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My Diary As Told By Spunky the Counter Surfer

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Oohs,, .I'm In Trouble Now!!!!!!

January 18th 2013 8:09 am
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Well if you read my last diary entry you know my toy was chewed open.
After I went outside and played I came back in and played but then, I chewed mom's reading glasses up so I'm in trouble. i'm in timeout now.
I hope I'm out of timeout when it's Frisbee time with mom.

Today does not seem to be my day.




Three please,four with me!

January 19th 2013 11:21 am
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Yuppers, we went to my fav store after my vet visit as a treat.,on account I was so ladylike and proper till the check out lane. I have gained weight. not much. got my good dip and they changed my medicines too. I got loose from the vet tech, I saw my chance,they don't hold on to the leash and i broke free cause I saw mom sitting there and heard her and dad talking and i tackled her and gave her kisses while she put back on my collar and leash.
Then we got in the car and I thought we wee going home but wait, whats that I see? Oh Mom,dad just my fav store in the world!
So we went in and I helped mom pick out toys. 3 toys cause mom said it wouldn't be fair not to bring sumthin home for Casper and Aregon.

Anyways so far so good and I was telling everyone hi and they were petting me. We ot to this thing that looked like moms counter,except it moved. Well there was another lady ahead of mom and she had toys too. She runs a rescue.

the lady behind the counter tho tried to give away my toys can you believe it? well anyway I just made the jump for the "counter" and missed. I was so embarrassed,I never saw a counter that moved.
COUNTER SURFERS think that missing is cute and they laff!!


My version of the sleep over from this weekend

January 27th 2013 6:44 pm
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O.k. Bear is not kin, well I'm thankful for that. Yes, I know he is Aregon's son and Casper's brother and I should be but after the weekend I'm exhausted!Feedings were off time. step brother Bear wanted to play ALL day and night. he's not even house trained. I blame his owner for that. Ewww,disgusting. Mom had to wash our blankies twice and steam clean the carpets again. NOT my fault this time.
Don't get me wrong we love him, but only for a day, no longer,then we need a break.

Mom found out from his owner that even on a leash he goes after people and dogs. Mom says that's a bad influence on us. anyway ,back to relaxing,I've done enough venting.BOL!!!!!!!


wiggles and cold noses to all my friends,




February 1st 2013 12:02 pm
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I have whiskers finally growing in and they are long too. I'm getting the whiskers over my eyes too. Mom says my face feels like velvet now and it is because of my new medicine and of course ALL my baths.My appetite is better, it was bad after my medicine first got changed. But I'm back to counter surfing and sitting pretty for treats.

cuddles and wiggles



February 1st 2013 2:22 pm
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Is anyone else's bones disappearing? All of ours do. It makes mom very sad.
Does anyone have a theory? If you do let us know pweeze?

Wuv you !



Agility Training

February 3rd 2013 8:20 pm
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No I'm not going into competitions or any thing but I have started agility training. Mom says for my first work outs I'm doing pretty good. She has started Casper too but he has not picked up the jumping part yet although I was the first one to learn what the commands meant. It is so fun ,not like work at all.she says shes going to get more agility objects later. I cannot wait!

Wuvs to yous all!!!!!



I have a question

February 6th 2013 8:32 am
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How do you do those pretty photos? My mom has tries but can't. She tried a couple different programs and she doesn't use them very well. If anyone can help us, pweeze let my mommy know. Thank you.
warm wiggles and high -5's



Oh I can't Wait

February 7th 2013 10:27 am
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Mommy was trying to make our pages better yesterday and cleaning house so mom didn't get to come out to play with us. I love that she updates for me. I haven't learned how to type yet so I have to check and make sure she is saying hi o everyone and writing the diary the way I want.BOL....
Today we get to go outside with mommies and play. and she likes it too.
Bark at all my pup friends later



Ahhh!!!!! My Worst Nightmare!!!

February 12th 2013 11:00 am
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Well I had my medicated bath today which normally makes me feel relaxed but mom clipped my toenails.Oh I hate that,she's not as good as the vet tech or as fast. It's all good though cause she loves me and I got a treat!

Bark at you later



A Package Came Today!

February 21st 2013 1:09 pm
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I'm so excited. mom has been working with me on tricks and agility and one of my jumps came in today. Mom knows I do best if I have things to focus on.
Casper even is doing tricks too. But mom hasn't figured out how to capture the moments and work with me at the same took 10 tries but i did the Frisbee trick over her back with mom kneeling once.

Bark at you later,


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