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OMD!! We're The Featured Diary Pick of the Day Today

December 19th 2012 9:29 am
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We're all in shock fur being a diary pick today cuz we just decided a few days ago we all needed our own page where we can plot, play and share our daily activities and let our angel furs take care of their assigned duties at the bridge of greeting all the new arrivals, joining their good buddy Ernie George on his huge boat, and keeping busy with all that goes on up there. Today we haven't decided what mischief we'll get into yet! BOL!! Between the four of us we keep mom on her toes. Mom said soon we'll have a leaf mulching thingy to grind up the leaves then use as some kind of compost so she won't have put them in those huge garbage bags and drag them to the street fur trash pickup. It's sort of giving back to the earth by recycling the leaves and putting them into the soil. We're becoming some "green" doggies by taking care of the environments! BOL!!

Thank you to all who have sent pressies to congratulate us on this furtastic honor of being Diary Pick of the Day! Whoo-hoo. We thinks Bacon and Beanie needs to come visit us to bag their very own alligator. Better yet, just come play with us in our yard while our mamas go alligator hunting. From what we've heard about gators it's safer to keep our distances from them prehistoric monsters.

Well we'd better some sniffing around to do outside fur awhile. Later gators.....


Leaves, Leave and More Leaves

December 18th 2012 8:44 pm
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We helped mom pile up the leaves last week and now there's more all over the yard again. Mom says it's a never ending thing around here...she wishes we could help bag 'em instead of jumping on the piles as she's raking. BOL!! We all got a bully stick in honor of Jiffy's "Gotcha Day." He's been with mom fur two whole years now. Mom says it's awful quiet around here tonight with us chomping away!


It's Raining

December 16th 2012 2:22 pm
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What a day fur no outside play cuz it's raining at our house. Mom says we are all too spoiled cuz we don't want to go out in the rain. Hey, we like to stay dry, but we will go if it's a very light sprinkly rain falling down. BOL!!

Mom's got medical tests tomorrow and is worried about leaving us home alone all day with dad cuz he is very sick. She had a talk with him about not letting Bella & Rosie out together without close supervision, but she's still worried. We know she will worry about us all day long while she's gone, but she also knows dad would not be able to handle them two if they got into it again. Rosie has a "lock down" big kennel that was our cousin Tara's if she is bad, but mom don't want to put her in it before leaving cuz she knows dad probably wouldn't let her out. OMD...let's stop worrying about tomorrow and pray all mom's tests come out good.


We Still Haven't Left The House

December 15th 2012 3:16 pm
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We were supposed to go fur clipping and spiffing up today, but Ms. Erin is down with the flu. She called mom early this morning to let her know. She's hoping to be all better by the end of next week. Our new appointment is fur the rate things are going we may not be all spiffy fur Christmas. It's okay with us cuz we're happy as a rat in a cheese factory!! BOL!!! BOL!!! Mom says she'll give us baths tomorrow cuz we has dirts in our furs from rolling around in the grass & leaves.


No Grooming Today After All

December 13th 2012 2:00 pm
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Ms. Erin called early this morning to let mom know she's sick and we're re-scheduled to get all spiffed up on Saturday. That is if Ms. Erin's doing better. Mom was so ready to get us in today cuz she had errands to run. She actually left us home to go mail our Christmas cards and finish grocery shopping in preparation fur the big Christmas Day holiday! We didn't bark in protest over that cuz we want our furiends to have their cards by Christmas, if possible. Skin bro wants Red Velvet cupcakes so mom got all the ingredients today. Wish we could have some too, but she did promise to make us some home made doggie biscuits. Yippee!!! Them are yummy!! It's a lazy afternoon...we've been napping fur awhile cuz we did some playing in the back yard after mom got back home. This is the most perfect weather of all times cuz it's not too hot or too cold. Wish it would stay this way year round.


Photo Shoot on Saturday and We Have a Big Day Tomorrow

December 12th 2012 9:22 pm
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We finally cooperated with mom to get a few good Chrismasy photos fur our special Christmas card this year. Because of Bella and Rosie still wanting to fight each other if they get too close mom did two sessions. One was with Bella & Scooter who always sit purty cuz they is the posing models and the other was with Jiffy & Rosie. OMD we hated wearing them silly toy soldier hats. The costumes were bad enough cuz they had legs fur our front and back legs. Thank dog mom don't try to dress us up every day!! Mom wanted to wait fur our grooming so we'd be all clean cut doggies, but time was getting away from her so all our furiends will see us shaggy as dogs should be. BOL!!! Speaking of grooming that's our big day tomorrow cuz we all get spiffed up fur the holidays. BOL!! Mom will drop us off in the morning then go drop all our Christmas cards at the post office. We hope all our furiends get their cards by Christmas day. We've been enjoying all the purty cards we've been getting and so far we've got more than the pawrents! BOL!!

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