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Furever Tails

We Got Cleaned Up Just in Time Fur Christmas

December 22nd 2012 8:56 am
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We're sparkling clean with fresh haircuts!! Yesterday we all piled into the Jeep and off we went to see Ms. Erin. Poor Bella had to go in the little kennel fur her own protection cuz her and Rosie are still wanting to dominate each other. Mama was watching Cesar who said when the doggies put they paws on the backs of another that's a dominance issue...that's what Rosie had been doing to Bella fur awhile before the all out war began. Mama should have been watching Cesar's more often and could have warded off this awful behavior issue!! We got to Ms. Erin's and all the barking commenced cuz we was happy to be there!! Riding is fun and spending all morning there was pretty cool...the best part was when Mama come to get us and Ms. Erin gave us each a bag full of pressies. OMD!! We each got a couple Greenies, some biscuits and a new little toy tucked inside. Those are so cool!! Rosie got a bigger pressie; a stuffie Christmasy star, Bella got a pink little loofa doggie and Jiffy & Scooter each got a blue little loofa doggie. Mama let us have a Greenie last night, but is stingy with the treats this morning. BOL!! AAaaaroooo!! Maybe she's jealous cuz we gots more Christmas cards!! Hee-hee....we got three more yesterday! They are all so special...we love 'em all. Mama's got them all hanging around the doorways mixed in with the pawrent's cards, but promised to take a picfur of all ours somewhere separately to capture 2012 magical times. Fur some reason she keeps singing, "It's the most wonderful time of the year...."

Mom's are weird you know....ours was thinking about the olden days when she'd get home from work, then remembered our daddy would always say to Sheba & Spike that "Mama's home" as she came in the door. She would do the same to them when daddy would pull up in the drive...saying "Daddy's home" and they would get so excited, run to the door and wait fur him to come in the house. Now our human bro calls our Mama "Mom" and our daddy "Dad" and always has so she's always used that in all the family diary entries without a second thought, but in us doggie's minds they is "Mama" and "Daddy." We know Sheba & Spike would agree having known that fur 13 and 10 years respectively. We think Mama's mind is wandering away too much. She told us after she picked us up yesterday that she wasn't leaving the house until after the holidays cuz on her way to get us she almost made a right turn onto the Interstate exit ramp. Some guardian angels had to have intervened on that cuz just at the same time a car was sitting at the stop sign waiting fur her to pass, but honked & waved his/her arms to alert mama to her huge mistake. Thank Dog cuz if not fur that person our mama could have been in a huge accident. That scared the daylights out of her. We will make sure she stays put fur awhile. We know how to keep her busy around here!!

With all the winds that came through the piles of leaves mama had raked up got blowed all over the place, but one good thing there's a bunch just lined up against the back fence. We was running through them earlier. Not sure what it is about piles of leaves, but they sure are fun to wallow through...maybe just the idea of seeing them scatter brings us joy. Although mama complains about us scattering them around it also brings her joy watching us have fun. Hey, dogs just wanna have fun!!


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