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It's hard being the new kid!

My Mom took more pictures of mefor you to see!!!!!

September 14th 2005 6:36 pm
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Dear Diary -
My mom put 2 more pictures of me on dogster, so that my new friend Jordan Savannahs mom could see how much I've grown. Me and my mom and my dad wqere surprised to see how much jordan Savannah and I look Alike-Thats Pretty cool!!!
Love -

Ps- Mom Is also adding our new puppy Chase he is also a brittany!!!!!


When will I fit in?

April 15th 2005 9:30 pm
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Dear dairy-
I really like it here. I have 3 kids to play with and also 3 other dogs and a cat. The only problem is the other dogs don't want me aroud all the time. I jump on them and try to get them to play with me but they only get mad. Especially Aislynn and River! Brutus will play for awhile then he gets mad at me too! He says I'm too big and he doesn't like me to knock him down. I'm Only playing. I really like Mina the cat but I think she just hates me. I try to play with her and she hisses and growls at me.
Thank goodness for my new parents especially Daddy!! He takes me for walks every day in the woods and lets me sleep with him until Mama comes to bed. She used to let me stay there but she says I'm starting to take up to much room. Oh well At least I still can sleep in the bedroom with them.
I think eventually all the other pets will love me, I think they just have to get to know me better.
Well It's time to get to bed.

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