough and she is right she needs to add some length to it so I can swim farther out. I had fun though. After playing in the park we went to see my human brother and his little cousin Sammie. She loved me and mom let her walk me while Andy walked Tank then they traded us so that they could each walk us. Sammie was cool cause she smelled like sweets. Mom laughed but at the end of the day we were both tired and ready for a nap. See where most of you other dogs live you can go to the dog park but here in southern Indiana we dont have them so we have to make our own fun.


I wanna be a good girl

May 8th 2013 11:09 pm
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I am the only girl in my birth litter and it sucks.My brothers are bigger than me. I was given to a kind lady when I was 3 months old and she never did anything with me towards training me or taking me to the vet or anything. My mom now was just a friend of my old mom's and she would come get me now and then and take me out with her and my brother Tank. She tried to help me out a lot. When my old mom went away for a while she asked my new mom to take care of me while she was gone cause I couldnt go too. Well mom took me home with her for the couple weeks that my old mom was gonna be gone. Old mom came back but didnt come get me. Mom and dad went to see her at work and she told them that she wanted to find me a new home cause I was too much dog for her. Well mom and dad told her they would work with me to get me ready for a new home, About a month after I started learning to be a good well behaved girl mom's husky Maggie crossed the bridge. Dad told mom that even though she was sad over Maggie leaving her she could keep me if she wanted to. She said softly that I wasnt going anywhere and that she was gonna make me happy and take me to the vet to get fixed not that I am broken that I know of. Well I have been with her and dad for a while now and I did go the the vet and got fixed and have my shots too. Mom is teaching me a lot of things to do that makes her happy.

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