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Not so funny no more ruff ruff

November 11th 2012 4:40 pm
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Today i was in the kitchen looking for that food that falls of the thing mom calls the "counter" im too short i can never see what is on that freaking thing. I did the usual i jumped and jumped then sniffed the air. Mmmm i smelt chicken! Well moms sister started to tease me with it dangling it in the air. Id jump but couldnt reach. Mom saw and gave me TONS of chicken it was sooooo good! aAfter tgat i went in moms sisters room and dug in her folded clothes pile on her bed and went to sleep.Turns out it was folded laundry she was going to put the clothes in her closet she had to fold it again i guess thats what she gets for teasing me earlier not so funny no more ruff ruff!


Are you my father?

November 12th 2012 6:10 am
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Mom and Buddy's mom always joke about him (Buddy) being my father. Since im a min pin and hes a rott im bigger then most min pins our moms have seen. Well im older then Buddy couldnt i be his dad ruff ruff? Hmmm i just dont know on the bright side i get to meet Buddy during spring break -wags tail- my mom and Buddy's mom are cousins. Thats all for now folks.


Dro was really close to another min pin my cousins had named Kush and she had passed away she had gone blind and partialy deaf and could not control her bowels Dro had become depressed for awhile but he has finaly came out of it :) they had a daughter together named Penny i will add her asap.
Rip Kush you will be missed we love you
Dro & Buddy


Visiting Penny

November 13th 2012 7:01 am
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For those of you who do not know Penny is Dro's daughter.
Today i got dropped off at my moms g mas house today ruff ruff i was so happy i got to see my daughter penny boy oh boy do we have fun. I ran up to the door and Penny's mom let me in we both raced around eachother and the house barking. Then i stopped and sniffed the air i smelt something yummy it was her bone shes always hiding it from me -whimper- i just want her to share just kidding ruff ruff id eat all of it if i could -wags tail- i will find it though just give me awhile and it will be mine all MINE.


Thanksgiving (:

November 14th 2012 7:08 am
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I was watching mom while she was on the phone she seemed really happy. After what seemed a year she hung up. "Guess what Dro?" and that was when i started wagging my stubby tail real fast Buddy's mom and her mom and sister are coming to spend thanksgiving with us and she is going to stay at our house. I cant wait ruff ruff! I miss her so much shes fun to be with and i know she will sneak me lots and lots of treats ruff ruff. I cant wait im so excited i have to go tell Penny (:
Talk to you later xoxoxo
When i go visit Dro i will take pictures of him plenty and of Penny too and will add them to their doggyspace pages and their dogster pages.



November 25th 2012 6:45 am
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My paw is hurt ruff ruff! I was at the shop running around when i felt pain onvmy foot thats when i stopped looked down and saw *gulp* the blood i got scared ruff ruff i didnt know what to do see i put the hurt paw in the air and limped to mom. She checked it out i cracked my nail ruff ruff no one can touch it or i get mad and will show my teeth ruff ruff. It will heal on its own *sigh* im startinv to enjoy all this attention :)


My Thanksgiving :)

November 26th 2012 7:19 am
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On Thanksgiving i was so happy ruff ruff i got to see Buddy's mom! I ran up to her and she saw my paw and gave me alot of love she felt bad for me. Boy did i enjoy the attention she gave me :) But mom and Buddy's mom caught me faking when i was outside i put my paw down for a second. Then wait a minute which one was hurt again uhhh ohhh I looked over and sure enough they were sitting at the table outside on the padio watching. Buddy's mom had her pro camera pointed at me and was taking pics the whole time! Oh no she had proof now quick which paw which paw?! Oh i figured it out after a good 5 mins. After awhile we left to go to mom and Buddy's moms uncles thats where they were having Thanksgiving alot of relatives came over i got to see my daughter Penny she was wearing a cute dress :) we played and played we got snucked alot of fun too it was a good day.


My Bestfriend.

November 27th 2012 3:48 am
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Roses are red.
Violets are blue
Words cant describe how bad i miss you.
As the days go by i sit and think.
Of all the good times.
Ohhh how i cherish those memories.
But your long gone.
I'll be dreaming of you.
We will meet again one day.
R.i.p Kush


Santa Paws

November 29th 2012 6:21 am
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I know its kind of soon to be thinking of christmas sike! I got you ruff ruff :O) but i can hardly wait to see what i got....whats that mom ohhh :/ stay away from the presents? I wasnt touching them ruff ruff grrr i swear i was just sniffing them. Hmmmm anyways one of the presents smells really good i think mom got me some doggie cookies i just know it :)
But hear i made my own christmas story i hope you like it:
Once upon a time there was a rein deer with a red nose called rudolph.
Oh youve already heard that one ruff ruff?
*wags tail*
Everyone loves rudolph i remember when i first wrote it. Wait you dont think i wrote it ruff ruff?
Will i did a loooonnggg time ago :)

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